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  1. Yeah, being a month away from release I would consider "almost a wrap" haha. You're not going to see alot of progress, but i'm open to showing the map off on Stream at 7-8PM EST?
  2. It's been a literal week. That's not alot of time to make progress on mapping
  3. it'd probably look like I actually spent 3 months working on it, instead of looking like garbage source
  4. about 30-40% smaller than any map we've had before
  5. Today is almost at a wrap, Our 5th and final objective is almost done
  6. Because of the condition of my back and ~2 months of mapping strenuously taking a toll, I really slowed down progress on the development of our new urban map, like to be titled "Omega", but nonetheless still wanted to share where the map is for all members who are confused/unaware of the progress because they're not in close communication with me. I will be entirely honest and say that the map's beta release is VERY close, and will surely be here before Christmas, however, the final version which is better revised is still MONTHS away from release, and I will likely have to re-do more tha
  7. This update sheet may seem underwhelming, because honestly I didn't have a whole much requested of me to do. With that being said, I may add 2-3 more items to this list. Staff Permissions Manager can now promote up to Trial Administrator Fixed the /staffdemote command for Manager Rewrote the Perma Prop default permission system and integrated it with D3A. Managers can now utilize perma props. Teamspeak Gamemaster event planning rooms have been added for better coordination
  8. Massive thank you to @Spilq for making me a detailed update sheet! Global New Server Machine All Rust servers have been updated with the latest intel chipset This should translate to roughly 10% better performance! Companion Application (Rust+) After hours of troubleshooting, our host was able to come up with a hacky solution to keeping our in-depth firewall filters, while still allowing users to utilize the Rust+ application! This feature has been largely requested for a literal 3 months now and I am so excited to potentially havi
  9. Deliveryman Class Delivery SWEP easy up the process of deliveries with the Clipboard swep Fixed the glitch with right-key bind shooting a... 12 gauge out of your clipboard? Garry's Mod/HL2 is weird Prostitute Class Fixed Range Cooldown added to /sex Class Re-enabled Removed Event System
  10. Took a week off due to some unfavorable life circumstances and that good ole' depression. Going to get back to it today!
  11. care to show me some reference images from other sources? it can also be from our prior maps.
  12. Prepare your alt-checkers for a ban evasion ;^)))))) Streams are honestly just slowing me down, and it ends up with the same 5 members just chatting around, so I see no point in them. It was originally done in hopes of receiving criticism/ideas and getting some form of donations while I work ^^^ I never posted a release date, so it can't be delayed ^^^ if you'd read:
  13. Open BETA tentative date 11/01/2020 PLEASE BARE IN MIND, I'M POSTING THIS TO ALLOW PLAYERS WHO DO NOT SEE MY TWITCH A TIMESTAMP OF WHERE PROGRESS IS, MANY AREAS OF THE MAP ARE INCOMPLETE, AND THOSE THAT ARE HAVE YET TO BE 'POLISHED'. PLEASE DO NOT GET THE IDEA THAT THIS IS HOW THE FINAL MAP WILL END UP LOOKING. Objectives City - Center Objective | WORK IN PROGRESS (95/100%) TO DO: Decorative props to fill in dead areas, more prop cover and terrain, optimization finish up roads leading to objective. Objectives Mosque
  14. Taking the community to the next level! Being that Garnet has grown to a community that now has 1000+ concurrent users on a given day, I would like to do some nifty things back for the community in order to create more interactions/build friendships. The forum 'Community Events' has been introduced, and a community event within the DarkRP server has been posted to kick it off to a great start, with $85 worth of credits to be won. MilitaryRP Public Map Testing Please plan for this event tentatively, however, I am aiming to have a public map testing
  15. DarkRP Community Event Halloween Build-off Date October 31st, 2020 - Halloween Time 8PM - Eastern Time Zone Location Admin Land Prize Pot 1st Place: 50 credits 2nd Place: 25 credits 3rd Place: 10 credits Objective Build the best Halloween themed item, this range from anything from a 'Haunted House' to a 'Pumpkin Patch', or even a 'Spooky Scarecrow'. The possibilities are endless, however, there must be a concise connection to Halloween. The best Halloween build will be judged
  16. Dear MRP community, working on foxtrot I was wary of having a massive FPS drop, being that the map is so small and densely detailed, with that being said,I was able to reduce render distance (add fog) to a pretty high degree without causing a noticable difference in visibility. Even though the map is yet to be complete, I had made a comparison as for the current state of things. Whether you're here to see the change, or the graphical evolution since Chaharikar, enjoy! (Looking at things, we're a mere weeks away from release!) Town VS City a rough 15% drop in FP
  17. @retired your message was blank, also, green and yellow gang
  18. already done already done 2x Initially I did not want to add construction, it was heavily requested on my streams, so I downsized mosque (which was supposed to be massive) and added both. Going to make a more interactive recruit room actually Planned on it, thank you for the suggestion. Good idea. This is what "foxtrot" was supposed to be, I ended up opening it up just like you and me had talked about, but back then, I was opposed to the idea. Very very slowly.. getting to that
  19. I do, but I also need u back pls I remembered! Honestly, i do not have a big interest in tanks at all, what I'm aiming for is more humvees/kingquads and some aircrafts
  20. Really killing myself on Hammer these days, really wish some of you guys showed some support back Streams can be found at the following link: While I don't like the "shameless begging", if anybody is interested in donating to directly support ME and the progression of the community, as opposed to "donating for virtual items" you are welcome to be a viewer on the stream and do so, all proceedings from there will just go to buying myself a supportive chair so i'm not in massive amounts of pain after 10 hour mapping sessions. ^ so far still 0 ^ PLEASE B
  21. Team Limits Oscar 5x Team limit increased from a max of 5 to 8 Epsilon Team limit decreased from a max of 5 to 3 (trio) Kits All servers have been updated with Discord Kits, so now, in order to receive a free, non-donator kit, you must verify your account with our Discord group. Additionally, all kits were organized to look more neat. Server Welcome Screen Each respective server has been updated with our most up-to-date version of the 'Welcome Screen' Server Changes EU Vanilla Main
  22. Honestly man, the only thing stressing me out is whether or not the mrp staff and gm team steps up and this map proves to not be a flock

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