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  1. UPDATE: Almost finished with this... update.. Seeing amazing results that I did not even expect StarwarsRP results: BEFORE 1:58 for server to prepare files (first step of server startup) 4:12-6:31 minutes to full server startup time DEPENDING ON EVENT MAP 3:00-5:00 to connect depending on the system AFTER 1:13 for server to prepare files (first step of server startup) 2:32-3:51 minutes to full server startup time DEPENDING ON EVENT MAP 1:50-3:00 to connect depending on the system MilitaryRP results: BEFORE 0:43 for server to prepare files (first step of server startup) 1:53 minutes to full server startup time 1:50-3:00 to connect depending on the system AFTER 0:29 for server to prepare files (first step of server startup) 1:08 minutes to full server startup time DEPENDING ON EVENT MAP 1:15-2:00 to connect depending on the system
  2. Simple enough, these are the cars we use lol https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140550510
  3. More like the StarwarsRP server is trying to start with 500 addons, and our host has a flawed system he doesn't even understand/can't shut off which determines the server as "offline" while it's half way through loading our addons -_-
  4. Hello everybody, I will be dedicating the entirety of the next 2 days (HOPEFULLY LIVE ON JULY 1st) to compress all data across our servers, as to lead to quicker server start-up and connection time. This means I'll be manually creating packs for each server you will be downloading, consisting of all the weapons on our server, as well as all our models in one large 2-3GB download, as opposed to many smaller downloads sizing at 10-100MB each. The downside of this is if your client fails to download one file, you will likely be missing heaps of content for the server, as opposed to an occasional error here and there which users currently experience when they may fail to download a file for the server on first join. A very strong upside for the 95% of people who download the files without issues, I expect to be able to connect to a server like MilitaryRP in as little as 2 minutes, as opposed to 3-4. StarwarsRP people I also am expecting a range of 2-3 minutes, as opposed to 5-7. When it comes to DarkRP, I will unfortunately be having to keep things mostly as-is, because our server heavily relies on files users should already have downloaded, IE: the ever famous M9K weapons pack, leading to the "NO DOWNLOADS" tag.
  5. Lets hope those of you who begged for CityRP to come back and even made a petition for it start showing up to support the server Vehicle Dealer Vehicle Display This feature has been added back to the dealer as to display the models of the vehicles you'd like to spawn! Vehicle Retrieving Due to ongoing complaints of stolen cars, and even my very own annoyance with losing my vehicles constantly, I have made an addition to the dealership which will de-spawn your car after a period of 3-5 minutes if it is lost. Allowing you to be able to re-obtain your car without the need to reconnect to the server Vehicle Minging Fixed an issue where players can physgun keypads and buttons attached to cars Pointshop Items Added Over the last few days I've added a dozen items into CityRP's Pointshop (F8 key for short) Due to the uncertainty in the server, following a fantastic launch averaging 100+/128 for 3 days, and then by day 4-5 going from a 50 player average to a 12 player average - I have decided to only include items that were supposed to be "freebies" which may be purchased without real currency. I unfortunately will not be adding in the possibility to purchase "premium points" at this time, and will add those back if the server becomes stable. This is done to avoid players blowing their money on a server that may not make it for a third time. For the time being, please try to be patient and ignore "PREMIUM POINTS" marked items in the menu Hat Category Accessory (Ear/Neck) Category Body Category Regular Points & Premium Points Obtaining Regular Points Section removed from update Premium Point Purchase Section removed from update
  6. No problem, and just a mild overlook. The server has only been up for 20 some hours
  7. Didn't think you'd see this title, did you? Me and @Proggy (mostly jokingly) put the server up with no expectations, and little did we know, 70-90 players over a 8 hour period, while maintaining 100+ players on the main DarkRP server. Hopefully this lasts, as i've seen many players such as @StraightWhiteChristianMale, @Adric, and @ChrisRid enjoy the new dynamic of this server Optimization Tickrate The server's tickrate has been lowered from 22, although the server was stable up to ~80 users, we did reach points with 90 players on momentarily where the server was on the verge of lag, and I do not want our server bottlenecked in the future in the case that we continue to grow! Vehicles All vehicles on the servers have been optimized and given a render distance due to an influx of users crashing because of too many vehicles being spawned in together in smaller areas How vehicle render works across a 2000 unit distance Physgun Pickup Disabled the ability for users to pickup their own vehicle due to extensive abuse. If your vehicle is broken/lost/stolen, I will introduce a command called "/carinsurance" which would take .5% the value of your vehicle from your bank, IE: 2,500,000 car would be $12,500 - and despawn it within 6-10 minutes/alternatively spawn it at the City Hall, locked. Classes DJ All DJs on the server will now spawn with a radio SWEP, allowing to stream Youtube and Soundcloud music to the server To the best of my knowledge, all errors and smaller issues have been patched long ago to accommodate this addition! Chess and Checkers Added to the server's spawn location, similarly to DarkRP!
  8. Due to popular request, we have given it another shot to re-open our CityRP server! Join us today at the following: GarnetGaming.net CityRP steam://connect/
  9. Sorry about the hiccup in updates, been sick with covid War System War initiation At the beginning of war, events will automatically conclude (Chinook/tank will despawn) as to not interfere with war Team Damage Disabled friendly fire during war - explosive damage still applies Classes 055 Brigade : Brigadier [T3] added IFAK and Defibrillator Red Unit : Infiltrator [T3] added IFAK and Defibrillator Badri 313 : Sentry [T2] added IFAK and Defibrillator *NEW* Delta Force : Infiltrator *NEW* P99, Lockpick *NEW* Delta Force : Specialist *NEW* P99, Honeybadger, Flashbang *NEW* Green Beret: Demolition *NEW* M92, M3 Super 90 *NEW* Green Beret: LMG *NEW* M92, M249 *NEW* Ranger : Engineer *NEW* M1911, LR300, Proximity Mine *NEW* Ranger : Marksman *NEW* M1911, M14 *NEW* Badri 313 : Stalker *NEW* Lockpick, Tokarev *NEW* Badri 313 : Raider *NEW* VSS Vintorez, Tokarev, Sticky Grenade *NEW* Red Unit : Combatant *NEW* G3A3, Gsh-18 *NEW* Red Unit : Militant *NEW* M620, Gsh-18 *NEW* 55th Brigade : Zealot *NEW* PKM, Makarov, Frag Grenade *NEW* 55th Brigade : Scout *NEW* M1 Carbine, Makarov
  10. Weapons T4 & T7 Disruptors' range has been reduced by 50% Disallowed the SWEP from targeting vehicles Corrected code for shutting down LFS vehicles' engines Vehicle Requisitions All Ranger platoon members can now utilize the requisition NPC in order to spawn an AT-RT Sub-Battalion Leaders All sub-battalion Leader classes were given a level 3 (Green) Officer Keycard All Sub-battalion leaders can now whitelist onto their respective faction's base trooper class Contraband NPC This feature was planned to be released about 2 weeks ago, but the code vanished and I could not locate it, so here we go, re-created Reserved for the Quartermaster class Unlike the Armory NPC, contraband purchased do not have different rarities, and there is no RNG associated with their purchase
  11. I believe what sleep deprived @Nutter is trying to say is... I have modified the code of the handcuffs to not run as many calculations every second (a great cause of lag for the server). This action may cause the handcuffs to work in unexpected and less than favorable ways - while, as stated previously, improving server performance. When it comes to handcuffs however, do we really have use for a 'dragging' functionality? this action could easily be roleplayed via /me.
  12. Server Optimization Roughly a 7-15% server performance increase patch has been pushed, particularly focusing on wielded weapons Slowed down the logic behind handcuffs to potentially break them severely, but also improve performance (honestly, we don't need drag functionality to handcuffs) Whitelisting System All staff members can now whitelist for Clone Trooper : Rifleman Classes Ahsoka Tano Corrected typo in lightsaber class' name Enabled Ahsoka Tano to utilize skills from the skilltree when dueling using a saber Defensive form was replaced with Arrogant Kellers Unit : Leader Handcuffs added onto loadout 104th Dire Company : Overwatch Renamed to 104th Wolfpack : Lone Wolf - no idea how I missed that one rip 21st Nova Corps : Tactician Spawn Position has been corrected Logging System Removed all logging for NPCs Removed all logging for fall damage types
  13. The volume was supposed to be turned down automatically, but Garry's Mod is just genuinely showing its age lol
  14. Day & Night Cycle Returned due to the lowered population and having more performance overhead Duel System A brand new Duel system curated by @Bizzy for MilitaryRP, imported into DarkRP Featuring a leaderboard, round system, and up to 5v5s. - thank you @Proggy for building us some basic arenas to get started IN-DEPTH SCREENSHOTS COMING TOMORROW MORNING Current Duel Modes Hot Potato All participants receive a M61 Frag Grenade The Dragon All participants receive a AWP Dragonlore Old Western All participants receive a uberly slow shooting revolver Crowbar Mania All participants receive a crowbar Legacy Default loadouts/donator weapons, 100 HP Hardcore Default loadouts/donator weapons, 1 HP Slow Burn Default loadouts/donator weapons, 300 HP, 150 Armor Auto-spawning Totems Brought back to the server, there was a 5-minute fix to be made that I didn't realize was an issue. Baby's Totem, Scientist Experiment, Mafia Money Bag, and others will spawn across the map at random Loading Screen Music Removed & Reverted back to the original style. For no reason other than the lower population and theorizing what could've caused it Reports System The duration of reports has been increased from 10 to 15 minutes This allows more time for reports to be handled before they 'expire', however, even 10 minutes seems unusually long to me personally Staff Commands Set job will strictly print to staff member's chat and no interrupt players' gameplay
  15. Pretty soon all our servers in the browsers will be rebranded to garnet.gg, starting with Rust This is done for no particular reason other than to shorten GarnetGaming.net and make it more memorable in your short term memory. So please bare that in-mind incase one day you see "Garnet.GG DarkRP" and you get very confused Here's the new landing page to accommodate the change! (still a work in progress) https://garnet.gg/
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