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  1. Update wasn't put in yet looks like it'll restart 11/25 at 7AM
  2. HUGE thank you to @Jackal for contributing hours of his time over 2 days to help me ensure new addons for the server are in working order, and set up correctly. Also, thank you @bishopil for being around when a second tester was needed. Gun Balancing Update V1 Damage Modification I've condensed 2.5k lines of code from a public addon for body-group damage multipliers (you know, what makes your arms/legs receive less damage than a headshot or chest shot) and re-create it. But rather than being a degenerate and unnecessarily using 30 thousand words to code this, the addon was accomplished using 30 lines of code, and a mere 120 words. This will result in heavy server optimization and hopefully smoothness to gunplay under the heavy population we've achieved. Additionally arm and leg shots should have slightly higher multipliers so in the sketchy scenario where your bullet incorrectly registered as an arm shot, it will still deal significant enough damage to 5 shot players with an AR, as opposed to requiring 8-9 shots. Finally, finger/hand/leg shots were all removed in favor of simply counting as a limb shot and dealing again, significant enough damage to reliably kill a player. Shotguns affected guns: M620, MP153, XM1014, Saiga12, and M3 Super 90, TOZ 194, Neostead NOTIFY ME IF ANY ARE MISSING FROM THIS LIST THAT NEED TO BE ADJUSTED, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Shotguns should now be the winners of ALL close-combat interactions, with pinpoint accuracy up-close and reduced recoil. Shotguns will gradually become less and less reliable as you build a distance between two players, however, once you've reached the medium range, they should in no situation be able to be used as a sniper, as shots will now spread from a cluster the further you are from a player.
  3. Weapon Balancing Defibrillator Reduced to 1-use per life due to the fact I was not able to remove the ability to re-spawn players without explosives in a reliable way ( @time is smarter than me but sick, I tried removing a table of explosives from their loadout on spawn, but it did not accept table or table converted to string :^) didn't want to make a for loop because optimization for every players' spawn) Infantry First Aid Kit Reduced holstering time as it created conflict with the mild delay on switching weapons Elastic Cuffs Sped up cuff time to be reflective of what I updated the Commander Cuffs to do prior to the switch for elastic Faction Color Codes New color schemes assigned (user requested) Delta Force Badri 313 Blood Unit Staff System Permissions Corrected permssionsets for Head Gamemaster/Head Admin Removed /endwar command from GameMaster, added for Head Admin Logging Added support for handcuff logging Added support for Communications logging
  4. https://trello.com/b/slV63OYG/garnetgaming-militaryrp Welcome @bishopil, @Theos, and @Proggy onto the Garnet MRP Trello. Within 24 hours we've got more update notes than we've had in weeks thanks to you guys, so keep it moving We all appreciate your work. Weaponry The Tear Gas Created US variant (Geneva Compliant Nerve Gas) Sig Mini Due to some weird file overlapping the Sig had 2 different stat lists to pick from (one of which was compliant with the current state of the server, and one that was not) at some hiccups it looks as though the server chose to swap between which file it reads. I have renamed the correct swep to sig_552 and it entirely remedied the issue. Sorry for Badri having a broken weapon to play with Ammo attachments removed. New stats are identical to the Scar Light Mac 11 Everybody's whining for a nerf, saying it's twice as good as the FMG, when in fact, the stats are in every way WORSE (fmg on the left, mac11 on the right) Nerfed it just because Theos/Bishop would not quit whining about this one issue. Added recoil and lowered firing rate from 1200 to 1000 for more stability, damage reduced from 24 to 23 as to not allow 4-shots Class Changes Loadout Delta Force T3 frag grenade replaced with Tear Gas (Infiltrator Nerve Gas equivalent) Green Beret T3 was given a Flash Bang Ranger Ghost and T2 were given a smoke grenade Delta Force P90 swapped out with UMP-45 P90 is now available and unused - given a major buff Slots Taliban Army : Machine Gunner - Changed to infinite slots Taliban Army : Scout - Changed to infinite slots Taliban Army : Officer - Changed to 10 Badri 313 : Vanguard - Changed to 1 slot Badri 313 : Sentry - Changed to 3 slots Badri 313 : Vandal - Changed to 2 slots US Army : Drill Instructor - Changed to 10 slots US Delta Force : Combatant - Changed to 3 slots Squad System AAF/AFSOC granted their own squadrons Commands Removed /demote command Scoreboard Sorting reverted to 'by faction' as opposed 'by score' Edit: and how could I forget, current map progress
  5. Still working hard at making this map complete for you guys, would be awesome to see some appreciation and activity back on the server in the meantime Please bare in mind the map was compiled without proper lighting/shadows or a 3d skybox at all, this is a very quick preview, and textures/lighting will look vastly different on the final version
  6. Attempted to fix 1000x Anarchy moderators utilizing the /mute command Skinbox has been fixed on all servers Reimplemented an ancient plugin we used for VIPs (container sorter) Clans plugin has been updated to the latest version - now including Friendly Fire capabilities that work Spawnpoints plugin has been updated (we do not use the crappy default method Rust uses) and will now has a better method of procedurally generating random spawnpoints, as well as a hard defined limit so there are not hundreds of thousands of spawnpoints on the map for the server to choose from.
  7. The only thing that could make it work is a more compassionate/helpful playerbase, and not what we currently deal with within MilitaryRP (continuous whining, drama, and no constructive criticism). Winter break would mean nothing but temporarily inflated numbers. Our SWRP playerbase heavily depends on MilitaryRP players, and at this point, it's not a community worth wasting a breath on, and i'm only working on what's already there (genuinely) to avoid feeling like I wasted 5-6 years of my life.
  8. Massive thank you to those of you who insisted "we've got your back" in relation to MRP. I loved spending 3 days at the hospital and coming back to an almost entirely dead server with 20-30 player peaks, you really did have my back on that one In any case, I sorted out some issues in relation to the current gamemode listed below as some people couldn't help but complain repeatedly about non-issues to me throughout those 3 days. These complaints I got may or may not be the reason for a lower population, but what do I know? maybe some people are triggered about not being able to headglitch or even that the scoreboard isn't sorted to their liking. Adjusted primary swapping timer (reduced) by 40% Scoreboard is now again sorted by class name Re-implemented AFSOC NPC seeing as /giveweapon was disabled due to super high potential for abuse and a lack of prevalent upper administration to look out for such cases of abuse War orbs (generated orbs, mafia money bag, mystery prize) will remove themselves at the end of war, untested for anything other than Generated Orb, so I don't know if their removal can be read as a table (more for myself troubleshooting in the future) - this may have been a source of FPS lag Hashed out whatever errors I could find with Search and Destroy (albeit I couldn't get it to a point of breaking the server as previously described) Now please save the typical "spend time with your father" or "take time for yourself". This is my own livelihood as well as one more member in this community who gets paid for his role (technically 2 if you count part-time work for Garnet) taking a break isn't an option for me when one of the servers that keeps us afloat (MRP & DRP) is severely struggling and netting $20 over a 3 day period. It's unfortunate I don't have anyone else picking up the issues and even attempting to help at a time like this, but reasons like this is why I officially chose to cancel any future plans for SWRP. The files were not deleted permanently because of @bishopil's request, but no high hopes for that one.
  9. Once and for all fixed artifacts spawning during war (please LMK if something else somehow broke) Fixed and reimplemented Search and Destroy war mode Bomb Defusal in Search and Destroy now takes 10 seconds instead of 20 GM prop limit was raised to 125 per player Scoreboard will now sort by highest score as opposed to players' names A couple other things I don't remember
  10. Funny you mentioned, this project was originally being worked on by myself and Conway, but the two of us weren't really working out well as a team, so it got pushed back until Proggy made this post
  11. Artifacts Fixed war artifacts spawning Currently you will get generated orbs at a 95% chance, and then the final 5% will be split between the mafia's money bag and a mystery box containing a random grenade or donator weapon (one time use) Feel free to suggest new ideas below Omega Version 1 Figured i'd include some current progress photos :^) NOTE: the map is the same size as Omega now, as I have drastically enlarged its outskirts, however, the bases and objectives are still in their original position, leaving distances between objectives extremely short Examples of the new terrain: Still unpolished and requires some additional texturing, but it's getting there
  12. Weapons RPG7 RPG7 stats were adjusted to be more balanced/akin to the Matador Added screenshake effects to RPG7 round explosions Modified the trajectory entity slightly to have a slower flight speed Lowered Magnitude Riot Shield Granted 60% damage reduction Jihad Bomb Explosion will now initiate from the players' bomb as opposed to the players' "origin" aka their feet Commander Classes Handcuffs Roped handcuffs replaced with elastic restraints US Commanders Given additional primaries as to reflect AFG classes Added garnet_mark12 to US Army : General Added garnet_g36c to US Green Beret : Commander Added garnet_l115 to US Ranger : Commander Added garnet_m82a3 to US Delta Force : Commander
  13. Artifact System Hot Dawg Totem The following chat log will explain everything Astronaut Totem Your gravity will drop significantly, allowing you to effortlessly jump across the map User Interface Prop Limit Display Any equipped item that does not require ammo, IE: melee will instead display your prop count and prop limit This value will adjust dynamically based off the number of users online Weapon Changes Ares Shrike Ares Shrike sound replaced with a more tame 5.56 sound Doctor Kit Fixed ability to self-heal to 150HP Corrected endless sound loop once fully healed a player
  14. This quite literally goes against the one thing people undisputably loved about the map; running to an objective in 10 seconds as opposed to 20-40
  15. I edited your message to omit the last part, no, as far as I can tell, it cannot be done, because there's 3 security checks. Edit: @time also probably knows more methods than me for security
  16. This is in my humble opinion one of the best updates we've had in a very long time, atleast in terms of Quality of Life Player Score System After many days (10) of attempting to troubleshoot our playerscore system, came @time and in true Jesus fashion fixed the 2 lines of code I messed up and couldn't figure out. God bless your soul. this means your score will persist through server restarts, and could even use forums integration where your score would be displayed in a leaderboard Currently you are able to raise your scores through holding an objective in war, capturing an objective, killing a member of the opposing faction during war, plant a bomb in SND, defusing a bomb in SND, or simply getting bonus XP for kills during TDM war. Soon I will add a streak system, where the more concurrent kills you obtain during SND, the higher your output is. Anti Head-Glitch System After a very long period of time trialing and erroring different approaches for eliminating head-glitching, I have come out with a very good solution. I HAVE FINALLY FIXED HEADGLITCHING :^) Players' visibility would be 100% appropriate to their eye angles and height. Previously, when you'd pull out a firearm, your visibility would persist to be where your character stands, however, with my new adjustments, as your character bows over into a rifle shooting position, their viewing angles would change, as such, when you're behind a tall object you would previously be able to headglitch, you will now view said object as an obstacle.
  17. I most definitely can add openings to the wall, but I have heard people echo they want them removed all together, and the fog distance being lowered. I guess I'll wait and see where the responses go
  18. Hello NutGamers, being that Taiga has to be recreated to accommodate our servers' functions, the easiest map to switch onto in order to "switch things up" is Omega, however, Omega was released in beta and requires many changes. I had waited on Salmon and Fonza (by the way, thank you very much guys) to make me a document regarding the changes necessary to switch back to Omega, however, the document in its current state is entirely made up of well-known headglitching spots versus gameplay work-flow edits, as such, I figured I would save myself and them the headache and create a thread for this upcoming change that way we are all able to work peer-to-peer without the need for a middleman/manager. - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q4v_d44WenCkmDGBywLCrMT-lhI587SsxDhRm58PKNQ/edit Please post away your ideas for Omega, whether it be outright removing and replacing certain objectives with different concepts, the removal of arches and proposed changes for what is to be in place of arches, opening up certain buildings for foot accessibility. The possibilities are endless. I will implement ideas that got an overwhelming amount of "agree" reacts, and removed those that were overwhelmingly disagreed with. Thank you very much!
  19. Removed Speed Boost from GM class Fixed Goat spawns Removed Ammo types from M3 Super 90 Removed Ammo types from Stevens M620 AAF and AFSOC added to war system Roll command has been added to local chat Handcuffs Given a major buff Handcuffs given increased radius of drag Handcuff utilization - left clicking players is nearly instantaneous P90 spread decreased by 30%
  20. This update was just pushed live
  21. Global Optimized all server saving times disabled all kick messages that can spam in chat 1000x Anarchy Loot Tables updated to improve Component and Bodies odds Foundation limit raised from 25 to 40 Bandit and Outpost teleports are unrestricted Bandit and Outpost teleport cooldown reduced from 10 to 5 minutes TPR countdown lowered from 45 to 25 seconds Combat block timer lowered from 60 to 30 seconds Minicopter seats raised from 2 to 4
  22. Massive thank you to @4-2-1 for suggesting this entire update and even configuring 99% of it for a simple drag&drop process Language Filter Plugin added to all servers to prevent users from using bad language, initially, a warning will be given, then a mute, and finally, a ban. Clans A word filter has been added upon clan creation as to prevent clans with bad language from being created, as well as clans who attempt to imitate moderator/administrative ranks. Terrain Violations Fixed the inconvenient issue where staff would get kicked out of the server for such violations upon reconnecting to the server Loot Tables All 2x servers have had their loot tables adjusted as to further remove any remnants of trash items Recyclers On Anarchy 1000x, Players are now allowed to craft personal recyclers for their bases Security Security plugin as to disallow players from looting Admin bodies Added two additional methods (third party) to detect cheaters within the server A captcha bot has been added to the Discord server as to prevent spammers and bots
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