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  1. parts of this update have already been released, it's been in the works on-and-off for roughly 2 weeks now. Miscellaneous Condensed some server files to optimize server load times A final result of 13-16% compression has been achieved, meaning players who take 3 minutes to load should theoretically now be loaded in 2 and a half minutes note to self: check to verify gonk ammo droid works Server Tickrate Value has been raised from 11 to 22, this is done due to our as of late lower population, and will aid in hit detection and client performance overall! Jetpack SWEP All airborne classes have had their Jetpack swep replaced with a prior version that features better/predictable handling. Automated Events Re-implemented along with some newly curated events, thank you @Remake and Mark with your ugly forum name (not getting a tag) This time around I had decided to take a slightly different approach to automated events. These will feature shorter intervals (now 15-25 minutes as opposed to 1 hour) and will be significantly shorter. Occasionally you will still come by a larger event, but for the most part, they have shrunk down in size in favor of greater frequency as to allow players to do something different at all hours of the day. Patrol Route - Campsite Vultures will float above campsite, along with droids who will engage with nearby players Upon securing the area, players will be rewarded with a large supply drop Siege - North Eastern Tower This is more of a grind-based IC/OOC mix type events Players will be able to fight with droids along the northeastern side of the map, droids are significantly weakened during this event, and its primary purpose is to allow some competitive play while reaching a new high score Confiscation - Campsite A smaller number of hostile NPCs will be spawned around campsite, with higher HP amounts There is spice to be confiscated in the area (simply by pressing E) in order to successfully win the event (I have added a blue outline to spice in order to make the process much easier visibility-wise) TODO: ADD A LEADERBOARD OF MOST DRUGS CONFISCATED Medical Duty Corrected model for 327th Base Battalion (previously a non-existent model) Added dedicated model to 104th Dire Company's Medical Duty Corrected model for 104th Base Battalion (previously a non-existent model) Drop Pods Disabled physgunning drop pods to alleviate issue with GMs breaking drop pods and causing unpredictable behaviors/T-posing. If you'd like more droids, make the dispensers significantly lower in HP and wait until they are destroyed NPC Added optimization patch for when NPCs are spawned due to an event, but are not being utilized (IE: tracking or shooting down a player) Additionally, optimized FPS significantly when engaging in combat with NPCs Hopefully automated events will not interupt gameplay by bogging down performance moving forward! Quiz Corrected issue where new players could not utilize the command /quiz Arresting System Fully repaired with new jail positions set Bans Page An official ban page has been parked at https://garnetgaming.net/starwarsrp/bans I'm genuinely unsure as to why it wasn't there in the first place, but there we go. edit: @Luxembourg reminded me to fix /explode for seniorgamemaster. That' done uwu
  2. Miscellaneous Duels Players can no longer accept duel invites when sitting on chairs or playing chess This is done to prevent people roaming the streets with grenades and a minigun after the addon breaking due to sitting players not being transported correctly Leveling System Removed explosion effect from leveling up as to stop scaring people thinking that their printer committed haram Prestige System Prestiging will now earn you premium points, 2000 or $2 equivalent per prestige level Prestiging will also earn you Standard Points, 1500*your level. IE: Prestige 1 will earn you 1500 standard points, Prestige 5 will earn you 7,500 standard points Removed window notifying you of prestiging which removes your money No point in declining a prestige once you've decided to purchase it (????) Money Printers Added the widely requested alerts when claiming a printer and having your own printer be claimed by another player, The Poop System The Turd Nugget Upon consuming fecal matter, there is a chance you will have decided to spare the Turd Nugget This Turd Nugget will then befriend you for the forseeable future! The Hurt Nugget Upon receiving damage, players have a chance to poop themselves, poop will be visibly red and evidently painful to the target Hat System Automated Refunding Players who have previously purchased a hat can now utilize the !hats menu in order to receive a refund for a given hat they had purchased THIS FEATURE WILL BE DELAYED AS I SPENT TOO LONG ON IT, AND THE SERVER HAD GOTTEN POPULATED TO THE POINT WHERE I CAN NO LONGER TEST IT Pointshop Item Sorting Fixed errors associated with item sorting, unfortunately the author for the pointshop has abandoned it long ago, so fixing this 4 year old addon will take some time Seasonal Items Items meant to be obtained through events can no longer be purchased, and will display "Unavailable" for a price! Hats Egghead Gman Head Doll Companion Watermelon Head Cactus Plant Mossman Head What nightmares are made of, honestly Donuthead Body Category Kevlar Vest Annabelle Flandre Wings Hippie Traveler Cirno Wings Stratocaster School Backpack Tire Belt Hoverboard Jetpack Fairy Wings Black Backpack Butt Guard Devil Wings Pets Category
  3. Added actual meaningful stuff !
  4. Not a huge update, but trying to primarily target these annoying overflow issues that occur every other day and kick everybody off the server. Figured I might as well add more onto the update Optimization Major optimization patch has been released, affecting both the client and the server Performance should be slightly higher at 10% more FPS on the client, and 10% less server usage. Itemstore corrected number of slots for VIP members and made slight graphical changes Upon connection, your inventory may appear empty for the initial 10 seconds, during this period, your inventory slots will be re-counted for Pointshop Items from the previous hat system have been re-created into Pointshop and reassigned to players via the donation portal along with some extra premium points Poop System REFINEMENT Pooping cooldown has been reduced from 1-3 minutes to 20 second-1 minute There is a chance to poop out the turdy hat, which is a pointshop item (starting 8/15/2022)
  5. Chaharikar Version 2 This map is technically the third version of chaharikar, being that we had v1 in 2018, a v1 revamp in 2021 where I added modern features such as ATTC2 and MATCH, yet now we're at v2, but we're not going to talk about that. This map is truly the most completed version I feel we've ever had of a map (with the exception of gates and doors at the bases (but that's because @Ozzy swayed me against adding those??? fuck him. Don't yell at me that some recruit is blasting ocean man and screeching the n word). I had taken the time to add interactive things to do around the map, including two secret areas, a theater, interactable debrief map, a shrine for Evil Brandon, power cells, fully functional generator at Factory which can cause a power outage with flood lighting on the objective, to put the reigning team at a huge disadvantage. Finally, to incentivize raids to occur again, powercells control the light inside your faction's respective bunk. Lets begin with some screenshots for those who will be missing us at launch later today, PS this map supports HDR, which is why my screenshots may look different from what your gameplay looks like. US Base Aerial View Debrief [Interactive map highlighting US base and Town Center) US Base Powercells Unpowered invidual bunks (with funk wielding the powercell uwu) Powered Bunks Afghan Base Aerial View Base Faction Decoratable/Customizable bunks Town Center Aerial View One more row of buildings has been added in order to aid US in war due to heavy imbalance into the objective Construction has been cut down in size, and more cover has been added throughout the objective ATTC/Factory Aerial View Interactable generator, flood lights, and garage doors have been added The Generator Honestly looks pretty sick, motor is probably a Honda or some shit Lights on Sleep Paralysis Demons Obstacle Course Apparently a fucking staple since 2016, with 0 design changes, yet everybody gets excited?? FOR 4 FUCKING MAPS NOW I'VE BEEN COPY AND PASTING THIS SHIT, AND EVERYBODY LIKES IT. WHY Airstrip You honestly have no friends if this is your favorite objective A literal desert No palm trees Why does everyody think all afghani deserts have strictly palm trees SMH Squad System Both nations were given a joint operations (Special Operations Command) group to join, allowing all but base factions access. Administrative Changes Gamemaster Permissions Lead and Senior Administrators can now spawn props in order to set up for events Gamemaster Class Given access to Head Gamemaster, Lead Administrator, and Senior Administrator to access Tier Classes All gamemaster ranks were given access to donatable roles (T1-T3) Automated Event System Temporarily disabled until better ideas are fleshed out. With that being said, the community contributed to 0 ideas since release, so it's safe to assume this feature is gone for good.
  6. Been under the radar working on a new version for Chaharikar before returning to the map. Featuring a lot of quality of life changes, some inspired by the forums, @Ozzy, and @SirSmity. The map is planned for release on the 9th of this month (6 days from today) on a Friday for peak times! As with every map post in the past, this is not the best depiction of the final results, as all textures are essentially on ultra low resolution, and lighting/shadows are set to literal primitive levels as this is very much a quick compile for convenience purposes. US Base 100/100% Completion New mega simplistic bunks are about the only new addition to the base Oh oh, power cells and finally, the watchtowers to help in defending base from raids The base was left with a very open design with minimal walls seeing as that was @Ozzy's request, claiming that was very well enjoyed by the playerbase. CSCDesert also had minimal walling and it was one of our most well received maps. US Outpost Factory 90/100% Completion TODO: more trees and foliage on the back side facing the skybox Functional generator with flood and emergency lights Lights on Generator out, emergency lights Town 75/100% Completion TODO: more trees and foliage surrounding and throughout Correct texture sizing for non-displacement terrain brushes Two additional buildings, providing US an advantage for what was an unbalanced objective Town Center Additional building to provide Afghan side with easy cover into the city Basically gamebreaking construction was chopped down from 6 stories tall, down to 2 (the general height of other buildings) Afghan Base 75/100% Completion TODO: Trees and shrubbery inside and on the outside surrounding the base Base was expanded upon, providing 3 additional customizable bunks for each faction Power cells integration As well as 3 additional watchtowers, similarly to the US side This base has been entirely retextured.
  7. I didn't want to make an update thread but @DripOsiris threatened me and my family otherwise, so I made a Rust update thread. Global Changes Raid Block Corrected a bug by which C4 and Satchel Charges would not trigger a raidblock across our servers Online Player List Added additional commands that can be utilized to print a list of online players "pop" and "population" Clans Moderators On all servers, the number of moderators that can be promoted in a clan has been changed to 1 less than the max members allowed IE: 5x Quad now has a moderator limit of 3 (previously 2) 2x Quad now has a moderator limit of 3 (previously 2) 1000x Anarchy Decay Rates Twigs and walls located out of TC range will now decay at an accelerated rate of 7-8 minutes per entity Furnace Splitter Managing ores in a furnace will be entirely automated by the server, simply requiring you to drag and drop your ores and fuel sources Additionally, the smelting rate has been increased 4x Bright Nights All servers will be set to a date featuring a full moon at sunset, resulting in significantly higher visibility at nighttime 2x Global Trade The trade window has been reduced to one singular row consisting of 5 items Loot Tables Chances for MLRS has been increased by 33% Item Stacking Enabled stacking for 0 wear attire items Bio 309 Manuel
  8. Whitelisting Republic Navy : Admiral Granted access to whitelist for all 'Commanding Officer' roles Sit Anywhere The addon has made a return With the server generally crashing once every 7-10 days, I think it is worth attempting to add this addon back now that we are in a far more stable state. If crashing issues become more frequent following 8/22/2022, it will be removed again PS I am hopeful seeing as the addon has been extensively updated since its removal, and will hopefully be in a better/more stable state as well! Sit Rooms Not to be confused with the Sit Anywhere Script 3 areas picked by Mark have been set as destinations for the administrative /sit command, in order to transport players who are in need of administrative assistance Grapple Hook Something a little better than what I can make (oops) A new grapple hook has been added onto the server, one that I believe it was @Remake who has been heavily pushing for This grapple hook works by shooting out a projectile which will grasp onto surfaces and will then pull you by holding left click, as opposed to forcing you to jump and pulling you towards the projectile's mark, as I did. The grapple hook has been added onto all RC classes (Delta Squad) who were supposed to be given one a long time ago Coruscant Guard Taser A new SWEP has been added to allow CGs to tase players Seeing as it made more sense to me personally to add a new (external) dedicated taser swep, as opposed to adding support directly into our weapon base, I found one which I genuinely liked the functionality of, and figured it'd be a good solution for the server. Tasing a player has a 100% success rate (no jammed rounds) and will tase them for 10 seconds, rendering them unable to speak or move. From this point on, players may be cuffed/dragged and arrested. Requisitions Implemented onto Anaxes V2.5 Firstly, I apologize to all GMs who have been having to manually spawn in vehicles for events this past week, moving forward NPCs and pads have been set-up for the automation of vehicle spawning. Huge thank you to Mark for helping me determine the appropriate positions in which aircrafts can spawn, as well as NPC placements! Auxiliary Pad Cairo Pad Varada Pad Main Landing Pads 0-3 (otherwise known as 1-4 but more confusing) Jetpacks Lots of modifications to make this a great jetpack :^) In reality, i'm fighting an uphill battle with something that's not exactly meant to be on a larger scale server, so I apologize. This portion of the update surprisingly took up most of my time and frustration until 4AM, without the greatest results. Boosting [balanced] When boosting in the air (holding Shift) your chances of misfires have been significantly reduced (95% less frequent) so you will not catch on fire as frequently, but hopefully you will still always clench your rear when flying Descent/Dive [NEW] Hold CTRL (crouch) while levitating in the air will cause your fuel supply to cut off and descent you to the ground. Doing this can result in velocities similar to a fall, so be mindful of your crouching input! Hovering Effect Buffed significantly to allow you to nearly levitate in the air Directional Movement Although highly experimental, I have created directional movement when utilizing a jetpack, so you are no longer just moving up/down and gliding slightly. Please bare in mind, your A/D keys do not work, but instead, you will move in the direction your cursor is aiming Classes Some adjustments here and there ey Pilot Squadron : Recruit Model changed to Orange because proggy asked NEW Pilot Squadron : Specialist NEW Prisoner This class has been locked to strictly staff due to continued abuse Miscellaneous Corrected arresting all RCs Thank you to MarkyMarkyMan (again) for helping me find and correct the bug Removed Republic Commando : Assailant from the Navy's F4 section
  9. Whitelisting Republic Navy : Admiral Granted access to whitelist for the following classes: Republic Commando : Advisor , Republic Army : Marshal Commander, and Special Operations : Commander. Dual Wielded Weapons Base restored! After a few days of on-and-off working on restoring/rewriting the dual wielding base, I can finally say that I believe the work is completed. As far as I've foreseen, there were no errors associated with dual wielding, and all should work well! As another bonus, I have given slight optimizations to our weapons, which may result in a small increase of FPS to clients on our server. Administrative Permissions Manager Given access to certify and revoke Dark Sabers Given permission to /setmap Given permission to /seteventhealth Given permission to /send Lead Administrator Given access to certify and revoke Dark Sabers Given permission to /send Permaprops Command Admin+ now has access to utilizing the tool SetModel Command Will now only print to administrative chat as opposed to the entire server Handcuffs Quality of life changes Republic Navy All members of navy can now remove cuffs off of handcuffed players without the necessity to seek out a CG member Dragging Speeds Cuffed players being dragged has had their speed limits more than doubled, hopefully this doesn't return some unfavorable side-effects, such as players flinging up stairs, but only time will tell LOL. Classes Republic Navy Republic Navy : Crewman Swapped DC17C with S5 Blaster Pistol Republic Navy : Navigations Swapped DC17C with S5 Blaster Pistol Added M45, IQA-11 Republic Navy : Operations Swapped DC17C with S5 Blaster Pistol Swapped DC15X with IQA-11 Added M45 Republic Navy : Intel Swapped DC17C with S5 Blaster Pistol Swapped DC15X with IQA-11 Swapped DC15S with M45 Republic Navy : RSB Swapped DC17C with S5 Blaster Pistol Swapped DC15X with IQA-11 Swapped DC15S with M45 Republic Navy : Deck Officer Swapped DC17C with S5 Blaster Pistol Swapped DC15X with IQA-11 Added M45 Republic Navy : Admiral Swapped DC17C with S5 Blaster Pistol Swapped DC15X with IQA-11 Swapped DC15S with M45 Swapped out the 4th model available ARC for a different model
  10. Squad System Out with the old, in with the new. As opposed to polishing the turd of a Squad system we had created back in 2017, it was time I adapted and modified a more modern solution for squad and communications. Using a communications base created by a very good developer, Nicolas, I've decided to make some modification to work better for our community. Old features such as halos and UI elements are present, however, this new system allows for the utilization of "G" chat in order to speak strictly to faction members, almost as some form of an in-game VOIP, and furthermore, accessibility is much easier, as there's no more necessity to type in /squad in order to open a menu, but rather, simply hold your key "C" for Context Menu, and navigate through the menu This system would allow for "Passive Participation" meaning that CG for instance could join the communications channels of a squad and listen in for any illegal activities, or otherwise, for joint operation purposes Finally, Super Admins will have the ability to create more channels on-the-go, so there is no need for further development from myself Gamemaster Tools /Explode Command Gamemasters and T. Admins+ will be able to utilize the command /explode with the arguments small/medium/large in order to create an immersive explosion This tool is to strictly be used during events when necessary, and unnecessary/excessive use will result in a removal from the staff team Small Explosion Large Explosion No Collide Everything This tool has been added to the server GMs can now disable collisions between props and the world itself
  11. Map Change Anaxes 2.5 This version of Anaxes features a shorter render distance on decorative props and a navigation mesh for NPCs to use for mobility If we keep our number of props at bay, we may greatly benefit from a performance boost on the server, as well as better hit predictability when engaging in events against Droid NPCs To avoid ruining the surprise, I will kee what's new in this map for yourself to discover. There's some controversial changes that even I do not enjoy, but the amount of positive content added is overwhelming. Jetpacks Rocketboots solution replaced This new Jetpack may or may not be a permanent solution, as it may require alot of tweaking and optimization However, here are some positive points: Finite amount of fuel and fuel recharging Directionary movement Slowed descent Jetpack is to be activated by a SWEP as opposed to always being on, to reduce server performance impact. In the future, I will add a command to disable the Jetpack by GMs, or on certain blacklisted maps, IE: Venator where we do not want players flying. Added fuel counter to the server of your screen when Jetpack is in-use This solution is quite literally ghetto and only serves its purpose temporarily until we decide we wish to keep things the way they are Gamemaster Tools Drop Pods Removed a portion of code from droppods which would remove doors and other functional entities when hit Prop Limit Raised to 250 (previously 150) for more flexibility in decorating events Spawn Tool Administrators+ will now be able to PERMANENTLY set spawnpoints on event maps on-the-go. Each map will require an initial setup, but once it is done, it will forever be stored in the data folder of our server for future use. Class Changes Coruscant Guard Marshal Commander Group chat channel changed from Special Operations Brigade to Republic Navy Warden Corrected Health max amount to 200 on spawn (accidentally set it to speed) oops 19th Airwing Command Adept Class limit increased to 5 (previously 3)
  12. Wasn't really a necessity to get the outgoing email to be SSL, there's no information being collected by the outgoing service, and there's more than 1 form of authentication for this forum software (PS, we had security in place against MITM attacks from 1&1). If I were not using PayPal, I would for very obvious reasons use SSL, and alot more than just that lol.
  13. Hello Garfield Gamers, Our outgoing email server has been fixed and will also now use SSL. Registrations/password resets and all other actions requiring an email to be sent out from our servers are now resumed. Sorry about any inconveniences!
  14. Hello Gareth from Stranger Things Gamers, I'm sure everybody has taken note that at this point in time i'm struggling with the creation and modification of custom classes, being that the store portal software we use has been wildly unreliable after the database reached 5-6 years of age, now 8 - and for the 70% of the time is does work, users still create a dozen errors on a monthly basis just to try and blame it on "the portal" when they input a SteamID incorrectly, or choose the wrong model. I am unfortunately going to have to resort to converting all custom classes over to inconveniently sit in what will probably end up a 100k line .lua file for our server, one by one. Doing so will mean I have the ability to very easily modify existing classes without any hassle involved directly from a massive text file, but on the negative, new classes will also have to be added manually by myself, which means it may take a week or two at times for the class to be added onto the server, depending on how needy other servers within the community are. I look forward to completing this "conversion" by the 27th when I will be taking LOA until the end of the month (27-31st of August)
  15. Just finished up this update by modifying a couple extra weapons
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