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  1. After a massive outreach from the community, I'd like to thank every single one of you for being so wonderful and loving today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In regards to @Jackal's comment, I believe you misconstrued what I had meant by saying an event will be hosted. It will not be a fun gathering in-game, but rather an allotted section of the map (spawn will be relocated for the day) where players will be allowed to gather around and exchange their stories/memories of Gamma. It will not involve any sort of gameplay other than to provide a platform we can effectively com
  2. Hello Garnet Gaming members, Today I have some very sad news to share with all of you. One of our long-time members, @Gamma has unfortunately passed away this Sunday. There is an on-going police investigation in relation to his death, however, to the best of everybody's knowledge at this point in time he has died by suicide. I will update this thread as more information is unveiled. I know there are many of you out there who were very close to Gamma and are hurting. Please reach out to eachother and provide a support system to one another. This thread will not be locked, the c
  3. unfortunately my immediate reaction was "reinstall windows and keep my files" but it most definitely just resulted in a corrupt disc
  4. CPU, GPU, and RAM appear to be fine, but the SSDs were NVMEs that at the time were super expensive, so fuck me lol. I'm on my laptop right now wrapping up the map, so you guys are able to play it long before 7PM EST though!
  5. Hello everybody! I don't have a whole lot of time so I won't make this thread too long. My work computer that I do everything garnet-related off of has spontaneously self combusted (not literally) but the boot drive and 2 other SSDs corrupted themselves, including alot of unreleased Garnet content. I have absolutely no idea why, but they refuse to be detected as boot drives, and appear as "NTFS inaccsible" drives under 'My Computer' As much as this sucks, and I just lost thousands of hours worth of work in unreleased assets, at the very least I managed to upload a backup of the finis
  6. Can ya'll guess what's finished ;)? Open testing tomorrow at 6PM EST, Release shortly after if no severely issues are found! (no way to take that screenshot without the render going fucky)
  7. Sounds like it was indeed the cause of overflows then. That doesn't surprise me because that is one of the few addons that we utilize on Garnet that is a sold addon which is not "made in-house". I have noticed that alot of code gets ran that is not utilized (IE: a marketplace (??)) Our options are A) I will dissect the addon and remove unnecessary code. If I'm unsuccesful, @time will get a commission to look over it - and he's proven to be great at fixing shitty addons. B) I commission a developer, again, Time if he has the TIME and re-create the addon. I don't think Time
  8. Good riddance in that case. Good news is, there's plenty of servers who have unbox! I just messaged Proggy a few hours ago, trying to see if we had any overflows. He has yet to respond
  9. Rough estimated release date: June 1st UWU reacts only please, unless you hate the map. New Objective, Shipment! IN PROGRESS RANDOM SCREENSHOTS FROM EVERYWHERE
  10. Ok, now we're giving it 1 week (5/3/2021-5/10/2021) to see if we get any overflows!
  11. THIS UPDATE POST WILL FINISH ROLLING UP IN 48 HOURS - REFER TO POST'S DATE Global Changes Discord Bots Annoying behavior removed upon joining the Discord group, you used to get a DM by all of our Discord bots, which may incredibly obnoxious. This feature has been removed, and they will only interact if you deem it necessary to utilize them. Weather Mod All servers' likelihood of a clear weather have been bumped up significantly, the likelihood for a storm/fog has been reduced. Discord Kits Yup t
  12. Thank you to @choppy for providing the document used for this update! Loot Tables Revamped All loot tables found across the server has been cranked up a notch Revamped Across the board almost all loot crates have increased in inventory size Further "junk" items have been removed Created support for monumental loot tables (did not exist prior) Kits New Medical Kit NEW Redeemable every 2 hours by all members! UPDATED Builder Kit UPDATED Cooldown changed to once every 24 hours Kit has been entirely
  13. When we had Tali, people begged for RU saying "Russia is a real army, unlike AFG that has no appeal because it's just a bunch of civillian terrorist garnet. Army vs Army makes more RP sense" I'm kind of over that idea of switching factions every so many years and having to entirely re-structure the server and re-assign donator classes for every single sentient being. Sorry not sorry. Yes, more classes will be added, even though adding /setmodel as a command was much easier, I think it'd be more fun and linear to create every single class imaginable so they can be RP'd with. Yes, I'll s
  14. that would accomplish what exactly?
  15. Classes Event Roles Gendarmerie Intervention Group GIGN 4 unique classes French National : Assault French National : Liberator French National : Surveillant French National : Commander The Islamic Emirates of Afghan Taliban 4 unique classes Taliban : Rifleman Taliban : SMG Taliban : Jihadist Taliban : Head Donator Roles Russian Elite : RPG loadout has been adjusted RPG-7 removed Matador re-introduced as a replacement Armory Th
  16. Oscar 5x Loot Tables All loot tables have been re-created, special thank you to @proggy and @choppy for your assistance. Expect all loots to have been significantly buffed to make the server faster paced. Team Limits New limit set to 3 [Trio] Being that our last wipe hardly even hit 30 players, I think it's time we make a drastic change. Even if this change affects the last 3-4 teams remaining as our regulars, I think in the long run it may improve the server's population.
  17. General Bug Fixing Epsilon Players can no longer utilize /trade while being raided Players can no longer utilize build while being raided Players can no longer utilize upgrade buildings while being raided Omega Players can no longer utilize /trade while being raided Sierra Players can no longer utilize /trade while being raided Players must wait 6 hours following a wipe in order to utilize their kits Players can no longer utilize build while being raided Players can no longer utilize upgrade buildi
  18. heheehee

    Name go BRRRRRrrrrrrRRRR

    1. Shin_Tsukimi
    2. Clicher


      And me and shin still hold the record at waiting for our tag.

    3. ajbedhead


      Oooooooh Blueeeeee

  19. Thank you very much @DiegoZavier for providing me with a short and simple update sheet. Classes Covid Spreader Weip class has been removed due to a recent change in the owners manual of Garry's Mod servers Were are now becoming a political safe-space simulator! Covid Spreader class added in exchange, with similar functionality Those who have been coughed on by Covid spreaders will carry the risk of contracting Covid-19 A moderna vaccine is available to treat your illness Staff On Duty This class can now build while on duty!
  20. Due to a recent issue with server instability in MilitaryRP, I figured I would take some measures to improve performance (rather than dropping the tickrate or removing vehicles/WAC as logical states) The reasoning for this post is to allow you guys to know that I have made alot of background changes to the server's performance - specifically in the way it handles server>client information, and I anticipate things to misbehave every once in a blue moon throughout this debugging process. Changes will take effect 3/28/2021-3/29/2021, the code is already on the server
  21. What’s up with children coming here to talk about them smoking that shitty oregano they get from their friends? Keep that stuff for somewhere else please. I don’t want our forums getting taken down.

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      Not a big fan of oregano but that black tarder sauce hits


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      homie smokin on the k2

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      garnet fart

  22. Sierra 2x Map Pools The list has been expanded upon There is now a list consisting of 25 maps, whereas previously we were rotating between 9 maps Anarchy 1000x Stack Sizes All door stack sizes have increased from 1 to 20 Loot Tables Decreased rarity of m249 (cat 4 to cat 2) - Common Drastically decreased rarity of Rockets (cat 1) - Very Common Drastically decreased rarity of C4 Explosives (cat 1) - Very Common
  23. Update is at a wrap! Until I have more time that is, but there's more changes coming
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