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    Me asking Don if the way to SOC room was clear. Just before running into a ass load of US giving newer people a tour.
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    I know this is not gameplay but haer me out. This was our old forums background and I think its time for a comeback. @rauler
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    Hello nut gamers, this is going to be the first contest of its kind, and I may create more in the future depending on outcomes in this thread! The contest help will be for the funniest clips taken on our servers throughout the years. In order to participate, your video must be uploaded to YouTube and title appropriately, IE: "Garnet Gaming - Title". Once the video is uploaded, post it as a link to this thread so it is embedded, and provide some context if necessary. Failure to title your YouTube video appropriately or make a proper embedded post will disqualify you from participation. The judging board is REDACTED for the time being Prizes will be laid out in the following fashion NOTE: prizes can only be redeemed on one single account, and cannot be currency items, IE: RP cash DarkRP Funniest Clip 1st place - $30 store credit 2nd place - $15 store credit 3rd place - $5 store credit MilitaryRP Funniest Clip 1st place - $30 store credit 2nd place - $15 store credit 3rd place - $5 store credit
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    vibe blowing debrief up with perfect timing as lua verbally fistfucks us
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    This one isn't golden, but it's alright. That was a shotgun btw.
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    How he get his lerp so low tho 0.0 wish we could use this one but, you know, reasons..... This one is ight except for the guns coming out of their crotch. This one would be dope for the Halloween map update.
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    DNA Scanner Tutorial Using the DNA scanner is quite simple but the F1 menu does not have a tutorial for new players so I decided to make this for those who don't know. (Special thanks to CUX for the idea! ) Identifying DNA Scanner First you have to have a DNA scanner it's obtainable in 2 different ways. If you are Detective you will spawn with it. Another way is finding it on the ground! For those of you who don't know what it looks like refer to this picture. ( Little tiki girl ) Identifying when to use a DNA scanner You can only use the DNA scanner on dead bodies ( INNOCENTS ) . In particular dead bodies which have DNA To identify if a body has DNA you have to search the body and look for this ICON ( Black Arrows ) The time on the Icon is how much time you have left until the DNA will be gone. You are also able to use DNA scanner on the following weapons: How to use the DNA Scanner First you must find a body with DNA, when said body is found you want to get close enough to be able to left click the DNA scanner on the body ( Normally have to crouch) After you've gotten a DNA sample off a body a DNA strand symbol will appear on the map. The regeneration rate on the symbol is dependent on how far away from the target you are ( Farther away takes more energy ) When and only when you are 100% sure the symbol is on a player you can execute them.
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    I'm currently working on a new version for our loading screen on both DarkRP and MilitaryRP that'd consist of screenshots from actual gameplay on said servers If you have any funny/cool/interesting pictures taken from the server, feel more than free to share them here, and they could be featured on the loading screen! Thank you everybody.
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    To whom it may concern, it appears that PayPal no longer lets recipients and senders view transactions that are over a year of age. As such, I can no longer provide support to donations that are over a year old. I'm not sure what the reason is for this change, and it may just be temporary, but I've spoke to other PayPal merchants like myself and they confirmed the same thing is occurring to them. To my best knowledge, PayPal is legally required to store data for up to 7 years due to 'statute of limitations' or taxation, so i'm not sure why this change. I'm sure I will be receiving alot of backlash for this, however, please know it's entirely out of my control, and due to the sheer amount of chargebacks and disputes that come with the nature of Garry's Mod (anywhere from 10-33% of transactions at a given year) I cannot blindly reassign packages without a transaction ID. PS this is what transaction history looks like on my end (trying to look up a transaction made in 2017)
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    Guides and Tutorial suggestions! If there is a topic that you are unfamiliar with or think that it would be beneficial to create a tutorial or guide comment below! Can be anything related to Trouble In Terrorist Town. Whether it is a certain weapon or concept comment it below and I will do my best to get a guide for it!
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    This one happened right in front of RU base. right before coyote made fun of them for doing PT. I have way too many ss from SSO. ethan kinda yelled at us if we didn’t screenshot something. so here’s 2GA overpowering us all. definitely one of my favorites in my collection. Everyone hated ethan’s DB raids. Again, one of my favorites. This one is less about being funny, but it shows the grind and hard work people put onto this server.
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    This screenshot here would really set the mood for the amazing experience on Garnet. PTL IM GAY PTL I HAVE AIDS
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    This is a long one, but its basically Vega and all of GRU arguing, a few good memories in this clip.
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    plz plz ignore my squeaker ass voice. I promise my balls have dropped. also the purge siren was too funny.
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    Fupert and I copping a perma before that appeal hit @rauler thanks for uploadin for me
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    Take your pick. The trailer only runs for about three minutes, but I have about an hour of footage and a few scenes that didn't make the final cut because they didn't flow cinematic-ally or were too hard to coordinate, but would be fine for the purpose of static images.
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    I can edit the SSs I receive from the event server trailer with adobe lighroom, camera raw and photoshop. Let this be an example I have shown. Original Edited White balance corrected Colors are made lifelike Motion Blur added Lens Flare added and some spicy secret stuff
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    Here are some pictures I took from the Event Server Trailer.
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    Using screenshots from the event server trailer would be a good idea
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    Don't know if any of these are goods, but here are some that I have that I thought could be pretty cool They're pretty old, but they still pretty cool i think lol.
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    Staff Application Format Updated: February 3rd, 2020 Prerequisites Failure to meet any of the following will result in the automatic denial of your application Make sure you are posting your application in the correct forum (Alpha 5x -> Staff Applications). Format the title of your application like so - [Your name] - Staff Application. Do not copy your previous applications or anyone else's Do not advertise your application on any platform Staff Rules Be respectful to all community members Serve as a role model for other players Do not harass users of the server. NEVER question the final verdict of a higher up. You must be 15 years or older to apply for staff NEVER request a promotion Do not be biased towards players Do not use vulgar language during staff sits. Keep a mature attitude at all times Copying and pasting previously accepted or denied applications will result in a denial. No exceptions. Do not spam bring/teleport staff or users Format Updated: April 24th, 2019 Thank you for applying to Garnet Rust!
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    @PrisonNightmare one thing i should've mentioned is that the chatbox would most definitely get in the way :^(
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    Sorry for the low ass quality got it off my snapchat. here's an extra clip (OLD) (NOT SUBMITTING)
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    Was this on 5x or 2x? What was your in-game name at the time? When exactly did you get banned? (If banned while offline, don't worry about exact timing.) If you can answer those questions we can look into what happened. Also if you are gamebanned it means EAC banned you automatically. This wouldn't be a Garnet issue. Try connecting to another server to see if this is the case.
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    @Garnet Please move this to the correct area (Rust>Sierra 2x>Staff Applications). Like Entity said, I would add on to your application about how you would handle the very few issues you will run into as Rust staff, which are Hate speech in chat, group limit infractions, and 3rd party assistance. -1 for now due to not knowing this particular person ( I play the 5x server) and the small application.
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