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    Okay lets be honest, everybody's acting sad but nobody actually gave a crap Locked.
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    Before you continue to make suggestions think to yourself, has somebody else thought of this? The answer will be yes so you don't need to make the post. Secondly, play the server for more than a day or two before making suggestions and so you can understand how it works without accidentally ruining things left right and center.
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    im so tired. it feels like i'm going shleepies. but im not. also, i'm gonna go to mcdonalds and cop a travis scott meal. anyone want anything?
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    So I just got internet back after getting hit by what was basically a category 3 hurricane in the middle of a land locked state, I woke up to a tree falling over at 5 AM, Shits pretty damn crazy.
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    Not trying to be rude or anything but the only people that -1 my application are Gmod mods, or people that no nothing about the whole "doxx threat" situation. I apologized for what happened on my app, but that is not going to mean anything when none of you know the story behind it. Me and DPI are friends, the person that I people are saying I threatened to doxx. If sage felt like I was being serious he would have reported what I had said. Under no means was I being serious when I posted that in team chat and he knows that. Also teamchat is not punishable in anyway, I got false banned because of it from a resigned admin. Wasdin should not be able to ban people in the first place. Spilq was the one who unbanned me, if he thought that what I did was serious he would have kept me banned. I'd just like to make it clear one last time, the person I said it to was a friend in team chat, while we were in a call together. He knows that it was not serious.
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    You guys still have 3 whole days to potentially bring CWRP back by being active/afking on the server, but I personally am not willing to pour more hours into development for the time being.
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    I HAVE MADE A DISCOVERY! Women are hot. PS, I haven' t made a post in a while cuz Yep Cock. Thus, I love you all. Thus, Women are most definitely hot.
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    @evo Hey man you dont deserve all the hate you get, you seem real chill we should play some time
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    It is with a heavy heart that I'm going to have to announce that this weekend, roughly in 4 days from now, I will unfortunately have to shut down ClonewarsRP and find my next venture within Garry's Mod. This project has largely eaten up 3 months of my life and cost me a great deal of my personal time and resources at little return, followed by alot of empty promises from members of the community. At the end of the day, I learned alot more about development in lua from this project, but I did wish it got to stick around, however, I cannot force members of the community to up-hold their promise in sticking around and hosting events, and unfortunately, I myself do not have the time to sit on a server and entertain the masses. I thank all of you who participated and enjoyed the server/staffed on it. I apologize that this is what it has come to. I will look into potentially re-instating the server at Christmas time or 2021's summer break seeing as I would love to keep the server going with how much attention to detail and time I had spent on it.
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    @Sasori hey man I like you and all but personally I found that big juicy chungus pretty funny, especially for the tense situation on the thread
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    Bro you know, sometimes i fucking hate life.
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    I would like to start a crusade against @11B DS 1SG Titan because he doesnt like corn pizza but he hasnt had any corn pizza
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    If you see this, you are about to witness something beautiful. Stay for the show.
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    Sweet tea from popeyes slaps too fucking hard.
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    I never liked doing double status updates, but now that SWRP is down and i am back at MRP, maybe ill get back into the tracings i used to do eh? I mean, when i have the time of course.
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    All these giveaways make me want to do another, maybe soon eh?
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    Real cyka blyat hours.
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    who r u and why did you spam the shitpost reaction on 10 of my posts
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    ma me gusta capocino, it means "hello" in french
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    Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment. UPDATED 12/27/2019 GENERAL RULES ROLEPLAY RULES BUILDING & BASING RULES RAIDING RULES MUGGING RULES PARTY RULES GANG WAR RULES JOB RULES
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    Updated Mugging section MUGGING RULES
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    thinking about homast
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    For the record, fetn wasnt fucking hacking. Poor judgement bois.
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    Sorry for disappointment. Moved to 9/15/20.
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