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  1. UPDATE CURRENTLY UNDER PROGRESS - please help me out by commenting as to how you personally believe weapons should be modified. I have a general idea of what i wish to do, but I will adjust it based off of community criticism. Thank you! War System Capture Points Shipment's cap size has been reduced by 18% Construction's cap size has been reduced by 20% Weapon Rebalancing Globally, the following changes have been made Assault Rifles In progress Light Machine Guns In progress Sub-machine
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  2. First day bug fixing, new DarkRP base This update is still under progress - me and Proggy HAD to get some sleep. Drug System ^ Actual in-game footage ^ Given a minor overhaul to all drug effects Fixed glitch with drugs not de-spawning Fixed issue with drugs' effect timer breaking fixed error with drugs persisting in the map (permanent props) Bugs & Misc Workshop Collection Mounted new HUD content Spawn Protection Disabled baby god spawn protection (feature built into DRP
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  4. you remind me of @Jake quiet a lot
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