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  1. playing garnet gaming military role play
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  2. https://prnt.sc/vmj9f3 PEACE AND LOVE
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  4. Identity crisis, people don't know who they is Cause these bitches act like niggas And these niggas act like hoes
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  5. Yeah, being a month away from release I would consider "almost a wrap" haha. You're not going to see alot of progress, but i'm open to showing the map off on Stream at 7-8PM EST?
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  6. Thinking about punching trees for logs
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  10. hey guys, me and this girl have been texting back and forth a lot recently from my college. we both REALLY want to meet each other personally, and we plan on meeting up over winter break. she adores video games as much as i do and we both share common interests. one of these commonalities was growing up with the Nintendo Wii, and seeing that this girl still has her wii and i still have mine (my wii having recently been modded by a friend of mine), i was thinking that our first date should be just that: a wii date with pizza, as I think we would be the most comfortable in that sorta enviro
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  11. Hello bro, I hit this clip on the new call of duty and was looking for someone to edit? I heard your pretty good at it. Thanks
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  13. It's been a literal week. That's not alot of time to make progress on mapping
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  17. For those who want to play a really good game, We Happy Few is 9$ right now on steam for the next 40 hours. It's fucking amazing, 100% recommend buying it.
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  18. Can we get a Map Status Update? Estimated Release date too?
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  20. @Garnet Could we get another update? I know you got rust and mess to handle but its been a while.
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  21. True but you also said itโ€™s almost a wrap a bit ago.
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