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  3. WHEW haven't seen one of those in awhile... US Playermodels Massive thank you to @special for taking the time to grab all of US's playermodels and condensing it into one playermodel pack for our server. This step saved me hours of headache, and also reduced the load times for everybody else playing the server. Plus, did a way better job than I ever could as demonstrated in his screenshots: US Elite : Joe Biden & US Elite : Barack Obama Sub-classes implemented for all Cachet owners! WAC Aircrafts Permanently enabled Aircrafts receiving damage Weaponry PPSH-41 clip size has been reduced from 70 to 50 Keys Removed knocking ability as to prevent mingy recruits GM NPC Tool NPC Controller, NPC Follower, NPC Health, NPC Notarget, NPC Proficiency NPC Relationships, NPC Spawn Creator, NPC Viewcam, Advanced NPC Relationship Manager NPC Spawn Creator, NPC Patrol Route Animations Re-enabled act commands as well as implemented a patch directly from StarwarsRP (as promised, alot of the cool changes on SWRP will make their way to MRP ) PRETEND THE TROOPER IS A US ARMY RECRUIT FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES Salute Utilizing the command /salute will display the salute animation and automatically triggers the command /me salutes Bow Utilizing the command /bow will display the bow animation and automatically triggers the command /me bows Additional /act commands /Regroup /Halt /Forward /Becon Administration Head Admin > Lead Admin Head Moderator > Lead Moderator New Ranks : Senior Admin & Senior Moderator Stepping stone ranks have been added, resulting in a structure that looks like so: Trial Moderator > Moderator > Senior Moderator > Lead Moderator Trial Administrator > Administrator > Senior Administrator > Lead Administrator > Manager > Super Administrator
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  4. Dont you praise people when they resign from the server? Why the sudden change of heart?
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  5. Hello bro, I hit this clip on the new call of duty and was looking for someone to edit? I heard your pretty good at it. Thanks
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  7. Before i became DRP staff i was a old five m staff so i would be fulfilled to be a fivem staff (even though im drp staff) proggy, garnet you know my discord
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