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  1. Hello Nut Gamers, i'm back in town and ready to roll some more contents onto the server, I took an entire week off where I didn't even check how well the servers are doing for the first time in a LONG TIIME and that was as refreshing as can be. I'm pumped to be back and tackle some of the issues with the servers. This time around I'll try to be more hands-on and potentially play the servers so long as harassment is kept to a minimum. Looking forward to seeing you guys!
  2. Without going into too much detail, I might not be leaving for those two weeks, as I may or may not be going through a breakup with my partner. Please try to be a bit calmer/more understanding. ty.

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    2. Enigma


      Baby I'm not leaving you ❤️ I know we had a argument today but it just makes us stronger.

    3. Garnet


      I genuinely don't need anybody to vent/talk to for now, but I appreciate it. It's just something that needs to happen at this point 😕 

    4. Garnet


      we'll see. I'm still updating the servers, so no worries.

  3. Why am I a rat?

  4. Yes, a boy did - as did everybody else. Corona hit pretty hard around that same week haha
  5. So lets get that non-retarded version of reserves going on MRP please

  6. Garnet

    [TTT] Server Rules

    Updated 6/19/2020
  7. I personally wouldn't call unboxing a "prime feature" it was actually added very recently, but despite the fact, i'm trying my best to keep it as many people enjoy it.
  8. To provide more information as to what’s going to happen, Unbox will be partially recoded and utilize new data storage methods, as such, it will inevitably wipe in 48 hours. it will then be tested with the new method for stability. If this new method does not work, I will unfortunately have to rid of the addon or have it recoded more professionally as it is too advanced for me to recreate. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, the server will hopefully not experience any instabilities following this!
  9. 50% of votes reached, 50 more for a final verdict, but as with all things, the more the merrier. Lets get past 100
  10. 36/100 votes accumulated, the moment we hit 100, I am switching maps.
  11. CSCDesert was only great because of the people, we have since returned to it and did not have a good experience AT ALL.
  12. Note to those saying 'playerbase was best during Chaharikar' while this is true, we also have not been on Taiga in 2 years, and originally it did VERY well. Worst comes to worst if it's not well-received, I will say fuck it and switch to Chaharikar within the week.
  13. What would you like to see next? At this point, I've completely omitted maps which cause a dip in our playerbase, IE: Echo/Siberia and have deleted their content. Taiga_v3 Last used: Mid-2018 Chaharikar Last used: Mid-Early 2020
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