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  1. Glad to see garnet's opening up some more servers. Must mean dark rp has been popping off recently. Im hoping that this server can come out with a strong administration team to prevent numbers from dropping like last time. Appreciate the dedication as always.
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  2. Didn't think you'd see this title, did you? Me and @Proggy (mostly jokingly) put the server up with no expectations, and little did we know, 70-90 players over a 8 hour period, while maintaining 100+ players on the main DarkRP server. Hopefully this lasts, as i've seen many players such as @StraightWhiteChristianMale, @Adric, and @ChrisRid enjoy the new dynamic of this server Optimization Tickrate The server's tickrate has been lowered from 22, although the server was stable up to ~80 users, we did reach points with 90 players on momentarily where the server was on the verge of lag, and I do not want our server bottlenecked in the future in the case that we continue to grow! Vehicles All vehicles on the servers have been optimized and given a render distance due to an influx of users crashing because of too many vehicles being spawned in together in smaller areas How vehicle render works across a 2000 unit distance Physgun Pickup Disabled the ability for users to pickup their own vehicle due to extensive abuse. If your vehicle is broken/lost/stolen, I will introduce a command called "/carinsurance" which would take .5% the value of your vehicle from your bank, IE: 2,500,000 car would be $12,500 - and despawn it within 6-10 minutes/alternatively spawn it at the City Hall, locked. Classes DJ All DJs on the server will now spawn with a radio SWEP, allowing to stream Youtube and Soundcloud music to the server To the best of my knowledge, all errors and smaller issues have been patched long ago to accommodate this addition! Chess and Checkers Added to the server's spawn location, similarly to DarkRP!
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