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  1. Hello Garnet Gamers, it's 4:30AM, me and our host Ertug are exhausted, we just finished off transferring all of Garnet's valuable items to a new location. Rust was taken off of our old machine, and put onto a more than twice as powerful machine in order to offer better performance. I kept our old machine in order to dedicate it towards the expansion of our Murder and TTT gamemodes which have been performing VERY well thanks to our great staff team. Our website was taken off from your typical $20 a month VPS and put onto its very own server machine as to offer dedicated performance. Anything related to MySQL should now performance incredibly quickly, whether that be DarkRP itself, MilitaryRP whitelisting, DarkRP inventory system, our forums, and our donation portal Hopefully you're able to see these changes as our active forums now load in well under a SECOND. Big thank you to our host Ertug for staying up this late and making sure there's absolutely no errors for us in our new location (even though they may very well be issues popping up at a later time). Fortunately for him he was able to head to bed as soon as this process was over. Unfortunately for me, I still have many hours left to fix up our 2x server, as well as continue to work on a few misc updates for our servers. I will likely pass out shortly and be asleep for a very long time, because this "shift" working on Garnet today has been over 24 hours long. RIP Hope you all enjoy the changes that have occurred/are upcoming! Garnutter
  2. Upgrade completed, although, Garry's Mod has not been affected yet, and will be pushed back to a later date.
  3. At 3AM EST our entire network will be shutting down for an upgrade. This downtime may last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour (4AM EST) however, i'm expecting to run into issues the following day that may interfere with our servers, so I will be around to trouble therm as they come! Changes Occurring Purchased 2 extra servers, for a total of 4 Website taken off of a 'VPS' and put onto its own dedicated machine - we will no longer share resources with anybody else, and as such, our website will run much faster. Rust's server content will be moved from an outdated 7700k-based machine, to a 9700k machine, allowing us to let 350 players play simultaneously over 3 servers (as opposed to 2 servers at 275) TTT and Murder have been moved to their own dedicated server machine (7700k) as to allow us to have more roleplay-based servers running on our main rig alongside DarkRP and MilitaryRP Thank you for your patience, hopefully all is smooth sailing!
  4. Accepted I can say that out of the entirety of the 2x server, you are probably the member who I most frequently have a conversation with and I do think we would work together really well!
  5. Denied You created an alternative account to +1 your staff application, and I consider that very scummy (especially the portion where you made up a fictional story about your own kindness).
  6. Seems a bit contradicting to state that you don't have alot of hours, but you can make up for it by getting more hours (???). Furthermore, playing the server for a mere 17 hours a day doesn't seem very healthy and I would advice against it. Please report back when your playtime is north of lets say 40 hours.
  7. Well, with your current activity levels on the 2x server you would've easily been accepted, however, the application is severely lacking. I would suggest you build upon it and repost
  8. Denied Unfortunately I would like to see more hours from you as to ensure you enjoy the server/community, and as such would be dedicated to it!
  9. Unfortunately you got banned for cheating and as such you are ineligible to staff (let alone play Rust).
  10. For the sake of my sanity, I will be giving this schedule a go for a period of 29 days and seeing if this is a more effective way to manage the community Updates may be less frequent, but more in-depth Sunday Teamspeak/Discord Availability 4-8PM EST Consultations and/or one-on-one sessions Mapping As necessary Monday DarkRP Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Tuesday Community-Wide Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Wednesday Rust Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Mapping as necessary Thursday Donation Support All Day Friday MilitaryRP Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Saturday Staff Meeting as necessary Community-Wide Updates - Suggestions - Reports & Appeals Mapping as necessary
  11. Garnet


    Denied due to failure to follow format.
  12. Failed to follow the requirements for making a post
  13. This screenshot here would really set the mood for the amazing experience on Garnet. PTL IM GAY PTL I HAVE AIDS
  14. @PrisonNightmare one thing i should've mentioned is that the chatbox would most definitely get in the way :^(
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