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  1. You want to play valorant rn 

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    2. Nutter


      @bishopil that's like saying people in America always got something to say about starving children in Africa. No shit bro, people in America are doing better, and they're showing compassion.

      Apply that same logic to CS:GO and Valorant bro

    3. Fetn
    4. bishopil


      Valorant = american

      CS = starving african 

  2. Hello Garnet Gamers, If you had been a member of the community for quite some time and your dream job is to either sit on a server and hang out with some friends, handle player relations, or code some cool things for a larger server, you are in luck because we are going to hire up to two more community managers, as well as content developers. Community Management You will have access to all servers, in which you will be expected to allocate time to on per-need basis. 99% of the time you will quite literally be paid for sitting in a Teamspeak and hanging out with your frie
  3. Aye uh think I can get ts staff tho thanks 

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    2. JackJJ


      yeah can i get uh root tag? thanks

    3. Austin


      I mean sure jack, it has the same permissions as user, so it’s just a colored tag

    4. Ozzy


      Dumbest tag that exists. And that’s saying something.

  4. I just put it on the server and fixed the last little bit, so yes. Sorry about the wait, but I had renovations going on at my place so I didn't get to upload it
  5. I already deleted your original comment to avoid your rep going negative, but if you insist ok.
  6. Nobody: That one prestige 3 player:
  7. You don't have an unlimited array of choices, so there's no scenario where you'll be invinsible additionally, you can't turn your playermodel black to prevent this sort of problem.
  8. The material is actually 100k-1m and will last for your duration on the server ideally. It'll only be overwritten if you disconnec/the server crashes
  9. Vending Machine Added perks for prestiged players Prestige 2 unlocks solid colors Prestige 4 unlocks dynamic materials Dueling System Added Knife duel "Stab Stab" Hitman System Errors Assassin Team - Now allowed to take hits Cooldown Players cannot have more than 1 hit placed on them in a 15 minute window - thank you @time for this contribution! UI UI has been given a darker background as to make the UI stand out more New Old
  10. unknown.png

    it is happening again

    1. Nutter


      Do I need to map something?

  11. POSTED THIS THREAD TOO EARLY ACCIDENTALLY BY TAPPING ENTER my bad Global Miscellaneous Trade Fixed Trade text containing undefined color code bracket <color=lime> Teleportation Allowed TPR requests into and out of caves Anarchy 1000x Triangle Foundation Limit raised to 50 (previously 25) Test Generator price reduced to 50 (previously 100) Granted all players the ability to mix instantly via Mixing Table Delta 2x Fixed Kits and re-implemented Discord kits Oscar 5x Mixing Table times mu
  12. That's because the server needed one more restart. I think
  13. War System Search and Destroy Explosives detonation time changed from a minute and a half, to 2 minutes and a half Parachutes Moving forward, players will now be able to jump out of aircrafts and utilize a parachute in order to hit the ground in operations without taking fall damage. As with all new features, please be patient while I tinker with parachutes and reach a happy medium of how they work. AFSOC & RAF Aircrafts Introduced Granted the spawn of the Mi-28 and Mi-17 NPC Created The Russian side now has its own de
  14. Thank you so much to Proggy for contributing to all the new Skinbox skins! Procedural Maps Due to complaints of repeated maps, the map pool for our Large servers (IE: Vanilla, 2x Sierra/Delta/Epsilon) have had their map seed pools increased from 18 to 36 (double) so the odds of a repeated map are INCREDIBLY low Skinbox All servers have been updated with additional skin packs, many that were not listed below Space Raider Set Azul Set Doodle Set No Mercy Set
  15. New discord pfp, what’s the backstory?

    1. Clicher


      He joined the cult.

    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      he is one of us.

    3. Jake


      he's actually just schizophrenic and this is what one of the voices looks like

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