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  1. Yeah, being a month away from release I would consider "almost a wrap" haha. You're not going to see alot of progress, but i'm open to showing the map off on Stream at 7-8PM EST?
  2. It's been a literal week. That's not alot of time to make progress on mapping
  3. Can we get a Map Status Update? Estimated Release date too? 

  4. it'd probably look like I actually spent 3 months working on it, instead of looking like garbage source
  5. about 30-40% smaller than any map we've had before
  6. Today is almost at a wrap, Our 5th and final objective is almost done
  7. Because of the condition of my back and ~2 months of mapping strenuously taking a toll, I really slowed down progress on the development of our new urban map, like to be titled "Omega", but nonetheless still wanted to share where the map is for all members who are confused/unaware of the progress because they're not in close communication with me. I will be entirely honest and say that the map's beta release is VERY close, and will surely be here before Christmas, however, the final version which is better revised is still MONTHS away from release, and I will likely have to re-do more tha
  8. This update sheet may seem underwhelming, because honestly I didn't have a whole much requested of me to do. With that being said, I may add 2-3 more items to this list. Staff Permissions Manager can now promote up to Trial Administrator Fixed the /staffdemote command for Manager Rewrote the Perma Prop default permission system and integrated it with D3A. Managers can now utilize perma props. Teamspeak Gamemaster event planning rooms have been added for better coordination
  9. Massive thank you to @Spilq for making me a detailed update sheet! Global New Server Machine All Rust servers have been updated with the latest intel chipset This should translate to roughly 10% better performance! Companion Application (Rust+) After hours of troubleshooting, our host was able to come up with a hacky solution to keeping our in-depth firewall filters, while still allowing users to utilize the Rust+ application! This feature has been largely requested for a literal 3 months now and I am so excited to potentially havi
  10. Deliveryman Class Delivery SWEP easy up the process of deliveries with the Clipboard swep Fixed the glitch with right-key bind shooting a... 12 gauge out of your clipboard? Garry's Mod/HL2 is weird Prostitute Class Fixed Range Cooldown added to /sex Class Re-enabled Removed Event System
  11. Took a week off due to some unfavorable life circumstances and that good ole' depression. Going to get back to it today!
  12. care to show me some reference images from other sources? it can also be from our prior maps.
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