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    About 6.5 years ago we started off as a small TTT and DarkRP community that I created after having a foul experience staffing for a careless owner who used his outrageously big donation money towards drugs use, I wanted to create a more attentive community that is frequently updated based off of community criticism back when "suggestion forums" were not a thing in 99% of communities. I didn't have any expectations as far as succeeding, and I humbly was looking forward to running a small 48 slot DarkRP server, however, within a year of playing everyday and staffing for 12 hours a day, taking sits, and having fun with players, the server ended up maxing at 100/100 within 3 months. From there we had our ups and downs having issues with DDoS and being down for 5 days out of the week, until I picked up a part time job and we were able to afford better premium hosting. We ditched our TTT server in favor of opening up a MilitaryRP server, which is about to celebrate its 4th birthday. The community has been evolving with old members leaving, getting replaced by newer members throughout the years. Our peaks were really decent, at one point having 3 servers maxed out at 100+ players with StarwarsRP (which had unfortunately not made a return in 2 years) and things were going really well. I took a 8 month hiatus to deal with personal matters last year, however, I came back towards the end of 2019 refreshed and eager to get our community to grow to its next level along with the support of many. After spending thousands of dollars on a Rust server that never picked up in population, I received the help of many, especially @421 sm0k meth who has been here throughout the years, and we managed to enter the top 10 in the respective category were hosting in within 3 months. As of today (2/8/2020, I'm extremely happy to announce that we have hit a new milestone at 600 concurrent players. This is a milestone that we have achieved thanks to our awesome players and staff alike - we have effectively doubled our playerbase with the introduction of Rust 5x, 2x, TTT and Murder in just the last few months. For the remainder of 2020 I will continue trying my best to provide new content to all servers, attempt to bring up our quality of staffing with the help of our administration team, as well as be more responsive to any major reports and support threads posted to keep you guys in this community which is a home to hundreds of players. We will most definitely still experience some downfalls here and there, but I can say that my efforts to grow the community are at an all-time high, and as are the efforts of many of our current high positioned staff members. I have taken 2 semesters off of university to pursue this community, and to say the least, I have no regrets because of the results that were produced. Thank you so much for your overwhelming support.
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    Here at Garnet Gaming we are thankful for your service in helping us maintain our large quantity of servers by properly moderating and protecting our respective servers from minges and cheaters alike. Our community has more than tripled in size since the start of 2020 and we are only a month in, going from a MilitaryRP and DarkRP that would collectively peak at an average of 160, to having a single Rust server that by itself reaches higher peaks than that, along with the introduction of the TTT and Murder gamemodes, and MANY more servers under the works as we speak! This resulted in a significantly higher demand for staffing members, and so, to show our gratuity towards our staff members, I wanted to re-iterate that we are offering our moderating players access to VIP packages that one would otherwise have to pay for on the respective administrated server. This includes both Garry's Mod and Rust. Depending on your server, these packages could vary, but you will most definitely stand our from the crowd. In addition to this, staff members to tend build a stronger relationship with players, which may prove to be rewarding, as friendships like myself and @evity's develop, and we have now been close friends for the better part of 7 years. So for those of you who are interested in contributing or simply would like to donate, but do not have the funding to because of different circumstances, just know that our servers are always hiring, and the application process is easy. In order to apply, you would simply head to a respective servers' subforum and further navigate to "Staff Applications", from there, you will meet a standardized format which you would have to fill out and submit to our playerbase for review. This process would not take longer than 30 minutes on average, and if you are deemed fit for the role, you will be immediately set to it. Thank you very much for your interest and/or reading!
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    Hello Garnet Gamers, it's 4:30AM, me and our host Ertug are exhausted, we just finished off transferring all of Garnet's valuable items to a new location. Rust was taken off of our old machine, and put onto a more than twice as powerful machine in order to offer better performance. I kept our old machine in order to dedicate it towards the expansion of our Murder and TTT gamemodes which have been performing VERY well thanks to our great staff team. Our website was taken off from your typical $20 a month VPS and put onto its very own server machine as to offer dedicated performance. Anything related to MySQL should now performance incredibly quickly, whether that be DarkRP itself, MilitaryRP whitelisting, DarkRP inventory system, our forums, and our donation portal Hopefully you're able to see these changes as our active forums now load in well under a SECOND. Big thank you to our host Ertug for staying up this late and making sure there's absolutely no errors for us in our new location (even though they may very well be issues popping up at a later time). Fortunately for him he was able to head to bed as soon as this process was over. Unfortunately for me, I still have many hours left to fix up our 2x server, as well as continue to work on a few misc updates for our servers. I will likely pass out shortly and be asleep for a very long time, because this "shift" working on Garnet today has been over 24 hours long. RIP Hope you all enjoy the changes that have occurred/are upcoming! Garnutter
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    At 3AM EST our entire network will be shutting down for an upgrade. This downtime may last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour (4AM EST) however, i'm expecting to run into issues the following day that may interfere with our servers, so I will be around to trouble therm as they come! Changes Occurring Purchased 2 extra servers, for a total of 4 Website taken off of a 'VPS' and put onto its own dedicated machine - we will no longer share resources with anybody else, and as such, our website will run much faster. Rust's server content will be moved from an outdated 7700k-based machine, to a 9700k machine, allowing us to let 350 players play simultaneously over 3 servers (as opposed to 2 servers at 275) TTT and Murder have been moved to their own dedicated server machine (7700k) as to allow us to have more roleplay-based servers running on our main rig alongside DarkRP and MilitaryRP Thank you for your patience, hopefully all is smooth sailing!
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    For the sake of my sanity, I will be giving this schedule a go for a period of 29 days and seeing if this is a more effective way to manage the community Updates may be less frequent, but more in-depth Sunday Teamspeak/Discord Availability 4-8PM EST Consultations and/or one-on-one sessions Mapping As necessary Monday DarkRP Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Tuesday Community-Wide Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Wednesday Rust Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Mapping as necessary Thursday Donation Support All Day Friday MilitaryRP Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Saturday Staff Meeting as necessary Community-Wide Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Mapping as necessary
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    Me asking Don if the way to SOC room was clear. Just before running into a ass load of US giving newer people a tour.
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    I know this is not gameplay but haer me out. This was our old forums background and I think its time for a comeback. @rauler
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    vibe blowing debrief up with perfect timing as lua verbally fistfucks us
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    1 day ban added for even attempting to make a report against Ark given the circumstances (and you knew damn well what you were doing).
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    Hello nut gamers, this is going to be the first contest of its kind, and I may create more in the future depending on outcomes in this thread! The contest help will be for the funniest clips taken on our servers throughout the years. In order to participate, your video must be uploaded to YouTube and title appropriately, IE: "Garnet Gaming - Title". Once the video is uploaded, post it as a link to this thread so it is embedded, and provide some context if necessary. Failure to title your YouTube video appropriately or make a proper embedded post will disqualify you from participation. The judging board is REDACTED for the time being Prizes will be laid out in the following fashion NOTE: prizes can only be redeemed on one single account, and cannot be currency items, IE: RP cash DarkRP Funniest Clip 1st place - $30 store credit 2nd place - $15 store credit 3rd place - $5 store credit MilitaryRP Funniest Clip 1st place - $30 store credit 2nd place - $15 store credit 3rd place - $5 store credit
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    Table of contents RDM/Team Killing /Attempted RDM Prop minging/Propkilling Grenades Improper reports/Answers Mic spam/ Chat spam ( Progressive) ( Levels ) Racism/ targeted harassment Failure to change name Ghosting Hacking/Exploiting Other 1. RDM/Team Killing /Attempted RDM Definitions (A)RDM- Dealing damage to another player but not fully killing them. (T)RDM- killing a traitor without a valid explanation RDM- Killing another player without valid explanation Mass RDM- 4+ RDM's without a valid explanation. Teamkilling is defined as killing a teammate EX. DET x DET Revenge/targeted RDM- Going out of your way to RDM a certain player. Repetitive/Constant RDM- Repeated RDM every 2-3 rounds. Punishments Each (A)RDM and/or RDM is equivalent to 1 slay. (2 RDM's = 2 slays 2(A)RDM's = 2 slays ) Both (T)RDM , Teamkilling and Revenge/Targeted RDM is 2 slays each. Mass RDM is a 1week ban with 6 autoslays. If more than just 4 kills each kill after 4 is another 2 slays. EX. Player kills 7 players. Ban for 1 week + 10 autoslays. Repetitive/constant RDM is a week ban + 6 autoslays. 2. Prop minging/Propkilling Definitions Prop surfing: Reaching parts of the map that are unreachable without exploiting via props Traitors are an exception from the following (Towards innocents/DET ) Prop pushing: Picking up props with the intend to push or trap players. Prop killing: Using props to kill another player Punishments Repetitive prop minge/killing is a 3 day ban. Propsurfing is a verbal warning than 1 Aslay each time after. Each propkill is equal to 1 Aslay. 3. Grenades Do not throw incendiaries as innocent. Discombobulation as innocent is allowed unless injury/death is caused Which will result in slays. Smoke grenades are allowed in all situations. 4. Improper reports/Answers False/improper report: Reporting a player for a invalid reason. For example "Stop talking so much" Improper answer: Not providing a reason to defend their report. For example "Because I can" Or " hhhhhhhh" Both of which result in 1 aslay 5. Mic spam/ Chat spam Mic spam: Unnecessarily using your mic. ( Shouting or using soundboards ) Chat spam: Flooding the chatbox with unnecessary messages. ( "[PLAYER] Is a traitor" 6x times ) Intentional mic or Chat spam results 2 rounds. For example Earrape/spamming a bind Unintentional is 1 round gag/mute Punishment levels increase depending on number of offenses 6. Racism/ targeted harassment Targeted harassment: Intentionally targeting a certain player This includes harassment via mic/chat or gameplay related ( exclusively RDM or Minging) Racism results in a instant gag/mute for a round. If targeted punishments are longer. ( 0 tolerance ) Punishment levels increases until ban ( Can be permanent ) 7. Failure to change name Quite simple, failure to comply with staff's order to change name after 3 warnings. Results in a 1 hour ban. If name isn't changed on rejoin ban increases. 8. Ghosting Ghosting: 2 or more players exchanging information, giving information to the live. For example telling your friend who killed you via 3rd party chat. ( Discord,Teamspeak ) With enough evidence ban is 2 weeks + 3 Autoslays to each offender. Punishment increases on 2nd offense. 9. Hacking/Exploiting Cheating: Using external or internal cheats/scripts to give you a advantage over other players. ( Aimbot, ESP , TTT finder ) exploiting: Intentionally using glitches to give you an unfair advantage. Exploiting can include gameplay or pointshop. With enough evidence both result in a permanent ban. No exceptions ( Including staff ) Reporting this to online staff immediately will guarantee safety against punishment. 10. Other Threatening to DDOS/DDOX players or server- Permanent ban. Ban evasion/using alt to evade ban- Permanent ban to both accounts. No intention to play: RDM'ing , improper answers, mic/chat spam for entertainment.- variable Last updated: 02/19/20 Made by @Enigma @Jalapeno Please DM me feedback! @Garnet DO NOT REPLY
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    This one isn't golden, but it's alright. That was a shotgun btw.
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    Steam Auth means you got banned by the developers, not the server. Turn off your cheats next time ?
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    You got gamebanned lil nigga https://steamcommunity.com/id/FunBagSandy
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    @Porpoises I apologize for how I acted, my inition thought was this is more than enough evidence you can see a flick. Conway and nutter informed me that this is possible from a range off different things such as latency. I should have took the time to gather more solid evidence before taking action. Completely immature and not acceptable. I apologize for my behavior once again. I hope my interactions with you hasn't allowed you to think this is how GarnetGaming works. There are no excuses for how I acted towards you and I hope you'll forgive me. With all this being said I am sorry and I hope to see you around on the server.
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    Staff Application Format Updated: February 4nd, 2020 Prerequisites Failure to meet any of the following will result in the automatic denial of your application Make sure you are posting your application in the correct forum (Trouble in Terrorist Town -> Staff Applications). Format the title of your application like so - [Your name] - Staff Application. Do not copy your previous applications or anyone else's Do not advertise your application on any platform Staff Rules Be respectful to all community members Serve as a role model for other players Do not harass users of the server. NEVER question the final verdict of a higher up. You must be 14 years or older to apply for staff NEVER request a promotion Do not be biased towards players Keep a mature attitude at all times Format Updated: February 2nd, 2020 Thank you for applying to Garnet Trouble In Terrorist Town!
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    I'm currently working on a new version for our loading screen on both DarkRP and MilitaryRP that'd consist of screenshots from actual gameplay on said servers If you have any funny/cool/interesting pictures taken from the server, feel more than free to share them here, and they could be featured on the loading screen! Thank you everybody.
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    I didn't see anybody besides yourself @Enigma responding to this, which is why I haven't done a thing with the app, but I think it's time Accepted Please go ahead and contact me over discord/teamspeak/steam to receive your rank.
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    Hi there everybody! I have finally got around to fixing the base for Custom Classes it looks like. I will shortly be doing all you guys' donator support. For the record, I might require some players to get up on Discord in order to utilize screenshare and guide them through the process, however, for others, I can do it from my end alone. Thank you so much for your patience.
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    Hey how about you and your “loving community” ass that joined the day this post was made leaves it alone so actual community members that strive for something like this don’t get denied cause of a stupid acquaintance in really life made a few random comments. Speaking of which, who are you exactly? I have never seen you on forums, except in this thread, have yet to see you on any garnet server. You said you never play on this server and if all you want to do is attack our members I think it should stay that way, now stop harassing people here and let us decide on who we want, as a community, for staff and we will base it off of what we have seen from said community member in our server network.
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    Lol fuck no im not following your dumbass format. Got banned for low karma during one of those boring PR rounds idk if your server glitched and made my karma go down during the round or what because my karma was well over 1000 before the round. Suck my cock admins.
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    Reported Players name : Spilq Reported players steam ID : STEAM_0:0:513931803 Reason of report: About an hour ago Spilq was on the server and he reported someone. We handled the report promptly and set it to finished, spilq than was saying in Admin chat. Handle my report, take care of my report. Things of those manner, I let him know that we already handled his report and it's set to finished. He send a few more texts to the Admin chat such as "Are you gonna take my report?" After which we have told him all of his reports have been handled properly and are finished. I didn't think to much of it so I just told they have been handled and he stopped. We both went on with our day. About 10 minutes ago spilq reported another player for RDM and Jalepeno dealt with the report properly and set it to finished. spilq once again texted Admin on chat " Deal with my report" " I reported a player" " Admin check my report" and a few others. Once again we told him your report has been dealt with properly and is finished. He continue's to spam Admin chat with more things such as deal with my report. I would not really think this is a problem but when he is Minging on GG TTT and he is Trial-Admin on the DarkRP server that's what I have problems with Evidence https://imgur.com/a/yBm8YVD
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    How he get his lerp so low tho 0.0 wish we could use this one but, you know, reasons..... This one is ight except for the guns coming out of their crotch. This one would be dope for the Halloween map update.
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    DNA Scanner Tutorial Using the DNA scanner is quite simple but the F1 menu does not have a tutorial for new players so I decided to make this for those who don't know. (Special thanks to CUX for the idea! ) Identifying DNA Scanner First you have to have a DNA scanner it's obtainable in 2 different ways. If you are Detective you will spawn with it. Another way is finding it on the ground! For those of you who don't know what it looks like refer to this picture. ( Little tiki girl ) Identifying when to use a DNA scanner You can only use the DNA scanner on dead bodies ( INNOCENTS ) . In particular dead bodies which have DNA To identify if a body has DNA you have to search the body and look for this ICON ( Black Arrows ) The time on the Icon is how much time you have left until the DNA will be gone. You are also able to use DNA scanner on the following weapons: How to use the DNA Scanner First you must find a body with DNA, when said body is found you want to get close enough to be able to left click the DNA scanner on the body ( Normally have to crouch) After you've gotten a DNA sample off a body a DNA strand symbol will appear on the map. The regeneration rate on the symbol is dependent on how far away from the target you are ( Farther away takes more energy ) When and only when you are 100% sure the symbol is on a player you can execute them.
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    I can't believe you actually thought this was aim-hacking. User has been unbanned, my apologies @Porpoises
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    Okay, I'm glad to be unbanned as I was looking forward to this server being staffed. I appreciate the time everyone took to solve this.
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    Upgrade completed, although, Garry's Mod has not been affected yet, and will be pushed back to a later date.
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    To whom it may concern, it appears that PayPal no longer lets recipients and senders view transactions that are over a year of age. As such, I can no longer provide support to donations that are over a year old. I'm not sure what the reason is for this change, and it may just be temporary, but I've spoke to other PayPal merchants like myself and they confirmed the same thing is occurring to them. To my best knowledge, PayPal is legally required to store data for up to 7 years due to 'statute of limitations' or taxation, so i'm not sure why this change. I'm sure I will be receiving alot of backlash for this, however, please know it's entirely out of my control, and due to the sheer amount of chargebacks and disputes that come with the nature of Garry's Mod (anywhere from 10-33% of transactions at a given year) I cannot blindly reassign packages without a transaction ID. PS this is what transaction history looks like on my end (trying to look up a transaction made in 2017)
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    Don't listen to the singing. Watch the killfeed.
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    Show them our professional and very helpful staff team at work Our serious RP (we kidnapped a car) What happens if you're a bad boi Our one handed ARs that are exclusively exclusive Funny little hand thing. Classic hands MARSOC showoff RU showoff A little bit of an outdated and nostalgic ss. Shows how far the maps have came too
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    Guides and Tutorial suggestions! If there is a topic that you are unfamiliar with or think that it would be beneficial to create a tutorial or guide comment below! Can be anything related to Trouble In Terrorist Town. Whether it is a certain weapon or concept comment it below and I will do my best to get a guide for it!
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    This one happened right in front of RU base. right before coyote made fun of them for doing PT. I have way too many ss from SSO. ethan kinda yelled at us if we didn’t screenshot something. so here’s 2GA overpowering us all. definitely one of my favorites in my collection. Everyone hated ethan’s DB raids. Again, one of my favorites. This one is less about being funny, but it shows the grind and hard work people put onto this server.
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    This screenshot here would really set the mood for the amazing experience on Garnet. PTL IM GAY PTL I HAVE AIDS
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    This is a long one, but its basically Vega and all of GRU arguing, a few good memories in this clip.
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    plz plz ignore my squeaker ass voice. I promise my balls have dropped. also the purge siren was too funny.
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    Suggestion: Increase the Voice Chat Length for the Innocents/Traitors and the Detective by 1.5x and increase the speed at which the chat bar refills itself. I know that this is to prevent Mic spamming and Diss but the time is way too short to communicate longer messages or a lot of information about a traitor, dead body, etc and even then staff still has the gag command to mute any player who might be mic spamming or dissing. Why?: This allows for player to talk longer about a situation if it requires an explanation or if someone is talking about a hectic situation in short increments.
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    I know I'll get loads of cringe reactions on this, but it's worth it. I've know you for exactly 5 years this month. We've had our ups and downs and definitely our laughs, you are someone who no matter what never lost themselves in ownership, always remaining in touch with every server, every update made by you. It's truly a great thing to know that accomplish this by yourself whereas other communities need 10+ to do the work you do. You have definitely become one of my closest friends over these past five years, and I'm glad I know you. No homo. Thank you for all the work you do, and the faith you've put in me through the years, and most importantly the jokes and moments, (and calling me a faggot every 10 seconds.). Especially thank you for being there even with IRL issues, I know I can talk to you. Thank you @Garnet
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    You're just theorizing - same with how you stated they're using "SAFETY SETTINGS" to stop all their bullets from hitting.. Please stop being a walmart-grade anticheat. Not every player that has a moment where their aim is unsteady (not to bring up latency issues, which would show him snapping to somebody else) means they're hacking. Enigma already had a false ban yesterday.
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    +1 This would be a refreshing change from the default green names for everyone, and the light blue names for the detectives in chat. Donators should be set to a different color, and possible colors could be purchased from the store, if Garnet is up for purchasable colors. Just a general QoL change that would spice up cosmetics a bit.
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    This guide will show you step by step on how to handle reports on TTT. 1. First step is noticing that a player's report needs to be handled. To identify a report as needing to be handled it will be listed as "Waiting". If the report is listed as "In progress" from another staff member DO NOT interfere with this report in anyway. Yes, you can still click and read on the report and deathlogs. But furthermore than that such as punishing the reported player is strictly frowned upon. When reporting a player as a staff member do not use the " Admin Report" feature, simply report players the same as non-staff. 2. Second step is always claiming the report as yours. To do this you must highlight the report waiting to be handled by left clicking, after you left click you will goto " Set Status" Press that and set it as "In progress". This alerts other staff members that you are handling this report already. ( Only handle ONE report at a time unless the reported players is the same through-out multiple reports on same round) 3. Next step in handling reports is understanding the report itself. Both why the player is was reported and the explanation the reported player gives( Example 1) . Sometimes when handling reports the reported player will not respond right when you check the report. whether their still alive or possibly still typing out their response. Until the reported player has responded do not take action unless of course the reported played disconnected. When both players have responded Always check if the report was canceled by the reporter ( Example 2) If the report was canceled set the report to finished and your done. If the report is not canceled analyze and understand the reason the player was reported. For example whether it was propkill or RDM. Green check=Report canceled. Red check = Non-canceled report 4. After you have identified the reason for the report it's now time to look for evidence. In most cases you can collect enough evidence for investigation from down the "logs before victims death". ( Example 1). In some scenario's you must go to the logs of the whole round though and scroll through them. Keep in mind there is a highlighting tool which is very helpful. Take the time to analyze the logs every report. I expect the most from the staff on this server thus being said always put in that extra effort. Whether its viewing the Death scene if you are not absolutely certain you understood what happened, or double checking everything before you punish the player. 5. Futhermore one of the the final steps in handling a report is the conclusion, whether its slaying the player or simply doing nothing because you found out the report was false. In all cases in which action needs to be taken you will use the " Take action" button in the RDM manager. Most of the time when you need to take action it will be done by using the " Slay next round" feature. In this you will set the number of times you are auto-slaying the player in relations to our Punishments thread ( NOT MADE YET). On the left hand side are 1-3 slays if higher than 3 use !menu > TTT > Aslays. After you set the number of slays you will put the reason, if its one of the pre-set feel free to use it. If not check the bottom box and type in the reason. Always check the reason right above the "Aslay!" button and the quantity of slays is correct before Aslay'ing. 6. The last step in handling a report is setting the status to finished. This is done in a similar way referring to step 2. You will go to "set status" and set it as finished. Once you have set your report to finished your done with that report and can move on to the next or relax in the meantime if there's no others!. I hope this thread was helpful, If you have any questions at all or felt like I've left something feel free to add me on steam! https://steamcommunity.com/id/EnigmaPlays
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    Now I can't exactly deal with TTT reports but spilq will be spoken to about his behavior to make sure it doesn't move on to DarkRP, making a bad name for Garnet Staff. This is especially concerning someone who made themselves known in the HR subdivision and one of their main priorities is to mentor staff into their best condition. This upsets me @Spilq2 and I hope I never see it again. @Garnet Not too sure who can resolve TTT reports but I know you can, do your magic.
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    +1 I like variety despite my only using the body armor as each T and D, but I’m sure others would be able to use these and make the games more interesting.
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    In-game name: eXg - Buddha (Used to be Bread God) Age: 17 SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:8735405 Timezone: PST How many hours do you have on the server? 5 Hours Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a/or microphone?: Yes Do you have the ability to screen-record while playing on TTT?: Yes Referral(s): Ark Past experiences as staff: Past S.Admin on DarkRP, Current Mod on DarkRP, Current Forums Moderator, Past owner/co-owner on several DarkRP startups, Trial Operator on MilleniumRP (closed) Why should we choose you over other applicants? To start off, I've been in the community for about 2 years now. I have experience on both MilitaryRP and DarkRP, and have extensive playtime and experience on Garry's Mod, as I've been steadily playing for around 7 years now. TTT was one of the first game modes I played, alongside prophunt, murder, and various mini-games such as GMod Tower. When I say I have experience on TTT, you can take my word on it. I have been hopping on TTT more and more as of late, and want to do my part to help upkeep and maintain the server. A special shout-out to Enigma, who was incredibly friendly and helpful when I had asked about staffing on TTT. Being a small server, and a game mode that can easily be minged on, I want to help not only the players, but the current staff team with the work load, and contribute to making the server a more enjoyable and friendly place for those new to the Garnet community, or veterans trying to relax with some TTT. My extensive knowledge of staffing, as well as prior knowledge of ULX and its functions makes me a solid candidate for staff. During my playtime, I've witnessed hundreds of reports, rule breakers, minges, and players who in general have no intention to play on the server. While a few of these examples took place before staff were introduced to TTT, most of these examples have taken place over the last few days. The current staff team has been swift to bring justice to those who break the rules, and I am ready and willing to do my part and assist with their jobs. One thing to note is that I plan on duel staffing, as I have no current intention of leaving DarkRP. I am quite well at managing my time, and will be able to do my DarkRP duties, TTT duties, as well as forum moderator duties. With my 2 years of Garnet experience, and 7 years of Garry's Mod experience, you can count on me to efficiently, effectively, and elaborately staff on Garnet's new Trouble in Terrorist Town server. Thank you. How much time will you be contributing to this role? With my final year of high school fast approaching, and projects, events, and staffing on DarkRP and the forums, I can contribute a couple hours on weekdays, and can contribute up to around 4 hours a day on the weekends. My schedule fluctuates with each week, but I tend to always find a way on and do my duties.
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    Would love to value you your opinion, but you turned out to be incredibly toxic. You could've reached out over PM, but chose not to. Locking this as he was already accepted!
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    Well I believe quality over quantity for the sake of meeting the 2 paragraph requirement. As I said, I'm happy to answer any questions. For me to be chosen over other candidates, I believe I possess more experience in knowing how settle disputes, especially in TTT, while achieving an optimal outcome for both parties. I felt the need to apply as I was constantly being RDMed almost every round, with the staff overwhelmed. I can go on about how I know how to analyse logs to see whether a player truly has intentions to RDM or not. I can also add I always manage to contain emotions and prevent emotional arguments. However, I believe results speak louder than words, and a trial period will allow me to walk the talk. I also think a rule set should be put up for the server as soon as possible so strict guidelines can be adhered to.
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    So consider this post null. I wasted way too much of my time, but anybody who had exploited money in their inventory has now had it removed. The economy wipe will NOT take place.
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