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  1. sir can i get a teamspeak channel again in teamspeak...

  2. Comes down to whenever things are posted here: https://trello.com/b/Co99BSvC/garnetgaming-starwarsrp
  3. A short notice to players who are not members of CloneWarsRP and appear to be upset about the amount of attention this server has been getting... I'd like to ask for you to please take into consideration the fact that CWRP is a breath of fresh air for me, after doing MilitaryRP and DarkRP for almost 10 years now, and largely being burnt out from the routines of editing maps, weapon configs, and alot of repetitive motions. I am still very much interested in updating our other servers (and I have been) but at this exact moment, ensuring our community thrives and grows within Garry's Mod is my priority, and CloneWarsRP is temporarily my primary focus as we are able to reach out to a new audience. Not only that, but I'm trying to bring CloneWarsRP to be on-par with our other servers in a months period, whereas our other servers were gradually brought up over YEARS times. Coruscant Guard Handcuffs Players will no longer be able to break out of handcuffs Handcuffing players will now occur instantly, and there's no need to chase offending players Dragging power has been improved as to disallow other players from throwing CGs off-course Simulations Room Out with the old, in with the new Upon entering the Sims room you will be welcomed by a large projector displaying the options available for the simulations room Once a sim is claimed by a player (possibly locking to officers only in the future) A selection of available Sims will appear: Once selected a sims, chat will print a message Upon completion and as to allow new players to parttake in sims, the following will print once a user has reported back: EDIT: THIS PORTION OF THE UPDATE WAS DELAY TO A LATER TIME, I SPENT AN UPWARDS OF 5 HOURS TRYING TO FIX AN ISSUE IN REGARDS, AND COULD NOT. Package Delivery A fun, passive way to earn cash and XP for new players looking to learn the map Approach the local ARF Mailman located next to the Hall of Fame entryway Server Optimization A general optimization patch has been pushed, targeting NPCs and their performance. As opposed to looping through all living NPCs at an interval, I have instead decided to allocate their unique attributes on spawn. This means NPCs spawned through different means other than those located in my own addons may be somewhat broken until I fix them for each specific implementation. Context Menu After a literal 8 hours of trial and error investigating what's causing a conflict in our server's code, I have magically found the addon and fixed our context menu You can now easily whitelist people by simply holding C and right clicking their playermodel additionally, I've re-enabled the halo effects that takes place when a player is highlighted via the context menu This feature may be FPS intensive, but hardly used so it should not cause a major issue Prop Pack An additional ~90MB (uncompressed) worth of models has been added onto the server All models were ported over from Clone Wars Adventures and may be used by many systems, IE: cooking quest
  4. Thank you for force setting my Forums Profile Picture lolol.

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      I hope it’s ok, I couldn’t find the one you use

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  5. Classes *NEW* Ahsoka Tano Ahsoka's Tano lightsaber SWEP has been created Special: Dual Wielded Access to Path Trees: Guardian, Consular, Forms, Way of the force, Forbidden Forcepowers: Crippling Slam, Force Breach, Adrenaline, Force Reflect, Valor (ty @AlexConway) (pretend the isn't wielding 2 different colors for my own sake, ty) 2nd Airborne Company Handcuffs have been removed from the following classes: 2nd Airborne Company : Rifleman 2nd Airborne Company : Jet Trooper 2nd Airborne Company : Paratrooper ARC Complete Restructure into Anakin Skywalker Additional playermodel added to loadout Jetpacks Removed my ape solution of a customized rocket-boots addon, slapped to your back, and replaced with a more modernized solution including an additional bodygroup attached to a player, along with finite fuel as to disallow players from abusing the JetPacks Skill Tree Dual wielding has been added to Tree 'Forms' for 3 skill points Hilts Extra hilts have been added to the server, courtesy of @special 94 Total New Hilts 2 Lore Hilts 32 Double Hilts 32 Single Hilts 14 Exotic Single Hilts 7 Exotic Double Hilts 7 Dark Double Hilts Scoreboard Fixed certain staff ranks from showing up as non-stylized versions leadmoderator > L. Mod seniormoderator > S. Mod leadadmin > L. Admin senioradmin > S. Admin Misc Quest System Potentially fixed issue with Quest System causing player data to corrupt when data is saving while a player disconnects Coruscant Guard All cuffs are now re-useable, meaning, once you detain a player, you do not have to respawn in order to do so again Gamemaster Prop limit has been raised from 50 to 125 Donator Weapons DE-10 compensation All buyers were given dual DC-17S
  6. UPDATE STILL UNDERWAY - HAD TO POST THE THREAD AS I'M WORRIED ABOUT MY CACHE ERASING PROGRESS TODO: LOOK INTO SKINNING WEAPONS VIA VENDING MACHINE TODO: GOLDEN/SKINNED WEAPONS FOR CREDIT REWARDS AND DONATION SHOP Police Officer Playermodel has been changed from a Combine Soldier in a Civil Protection [M] model *NEW* Adept Officer Level Requirement: 15 Prestige: 1 Loadout: P229R, Climbswep Abilities: 5% passive speed increase Playermodel has been changed from a Combine Soldier in a Civil Protection [F] model *NEW* Police Exterminator Level Requirement: 23 Prestige Requirement: 1 Loadout: P229R, M60 Machine Gun Abilities: 5% passive speed increase Playermodel has been changed from a Combine Soldier in a Civil Protection [F] model Crack System Changed out CS:S dependent plant model (with broken physics) for a simple cardboard box Crack system was given a further 15% XP buff (previously 170% of "street value", now 195%) Cigarettes If smoking cigarettes while your player is already ignited, you will burn to death Emotes Implemented additional emotes from SWRP into DarkRP Pointing SWEP, Improved Middle Finger, High Five, Crossing Arms (front of body), Crossing Arms (rear of body) Black Market Dealer Frag Grenades (HL2) have been replaced with Frag Grenades (M9K Pack) Crowbar Re-created the SWEP using our servers' modified M9K base, testing will be taken care of by myself or @Proggy before implementation
  7. I am safely assuming you both missed this portion of the update: You will be able to access these classes as VIP members.
  8. That's because they can't access by default. Youngling is the class you can access as a VIP, but you then need to rank up in order to unlock the rest.
  9. Skill Tree Forms tree is now available for non-lore jedi classes Arrest System CGs may simply cuff and drag a member on the server towards a jail cell at the brig, and they will automatically be arrested, printing the following into chat for log-keeping Jedi Order Jedi Padawan, Knight and Master classes have been replaced with path-specific classes, IE: Guardian, Consular, and Sentinel Fixed fall damage script - now disallowing lore jedi and jedis in general to take fall damage Mace Windu's lightsaber color is now ever so slightly more Mace Windu lightsaber's color
  10. Yes, that is quite literally why I made exactly 8 new skins, to replace the 8 outgoing skins that were removed. lol
  11. NOW YOU'RE NO LONGER 7 POINTS BEHIND. ENJOY BEAUTIFUL SOUL please let me know it works. edit: just realized this requires another restart as I forgot to upload the lua file
  12. Big thank you to @special, @AlexConway for ideas, testing, and organizing portions of this update to be released in a 24 hour window! Also thank you to @Oboshi, @Remake and a few more for getting on the test server and checking out if everything is in working order [1/18/2022] The release of Jedi classes! Skill Tree Point Resetting Following some very directed bitching by @Ozzy which I couldn't deny made sense, I have fixed the Skill tree to assign you Skill Points based off your level, versus based off how many skill points you have. This will eliminate the discrepancy between old players who did not earn XP points for every level, as well as ancient players who have hundreds of points. Custom Skinned DC15As Yes I spent many hours on this and paid another developer a fee to get those ported into unique SWEPs, but also, you know it's a good update when this is the least interesting portion of the update post Available Paths Trooper Availability: ALL Targeting all base stats (IE: Health, Speed, Armor) Jedi Council Availability: Lore Jedi Targeting forcepowers and Devastators Way of The Force Availability: All Jedi Basic Forcepowers Path of the Consular Availability: All Jedi Basic Forcepowers Forms Availability: All Jedi Dueling Stances Path of the Guardian Availability: All Jedi Basic Forcepowers Path of the Sentinel Availability: All Jedi Basic Forcepowers The Forbidden Path Availability: Jedi Master & Lore Jedi Advanced Forcepowers NEW FORCEPOWER Diamond Flurry Milder version of Diamond Strike allowing for shorter bursts and high mobility
  13. Change List Fixed missing NPC models from switching to Special's PM pack Corrected aircraft spawn (US base) as to prevent Aircrafts from taking unnecessary damage Aircrafts engines had their Engine health buffed from 100 to 1000 and rotors from 20 to 100 (top rotor at 200) Commander Cuffs are reusable - meaning, once you uncuff a player, your player receives his handcuff swep back Defibrillator has been added back to US Army and Taliban Army Support Max health regeneration set to 35 after being split between you people telling me to cap it at 35 and 100 GMs can no longer target doors due to extensive retardation
  14. Absolutely in a future map revision, just not in the current map, as that is quite literally impossible.
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