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  1. Garnet

    [TTT] Server Rules

    Updated 6/19/2020
  2. I personally wouldn't call unboxing a "prime feature" it was actually added very recently, but despite the fact, i'm trying my best to keep it as many people enjoy it.
  3. To provide more information as to what’s going to happen, Unbox will be partially recoded and utilize new data storage methods, as such, it will inevitably wipe in 48 hours. it will then be tested with the new method for stability. If this new method does not work, I will unfortunately have to rid of the addon or have it recoded more professionally as it is too advanced for me to recreate. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, the server will hopefully not experience any instabilities following this!
  4. 50% of votes reached, 50 more for a final verdict, but as with all things, the more the merrier. Lets get past 100
  5. 36/100 votes accumulated, the moment we hit 100, I am switching maps.
  6. CSCDesert was only great because of the people, we have since returned to it and did not have a good experience AT ALL.
  7. Note to those saying 'playerbase was best during Chaharikar' while this is true, we also have not been on Taiga in 2 years, and originally it did VERY well. Worst comes to worst if it's not well-received, I will say fuck it and switch to Chaharikar within the week.
  8. What would you like to see next? At this point, I've completely omitted maps which cause a dip in our playerbase, IE: Echo/Siberia and have deleted their content. Taiga_v3 Last used: Mid-2018 Chaharikar Last used: Mid-Early 2020
  9. Garnet

    [DarkRP] Server Rules

    Slightly altered Hitman and Assassin rules (June 6th, 2020)
  10. Players would enter this room via /citizen or its alternative command I would add which would likely be /trainingroom and /oocroom, both of which would literally set you to Civillian. This would have no impact on client FPS seeing as it would be WAY outside the map into the skybox, however, alot of player activity in the OOC room (more than what is typical on the rest of the map) would impact server FPS at times. Largely a dead project, haven't worked on it in over a week because of the population of the server and the state of Gmod in general Will not happen, it was underworks and mostly finished on Echo, yet, it only received criticism and was a massive FPS hog on the clients. That would be because they're immediately outside of both bases, these areas are where you will load more graphical data, and have more visibility calculations than ANYWHERE else. IE: tunnel systems underneath bases + the bases themselves + objectives you are starting to render in. It isn't nearly as big of a pressing issue, I agree, but I do feel as though particularly RU models with their black and red stick out quite a bit more, and neutralizing some colors to grey may take literally an hour in tweaking with map files. Far too big of a hassle for very little return That would be where I'd add elevation and rocks. I assume you refer to the area where the crack sandstone would be. You seem to be holding onto that point, but I don't think it's true. We've had revisions and other maps that had elevated bases, or atleast ones that included a depression in the terrain surrounding them (essentially making them elevated) and spawncamping was not an issue. Hell, even take for instance CSCdesert where you could literally be out of render distance as a sniper on the outskirts of the map, yet, we didn't have as much basecamping as presently. This is because 'basecamping' is a result of a hands-off staff team and low quality officers who don't enforce good/fair gameplay. So please, before I hear about other theories regarding basecamp and how to get rid of it, take a holistic look that'd include the leadership of the server and how assertive it is. "I feel as though it could be better, but I'm not going to leave it open ended" This area is more than likely going to be removed, the jump quest on the map isn't even being used, so that area will be flattened out or removed all-together. Probably a soccer field with a physics object ball, but definitely not a boxing rings lmao I appreciate it, but I'm likely just going to be reducing the brightness of the map and simply taking out the RGB opacity to like 0.7%, IE: Red would turn to a spot between maroon/rose gold. Hard to explain until you see it, but think CS:GO's old and vibrant color pallet (not the cartoony shit they have going on now). Yes, I might be adding some interactive pieces to the map like that. Gold. Thank you so much.
  11. Hello Garbagemen Gamers, Delta has now been on rotation for a period of about 12 months and I'd like to finalize the map, effectively bringing it out of its "beta" trial. At this point I feel confidently that I know what would drastically improve the map to more appropriate given our server's current state. I will go ahead and break down what I am going to be revising shortly, and I would love some criticism: NOTE: DO NOT EVEN DARE shitpost fail to provide constructive criticism repost other people's points that have already been posted - simply "agree" or "upvote" other people's posts, otherwise you will be warned. This thread will be used to effectively improve Delta in as short a period of time as possible. With that being said, feel free to bring up additional ideas, IE: -screenshot- I would like to see some more hills here/-screenshot- I would like some detail in this area of the map, suggested changes are: A TOWN. -reference images- Thank you. Revision A) Reduce fog - a 10% reduction has already been made seeing as this takes 10 seconds (literally) to accomplish, and fog has gone from 6200 spherical units down to ~5725 like in cscdesert. This should drastically help basecamping. Revision B) Delta was made to be a more modernized version of cscdesert, however, this seemed to have been lost in translation, and I feel as though players would favor more hills as found in Chaharikar in order to break down visibility and again, reduce basecamping effectively. Revision C) Change to lighting environment, I would really like to turn the map into a dawn map similarly to Chaharikar to allow for a more dusty aesthetic rather than "foggy". I would be happy making it a roughly 6-8PM map as opposed to 1-2PM, think sun is right about to set, along with a purple-toned desert skybox. Revision D) OPTIMIZATION. A big portion of the map is flat just like CSCDesert, and that is a really nice aesthetic for a desert map, I will likely eliminate hard-transitions to hills (IE: Echo) in favor of more smoothed out transitions, allowing far less brushes and displacements that eat up FPS. In doing so, I would be able to confidently utilize more props for cover, while breaking even FPS-wise. Revision E) Utilize instagram-like filters for our map, IE: defining the RGB range the map can utilize. This will effectively lead to playermodels blending in far more easily onto the desert terrain, rather than having all playermodels stick out like a sore thumb. This may indirectly help your eyestrain from harsh blue lights coming from your monitor. eyyy Revision F) PROPER spawnroom - provide a lengthy spawnroom in which new members could read the rules off of textscreens, providing the necessary information to pass /quiz while being engaging and fun via interactive silly features IE: bumper cars, faux objectives, and an OOC lounge for players to relax in outside of the map, stripped of all weapons.
  12. Posted my custom rank appeal.

  13. You have my full respect garnet 

  14. I really apologize I wasn't able to complete promotions today, there's really no excuse. I unfortunately had my entire day taken up by getting my vehicle fixed, half a year after my accident 😕 and I just got home at 8PM.

    Going to make sure to do everything tomorrow as soon as I wake up!

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    2. BUDBUD


      Your all good we can wait, and when something important pops up of course you should make it your top priority.

    3. Shin_Tsukimi


      Yeah I think a vehicle is more important than promoting people. Don't worry about it my guy. 🙂

    4. Garnet


      I appreciate it guys. Up now and going to get started on promos.

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