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  1. HUGE thank you to @Jackal for contributing hours of his time over 2 days to help me ensure new addons for the server are in working order, and set up correctly. Also, thank you @bishopil for being around when a second tester was needed. Gun Balancing Update V1 Damage Modification I've condensed 2.5k lines of code from a public addon for body-group damage multipliers (you know, what makes your arms/legs receive less damage than a headshot or chest shot) and re-create it. But rather than being a degenerate and unnecessarily using 30 thousand words to code this, the addon was accomplished using 30 lines of code, and a mere 120 words. This will result in heavy server optimization and hopefully smoothness to gunplay under the heavy population we've achieved. Additionally arm and leg shots should have slightly higher multipliers so in the sketchy scenario where your bullet incorrectly registered as an arm shot, it will still deal significant enough damage to 5 shot players with an AR, as opposed to requiring 8-9 shots. Finally, finger/hand/leg shots were all removed in favor of simply counting as a limb shot and dealing again, significant enough damage to reliably kill a player. Shotguns affected guns: M620, MP153, XM1014, Saiga12, and M3 Super 90, TOZ 194, Neostead NOTIFY ME IF ANY ARE MISSING FROM THIS LIST THAT NEED TO BE ADJUSTED, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Shotguns should now be the winners of ALL close-combat interactions, with pinpoint accuracy up-close and reduced recoil. Shotguns will gradually become less and less reliable as you build a distance between two players, however, once you've reached the medium range, they should in no situation be able to be used as a sniper, as shots will now spread from a cluster the further you are from a player.
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  2. How the fuck did a 1 night minecraft playthrough turn into me becoming a dictator over some people and forcing them to give me gifts, and then proceed to lock up villagers in work camps, while seizing their land and burning down houses we didn't like. We then nuked the world, and switched over to fucking Funland (a old amusement park map) WHAT. THE. FUCK.
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  3. Weapon Balancing Defibrillator Reduced to 1-use per life due to the fact I was not able to remove the ability to re-spawn players without explosives in a reliable way ( @time is smarter than me but sick, I tried removing a table of explosives from their loadout on spawn, but it did not accept table or table converted to string :^) didn't want to make a for loop because optimization for every players' spawn) Infantry First Aid Kit Reduced holstering time as it created conflict with the mild delay on switching weapons Elastic Cuffs Sped up cuff time to be reflective of what I updated the Commander Cuffs to do prior to the switch for elastic Faction Color Codes New color schemes assigned (user requested) Delta Force Badri 313 Blood Unit Staff System Permissions Corrected permssionsets for Head Gamemaster/Head Admin Removed /endwar command from GameMaster, added for Head Admin Logging Added support for handcuff logging Added support for Communications logging
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  4. https://trello.com/b/slV63OYG/garnetgaming-militaryrp Welcome @bishopil, @Theos, and @Proggy onto the Garnet MRP Trello. Within 24 hours we've got more update notes than we've had in weeks thanks to you guys, so keep it moving We all appreciate your work. Weaponry The Tear Gas Created US variant (Geneva Compliant Nerve Gas) Sig Mini Due to some weird file overlapping the Sig had 2 different stat lists to pick from (one of which was compliant with the current state of the server, and one that was not) at some hiccups it looks as though the server chose to swap between which file it reads. I have renamed the correct swep to sig_552 and it entirely remedied the issue. Sorry for Badri having a broken weapon to play with Ammo attachments removed. New stats are identical to the Scar Light Mac 11 Everybody's whining for a nerf, saying it's twice as good as the FMG, when in fact, the stats are in every way WORSE (fmg on the left, mac11 on the right) Nerfed it just because Theos/Bishop would not quit whining about this one issue. Added recoil and lowered firing rate from 1200 to 1000 for more stability, damage reduced from 24 to 23 as to not allow 4-shots Class Changes Loadout Delta Force T3 frag grenade replaced with Tear Gas (Infiltrator Nerve Gas equivalent) Green Beret T3 was given a Flash Bang Ranger Ghost and T2 were given a smoke grenade Delta Force P90 swapped out with UMP-45 P90 is now available and unused - given a major buff Slots Taliban Army : Machine Gunner - Changed to infinite slots Taliban Army : Scout - Changed to infinite slots Taliban Army : Officer - Changed to 10 Badri 313 : Vanguard - Changed to 1 slot Badri 313 : Sentry - Changed to 3 slots Badri 313 : Vandal - Changed to 2 slots US Army : Drill Instructor - Changed to 10 slots US Delta Force : Combatant - Changed to 3 slots Squad System AAF/AFSOC granted their own squadrons Commands Removed /demote command Scoreboard Sorting reverted to 'by faction' as opposed 'by score' Edit: and how could I forget, current map progress
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