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Status Updates posted by Garnet

  1. heheehee

    Name go BRRRRRrrrrrrRRRR

    1. Shin_Tsukimi
    2. Clicher


      And me and shin still hold the record at waiting for our tag.

    3. ajbedhead


      Oooooooh Blueeeeee

  2. What’s up with children coming here to talk about them smoking that shitty oregano they get from their friends? Keep that stuff for somewhere else please. I don’t want our forums getting taken down.

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    2. RealRichard


      Not a big fan of oregano but that black tarder sauce hits


    3. trench


      homie smokin on the k2

    4. TankWithoutTheH


      garnet fart

  3. Did you change your name on Steam?

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    2. Zachman


      What is cap?


    3. Homast


      A cap is a hat Zachman.

      For Example: A Baseball Cap

    4. Zachman


      oh, then no @Cold Soldier i was not wearing a cap in that statement 

  4. Without going into too much detail, I might not be leaving for those two weeks, as I may or may not be going through a breakup with my partner. Please try to be a bit calmer/more understanding. ty.

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    2. Enigma


      Baby I'm not leaving you ❤️ I know we had a argument today but it just makes us stronger.

    3. Garnet


      I genuinely don't need anybody to vent/talk to for now, but I appreciate it. It's just something that needs to happen at this point 😕 

    4. Garnet


      we'll see. I'm still updating the servers, so no worries.

  5. So lets get that non-retarded version of reserves going on MRP please

  6. I really apologize I wasn't able to complete promotions today, there's really no excuse. I unfortunately had my entire day taken up by getting my vehicle fixed, half a year after my accident 😕 and I just got home at 8PM.

    Going to make sure to do everything tomorrow as soon as I wake up!

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    2. BUDBUD


      Your all good we can wait, and when something important pops up of course you should make it your top priority.

    3. Shin_Tsukimi


      Yeah I think a vehicle is more important than promoting people. Don't worry about it my guy. 🙂

    4. Garnet


      I appreciate it guys. Up now and going to get started on promos.

  7. I might be a bit quiet for the next few days 😕 had my family take Yuki to go through spinal surgery because she's been hyperventilating in pain for 3-4 days now, and cannot use he back legs. Please be mindful of the fact and do not fuck with me in any way, I'm trying to do my best to keep up with things on the forums. She's in surgery right now.

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    2. Garnet


      thank you everyone. She made it through the surgery but we can't have her back for another night or two 😕 won't know if the surgery did anything to improve her condition for about another week or longer from my understanding, but i'm hoping for the best.

  8. I'll try my best to get donation support out of the way on April 27th. I have finished working on SWRP to a point where I am comfortable with it, and  I will be away tomorrow.

    1. Homast


      Let's go Nutman!
      Take that day long break!
      Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    2. WreckEMsaints


      Thanks! I made a big oof so this will help a lot lol

    3. Captainswag
  9. Anddd status updates are back :^(

    1. Garnet


      this is because I've been getting alot of requests for them, especially recently PARTICULARLY from long-time members who used to be active on our old forums.

  10. Rip militaryrp

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    2. Cypher
    3. Ebichu


      I dont understand what happened cuz im inactive.

    4. Wolfhound


      hippity hoppity military rp is no longer garnets property

  11. Gotta love it when two Army privates start harrassing you as you're updating the server, claiming "you're updating the server my ass" and acting as if they're butthurt because they're ignored, as you're staring into a notepad file.

    1. Tayler


      Yeah haha sorry bud, going to go with 500 for "that's some bullshit"

  12. Alright guys, PoliceRP will shut down until further notice. Mind you, it will not be gone forever, however, there's alot of fixing to do and stabilizing with DarkRP - and I cannot continue to have DarkRP staff going over to play at PRP while this is happening.

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    2. Lucher


      well shit there goes my 2 day job on garnetgaming

    3. t3rr0r


      all the people who left their MRP ranks for PRP are shidding themselves rn

    4. Spooky
  13. Since MilitaryRP hasn't hit over 110 players in 2 weeks now, I have updated the tickrate to 22 :). If we for whatever reason hit 110+ today, expect to fucking crash on the spot, if not, expect good hit reg.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MrInconvenience1


      Hurr hurr hurr! Your sherversh dying!!! XDDDD!!!1!1!!111!

    3. Garnet


      CSCdesert was 11, anything past Taiga was 16

  14. MilitaryRP's Taiga is coming back today 😛 (technically Siberia, but who cares?)

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    2. Phantom


      *excited squidward noises*

    3. Garnet


      shhh be wery wery quiet. im trying to hunt a wabbit

    4. Phantom
  15. Panera Bread won't let me get on Steam -_- I literally came here to work on the server quietly.

    1. Zoro


      Thats a biiiig RIP. Still tryna get randos on dis bitch

  16. Teamspeak was upgraded to 150 slots

    1. Nexus


      Did you get sick of hearing the server is full 😂

    2. Flak


      lmao people do complain about it an awful lot

    3. Big Boy John

      Big Boy John

      Thank you Garnet!

  17. Man this community fucking blows, with nobody ever being happy with jack shit, and absolutely nobody appreciating anything. Gonna go on a hiatus from the community yet again.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. t3rr0r


      I have endless appreciation for everything you do because you do everything with good intentions. Sorry if it seems like we all nitpick little things all the time you know we all enjoy it otherwise we wouldn't play.

    3. Shrugger


      While our criticisms may feel like personal attacks on what you do please understand that they are constructive criticism. The reason we make issues is because we care about the server and the developer, you. At least this is how I feel about it.

      If no one cared about what the server or what you do to it do you really think we would be posting as much critique and becoming immensely happy or angry as we do currently?

    4. Cold Soldier

      Cold Soldier

      The people that say "This community is shit, change this, change that"

       are toxic af, listen to the ones who will help you improve and give helpful and constructive feedback.

      P.S. I am anti social af, so me talking in HS now is legit me cutting a string to have a 1 in 5 chance of a rock falling down and crushing my social life xd 

  18. So you want that unban?

    1. Spooky


      I dont think he can answer

    2. Lilith
  19. Big ass DarkRP update coming tomorrow

  20. DarkRP map beta testing in 1-2 hours, feel free to sign up here!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. plug walk

      plug walk

      sign me up


    3. Dr Turtle
    4. Garnet


      Join Downtown Beta Testing at the bottom of Teamspeak! the room will lock in 25 minutes

  21. The start to our next MRP map... see you guys in 8 months 



    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Phantom


      A while ago we were planning on giving it a grenade launcher with an arc to it can fire long range like a mortar. Then we scrapped it, so I don't know exactly what's going to happen to it now.

    3. gambler01dyer


      Still i hope something is done with it cause it sounds like a good idea on paper at least but to really know what it'll do in practice idk.

  22. New steam layout looks ugly as hell

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. gambler01dyer


      Ehhh, am ok with it so i really don't care tbh.


    3. SaltedPeanutMan


      I kind of miss the simplicity of the old one

    4. Zoro


      The metro skin isn't compatible with the new  update. The new friends UI is not editable yet. @.lua

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