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  1. Server Optimization Roughly a 7-15% server performance increase patch has been pushed, particularly focusing on wielded weapons Slowed down the logic behind handcuffs to potentially break them severely, but also improve performance (honestly, we don't need drag functionality to handcuffs) Whitelisting System All staff members can now whitelist for Clone Trooper : Rifleman Classes Ahsoka Tano Corrected typo in lightsaber class' name Enabled Ahsoka Tano to utilize skills from the skilltree when dueling using a saber Defensive form was replaced with Arrogant Kellers Unit : Leader Handcuffs added onto loadout 104th Dire Company : Overwatch Renamed to 104th Wolfpack : Lone Wolf - no idea how I missed that one rip 21st Nova Corps : Tactician Spawn Position has been corrected Logging System Removed all logging for NPCs Removed all logging for fall damage types
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  2. Yea it's similar to the old duel system except now u can pick your own arena and you can have up to a 5v5. You can edit starting hp/armor, gravity, speed, etc.. + leaderboard
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  3. guess these are public now
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  4. Hello everyone! Sunshine and heat means a goal transition from pure mass gain and strength > strength and cutting. I’ll be detailing my new split but first I want to address something about cutting and fat loss. The is NO way to target fat loss nor induce it without being in a caloric deficit. Here’s a quick list on how to “lose” fat: 1) Caloric deficit - burn more calories than you consume. Unless you are eating next to nothing (mad unhealthy) this requires some form of extended or high intensity exercise. 2) Build muscle - building enough muscle will eventually give shape and aesthetic to the fat. The fat will still be there* (see #3) but the muscle will shine through if built enough. You ever see 300 pound NFL players with abs? It’s cause they’ve worked their core extremely hard that it shows through their fat. 3) Combination of 1 & 2 - the absolute best way. Monitor and be disciplined in your diet + regular, high intensity muscle-building exercise. This is the tried and true method. There isn’t a secret sauce or shortcut, but If there’s anything close, it’s this. I start every workout with 5 minutes on the stationary bike just to get the blood flowing. So let’s get into it: Monday - Push Day Dumbbell Press: 3x6 @ 70% of BARBELL BENCH MAX Include Dumbbell Press: 3x8 @ 70% of BARBELL INCLINE BENCH MAX Pec Fly Machine: 3x10 @ 150 Tricep Pushdown: 3x12 @ 57.5 SUPERSET Reverse Grip Tricep Pulldowns : 3x12 @ 37.5 Dips Machine: 3x10 @ 150 Abs: 20 crunches, 10 toe touches, 10 leg raises, and 20 medicine ball trunk twists. 3 sets. Tuesday - Leg Day Back Squats: 3x8 @ 225 Leg Press with high feet: 3x8 @ 4 plates a side SUPERSET Calf Raises: 3x15 Leg Extensions: 3x10 @ 100 Leg Curls: 3x10 at 85 Same abs as Monday Wednesday - Pull Day Chin-ups: 3x10 Cable Rows: 3x10 @ 145 Straight Arm Lat Pulldown: 3x12 @ 50 Single Arm DB Row: 3x8 (each arm) @ 50 Reverse Flies: 3x10 @ I don’t remember Incline DB Curl: 3x10 @ 30 Reverse Curls w/ez Bar Bar: 3x10 @ 35 Abs Thursday - Rest Day Friday - Arms Shoulder Press: 3x8 @ 105 Dips: 3x10 @ body weight DB Front Delt Raises: 3x10 @ 15 Preacher Curls: 3x8 @ 60 DB Lateral Raises: 3x10 @ 15 Abs but add Planks @ 1 minute Saturday/Sunday - Depends on Schedule but Cardio Stationary Bike: 5 minutes @ 10 resistance Treadmill: 15 minutes @ 15 incline and 3.5 speed Treadmill: 5 minutes @ flat and 7 speed Treadmill: 1 minute @ flat and 15 speed. Abs with planks Stretch Way too early conclusion: helping me reach my goals. I can see my strength continuing to grow and at the same time I’m losing weight and fat. The change in workouts is moreso to keep my muscles on their toes and to prevent burnout. The diet is what’s really key in the fat loss. Maintaining a high protein intake whilst keeping calories to ≈2000-2250. Two lean, whey protein shakes a day has helped tremendously. I also do take a scoop of creatine with my post-workout shake that’s 5g’s.
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  5. Figured i'd kick off by showing some deadlift progress, between the two videos was about 7 months of no lifting due to lockdowns. then to 4 plates with ease progress i guess
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