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  1. CityRP Server Rules Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment. UPDATED 1/12/2021 Newly added rules will be indicated with yellow text GENERAL RULES ROLEPLAY RULES VEHICLE / PEDESTRIAN / CARJACKING RULES BUILDING & BASING RULES RAIDING RULES MUGGING RULES PARTY RULES GANG WAR RULES JOB RULES
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  2. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/garnetgaming/announcements/detail/2924491926478233793 Hello Garnet Gaming members, Our newest server, CityRP, is currently having its grand opening. This server can be found in Garry's Mod's DarkRP category associated with the IP CLICK HERE TO CONNECT or simply type in "connect" into Console. This server is fairly similar to our DarkRP server which is #1 in the category, featuring the addition of vehicles, unique roles, as well as our very own iteration of the map RP_Rockford Looki
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  4. It’s DarkRP without the Dark and with a city.
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  6. CityRP is due for a beta release shortly, Albeit the two servers share alot of addons together, they are not connected to one-another in any way shape or form, and as such, your ranks (administrative, VIP), permanent weapons, or economy will not transfer over. Please do not keep asking. If the playerbase does not maintain DarkRP #1, CityRP will turn into a whitelist-only server, meaning that only a select number of people will be chosen to play. Custom Map Rockford with mild optimizations to push more FPS for when the server is populated with vehicles Down
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  7. no crack Tuesday! gonna be a rough one for me
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  8. I told you id stalk your ass NOW PAY YOUR DUES BOY PAY THEM DUES :I
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