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  1. Yeah, in 3 months. I'm probably going to go for a masters after that though
  2. Hello Goat Gamers, I'm making this post to inform those of you who are trying to communicate with me/communicate with me regularly that I am back in college for a semester. While I am sure I will be able to maintain a high level of activity to ensure new content is pushed to our respective servers, a big chunk of my time is once again being dedicated to ventures outside of Garnet. Unlike in the past, i'm fairly confident I'll be able to do so, however, please do be more mindful that my activity hours have changed, and I may not be on my desktop PC a whole lot to use my microphone/Teamspeak. Changes have been made to how suggestions are handled on my end, and thank you so much to @Phantom, @AwesomeAidan, @Chewy, and @proggy for making it possible by updating a "Revisions" documents for each respective server, saving me the trouble of going on the forums and sorting through suggestions. I couldn't think of a better section to post this message, so it is going under the Announcements forum. Thank you, and I hope you all have a great rest of your week!
  3. i am commenting on the legends profile

  4. @Garnet, I think @Garnet said or maybe it was @Garnet, I don't know - I don't want to @Garnet randomly on a thread @Garnet is very busy.

  5. The masters of the half implemented updates have made a return, this time affecting Garry's Mod. Our servers Token have expired twice in the last 12 days they've been forcefully implemented, this time affecting our servers for a handful of hours. Just going to hope they figure out a fix for this sooner rather than later. https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/4000/view/1716372156967158714 All our servers should be back online and ready to play on, thank you for your patience!
  6. I might be a bit quiet for the next few days 😕 had my family take Yuki to go through spinal surgery because she's been hyperventilating in pain for 3-4 days now, and cannot use he back legs. Please be mindful of the fact and do not fuck with me in any way, I'm trying to do my best to keep up with things on the forums. She's in surgery right now.

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    2. Zephyr


      Hope alls well man if you wanna chat the weird British special ed is here.

    3. Garnet


      thank you everyone. She made it through the surgery but we can't have her back for another night or two 😕 won't know if the surgery did anything to improve her condition for about another week or longer from my understanding, but i'm hoping for the best.

    4. 0zzy



      This is Sadie. She said she’s not worried at all because she knows Yuki will make a full recovery.

  7. After sleeping on it for a weekend, i'm happy to say I would like to move forward with you as our Rust division's leader/manager. I currently have a handful to deal with (Gmod updates) however, I would like to put time aside this weekend to talk to you and go over the details of what the role entails, what my expectations are, as well as what payments will look like.
  8. | 91st PVT 5541 Garnet(STEAM_0:1:182379093) has set the map to huheuheuheuhedidibreaksomething

    /name Cringe Owner Garnet

    1. Garnet


      i'm taking out the GM system so you leave with your faction

    2. AparhTurtle
  9. Hello Garnet Gamers, Unfortunately Enzo who was our designated Rust Manager failed his 2 week trial period, and the next person who was to grab his position was @Wasdin, however, Wasdin has just informed he will begin baseball season and cannot commit to his duties no longer (the same day he was promoted). As such, I will inevitably have to start searching for another Rust server manager. All applicants will begin with a 2-week trial period, in which they will be expected to accept applications, train new moderators, and coordinate the team to work more effectively among our 4 servers. If passed the 2-week trial period and there is a prominent change in the quality of our staff team, we may begin discussing pay from there, which of course, would inevitably go up as donations go up, so in a sense, you will be determining how much you can make. At this given time, Rust is operating at a loss, seeing as we do not generate an income, but this is also because our servers are swamped with minges/hackers and no coordinated staff to take care of them. If interested, please leave a response in this thread with your in-game name, age, and why you feel qualified for this position.
  10. Garnets Interests, when? This time nobody has really much to complain about, so I think it can be that i'm toxic on the forums
  11. Ty R Kelly. I can't wait to have pissing contests with you again
  12. Hello GarfieldGamers, Please note: if anybody tries to empathize with me, IE: "Garnet take a break". "You don't deserve this" or anything pointless of this nature, I will simply delete their posts and lock this post. This post is purely up to explain to you why I'm unfortunately having to be less active than I would like for a period of time. TLDR: I'm needing to take pills to hopefully ease up on my pain and reverse some damage from a car accident, pills are extremely known for drowsiness and tiredness and as such, my activity may dip on Garnet for the next 30 days, but it's unavoidable. I don't know how badly I'll be affected by the pills, but this starts tonight. Long version: I'm sure some of you remember the car accident I was involved in back at the beginning of this year that put me out for a good week. Unfortunately for me, I've been going to see a physical therapist/chiropractor 2-3 days a week ever since then, however, I'm still in agonizing pain which is making working on Garnet alot more difficult than it should be with frequent muscle spasms in my shoulders/back - I try not to complain anymore, because to be frank, all I get is people overly sympathisizng with me and suggesting I take a break constantly, which I neither want to or can do without it affecting the community negatively. When it comes to insurance companies, to my best understanding, once you have gone to a chiropractor for a certain threshold and it's not helping, you are then sent you to an orthopedic surgeon to evaluate you again and determine what's to take place next. I went to visit one, he re-evaluated my spine, and unfortunately I didn't get the best news. As a last resort before operating my back which I can't afford or doing a few rounds of steroid injections, I was given muscle relaxers for the next 30 days which I basically have to be under the effects of 24/7 with minimal physical excretion - they make you extremely groggy and cloudy, and as such: no driving, and no going to work (albeit working from home on a PC could be ok if I can manage - it all depends on how badly the sideeffects get me, some people don't get them at all). I will see how I can manage to keep up my activity on Garnet. PS To all of you who have a burning hate for me, I will have you know that the guy who went a red light and hit me seemed to have literally bribed the insurance adjuster into ruling against me, and it doesn't seem that my Lawyer is trying to do too much about it. I had recorded evidence of the other driver coming out of his car and crying about how he's sorry he didn't see a red light, but that makes the accident my fault. Go fucking figure. Hopefully when this is all over I can go with this information to a news outlet.
  13. I was told by staff to do donation support on the VIP Mod. Just following their directions on what to do. 

  14. I'll try my best to get donation support out of the way on April 27th. I have finished working on SWRP to a point where I am comfortable with it, and  I will be away tomorrow.

    1. Homast


      Let's go Nutman!
      Take that day long break!
      Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    2. WreckEMsaints


      Thanks! I made a big oof so this will help a lot lol

    3. Captainswag
  15. I was not referring to you in the whole "faction hopping" ordeal. The reaeson for removing reserves is that currently players simply leave the community for an extended length of time, and just come back right into having a rank on the server while having build 0 relationships with the new playerbase, skipping all forms of progression. Super unfair towards new players in my opinion. Maybe because it's pointless and no other server does it? It is unfortunate, however, I and many others who are overlooking the server can see that it's severely hurt progression for players, when people can pop up out of the blue and have authority over them. As me and Aidan have spoke about, there will be some exceptions, in which I can see somebody like you being one of the few to apply. You've been here for YEARS and I have had 0 issues with you. Unfortunately, that is how I feel about multiple people in that list. (Coyote was just gone for close to a year, Cameron is NOT active, Buddha literally did not play MRP for months as far as I'm concerned, Optic Gunner hasn't played MRP)
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