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  1. This quite literally goes against the one thing people undisputably loved about the map; running to an objective in 10 seconds as opposed to 20-40
  2. I edited your message to omit the last part, no, as far as I can tell, it cannot be done, because there's 3 security checks. Edit: @time also probably knows more methods than me for security
  3. This is in my humble opinion one of the best updates we've had in a very long time, atleast in terms of Quality of Life Player Score System After many days (10) of attempting to troubleshoot our playerscore system, came @time and in true Jesus fashion fixed the 2 lines of code I messed up and couldn't figure out. God bless your soul. this means your score will persist through server restarts, and could even use forums integration where your score would be displayed in a leaderboard Currently you are able to raise your scores through holding an objective in war, capturing an objective, killing a member of the opposing faction during war, plant a bomb in SND, defusing a bomb in SND, or simply getting bonus XP for kills during TDM war. Soon I will add a streak system, where the more concurrent kills you obtain during SND, the higher your output is. Anti Head-Glitch System After a very long period of time trialing and erroring different approaches for eliminating head-glitching, I have come out with a very good solution. I HAVE FINALLY FIXED HEADGLITCHING :^) Players' visibility would be 100% appropriate to their eye angles and height. Previously, when you'd pull out a firearm, your visibility would persist to be where your character stands, however, with my new adjustments, as your character bows over into a rifle shooting position, their viewing angles would change, as such, when you're behind a tall object you would previously be able to headglitch, you will now view said object as an obstacle.
  4. I most definitely can add openings to the wall, but I have heard people echo they want them removed all together, and the fog distance being lowered. I guess I'll wait and see where the responses go
  5. Hello NutGamers, being that Taiga has to be recreated to accommodate our servers' functions, the easiest map to switch onto in order to "switch things up" is Omega, however, Omega was released in beta and requires many changes. I had waited on Salmon and Fonza (by the way, thank you very much guys) to make me a document regarding the changes necessary to switch back to Omega, however, the document in its current state is entirely made up of well-known headglitching spots versus gameplay work-flow edits, as such, I figured I would save myself and them the headache and create a thread for this upcoming change that way we are all able to work peer-to-peer without the need for a middleman/manager. - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q4v_d44WenCkmDGBywLCrMT-lhI587SsxDhRm58PKNQ/edit Please post away your ideas for Omega, whether it be outright removing and replacing certain objectives with different concepts, the removal of arches and proposed changes for what is to be in place of arches, opening up certain buildings for foot accessibility. The possibilities are endless. I will implement ideas that got an overwhelming amount of "agree" reacts, and removed those that were overwhelmingly disagreed with. Thank you very much!
  6. Removed Speed Boost from GM class Fixed Goat spawns Removed Ammo types from M3 Super 90 Removed Ammo types from Stevens M620 AAF and AFSOC added to war system Roll command has been added to local chat Handcuffs Given a major buff Handcuffs given increased radius of drag Handcuff utilization - left clicking players is nearly instantaneous P90 spread decreased by 30%
  7. Global Optimized all server saving times disabled all kick messages that can spam in chat 1000x Anarchy Loot Tables updated to improve Component and Bodies odds Foundation limit raised from 25 to 40 Bandit and Outpost teleports are unrestricted Bandit and Outpost teleport cooldown reduced from 10 to 5 minutes TPR countdown lowered from 45 to 25 seconds Combat block timer lowered from 60 to 30 seconds Minicopter seats raised from 2 to 4
  8. Massive thank you to @4-2-1 for suggesting this entire update and even configuring 99% of it for a simple drag&drop process Language Filter Plugin added to all servers to prevent users from using bad language, initially, a warning will be given, then a mute, and finally, a ban. Clans A word filter has been added upon clan creation as to prevent clans with bad language from being created, as well as clans who attempt to imitate moderator/administrative ranks. Terrain Violations Fixed the inconvenient issue where staff would get kicked out of the server for such violations upon reconnecting to the server Loot Tables All 2x servers have had their loot tables adjusted as to further remove any remnants of trash items Recyclers On Anarchy 1000x, Players are now allowed to craft personal recyclers for their bases Security Security plugin as to disallow players from looting Admin bodies Added two additional methods (third party) to detect cheaters within the server A captcha bot has been added to the Discord server as to prevent spammers and bots
  9. will need an extra day more than likely
  10. It'll just be a number going up whenever you hold an objective during OBJ war or kill somebody in TDM lmao.
  11. Player Score System I had spent the past 3 days with my inexperienced self trying to create our community a MySQL-based scoring system for MRP, this means your score will persist through server restarts, and could even use forums integration where your score would be displayed in a leaderboard One tiny issue is i'm having some errors as I suck at MySQL, it is infact a 5 second fix, but i'm too stupid to figure it out. @time if you see this, I offer you 3 kisses on the cheek Afghan Elite Classes Reassigned to all previous buyers It was a nice experience learning to deal with MySQL tables again Misc Changes GameMaster System Strip weapons command was granted to GMs and T. Admins+ Weapon Balancing Nerve Gas' Damage per tick has been reduced by 60% Nerve Gas' Radius has been raised by 50%
  12. RP_DOWNTOWN_TITS_HALLOWEENGG Spooky season is upon us, and I had just finished creating the Halloween map we will be utilizing this year The map will likely go live within 4-5 days, so I will be sharing some screenshots in preparation for your guys!
  13. Loadouts All afghan loadouts have been adjusted accordingly and broken weapons have been fixed. Whitelist System Taliban Officer capabilities to whitelist for Taliban classes has been introduced Vehicle Dealer Russian Vehicle Dealer has been replaced with the Afghan Vehicle Dealer Health Regeneration Amount capped at 35 health, regeneration is delayed by an additional 20%
  14. Pretty hefty update that got completed over the course of a few days :^) Jobs Afghan Elite *Completed* I have also gone ahead and added Elite classes onto Afghanistan's Spawn points table As well as an inclusion into the War System participant classes. I will be looking into reassigning these classes automatically so I do not feel the need to off myself. Please do not submit any donation support tickets until then. War System Search and Destroy Fixed Search and Destroy mode - this feature was broken due to a previous lesser experienced developer editing its code to flat out rely on the existence of Russia on the server. I have since then created a work-around but plan on re-coding a portion of the War System when I have the time. Search and Destroy has increased to be 8 rounds in length (previously 4) XP output for killing the bomb carrier has increased by 1000% (500XP) - akin to killing 10 people during OBJ war while holding an objective Team Deathmatch ^fixed the stupid HUD error I made^ XP gained during TDM war will be increased by 200% from the previous value (unaffected by Global XP gain nerf) IN THE WORKS: create a rampage system where the more players a user kills during TDM war in a short period of time, the higher his XP multiplayer goes Objectives War Due to some less than favorable gameplay styles, I have tried to encourage playing the objectives (you know, the designated areas created specifically for TDM) by doing the following: Objective Capturing XP progress output has increased 500% (50XP) Objective Kill XP output has been increased by 200% (100XP) Objective Captured in your presence XP output has been increased by 200% (1000XP) General Reduced XP gained for killing a player during war by 50% (50XP) as to encourage players to genuinely engage in war. Team Chat "U" Implemented this feature for all Afghan classes If this is broken for any classes, please notify me ASAP as I recall configuring some classes at the very last moment and scrolling through this config file is nearly impossible. And while we're at it, I did a very minor edit to the code of DarkRP's group chat to just look a little neater/RP-oriented Squadron System System re-implemented with the inclusion of Afghanistan Paychecks With the inclusion of Paychecks, players will also now get a dynamic amount of XP determined by their total playtime during a server-upkeep period (since the last restart) as well as their character's level. Yay to overnight AFK boosting again :^( Damage Indicators The default Half-Life damage indicators have been removed from the server as requested by multiple people over the past month. It took me a long time to find exactly what the name of the HUD element is, but it's safe to say it's finally removed PS this is also the feature that upon taking alot of damage would flat out turn your screen red
  15. Hello Garlic Gamers, in order to gain access back to your account that was created utilizing Steam login, please go ahead and use the "password recovery" option upon login. Our Email server has been created, and you can expect to receive an email back from "Support@GarnetGaming.net". If this email does not show up, make sure to check your spam folder, as we have attempted to send out over 2,000 recovery emails over the course of the past 3 days where our forums were down. In the scenario where you did not utilize a real email to create your account, please do so immediately by contacting myself, @Proggy, or @4-2-1 in order to have your correct e-mail set to your account. Have a great day!
  16. I genuinely don't think there's anything that was introduced with this update that'd make you enjoy the server more than you did prior. This is more of a re-skin for existing players whos experience got stale.
  17. [Part 1/2] Russia > Afghanistan conversion As all of you have gathered by now, the nation of Russia was removed from our server in favor of introducing back Afghanistan, which we featured on our server starting in 2015, all the way through I believe 2017. We are currently in the first half of the conversion which includes Playermodels play-testing (for hitboxes, sizing, and other components). At this point in time I have patched up most systems on the servers that directly rely on team names, IE: Whitelisting functionality, the war system, and spawns. However, there is currently no supported Air Force operations NPC, no Squadron system, and weapons have yet to be updated from their Russian counterparts. Please allow a day or two for the update to entirely be concluded, and enjoy the new content! The Taliban 55th Arab Brigade Danger Group Haqqani Network Afghan Air Force Shortly you guys will also see the inclusion of: Team Radio 'U' chat, Elite Classes, Squad functionality, Special OPs NPC. Massive thank you to @Papiraqi and his family members for allowing us to 3d scan their bodies in order to be used within our Garry's Mod servers, this contribution will go a long way Also special genuine thank you to @bishopil for creating his suggestion, and presumably @special for editing said models.
  18. Talking strictly to Jake it seemed as though people preferred Taiga V3 to Forest, and even regarded to Taiga V3 as the best map in "GARNET GAMING HISTORY" hence why I omitted it and kept V3 in the poll
  19. For those wanting to check out the maps, here is the clientsided version of the maps - it'll be somewhat broken, but coherent enough to explore: Echo V1 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1998046914 Omega (old version) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2304685763 Delta V1 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2489427918 Taiga V3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1351030339
  20. Nope, i'm not going to modify any of the maps at this point. Omega will remain with arches, and have support for aircrafts, Delta (current) will keep the server the same until I can find the time to edit an existing map, Taiga V3 is outdated and will not support a functioning airforce (not an issue since our airforce factions are downright mingy/stupid currently), Chaharikar is outdated and will not support a functioning airforce (not an issue since our airforce factions are downright mingy/stupid currently), Echo V1 is outdated and will not support a functioning airforce (not an issue since our airforce factions are downright mingy/stupid currently),
  21. Garnetto Memebros, We've been playing on the latest iteration of Delta for a few months now, and I feel it's time to retire the map until its next update and move elsewhere, especially with the new Afghanistan update being rolled out as I'm posting this. When it comes to Echo, unfortunately the map persists to be problematic and I was not able to make effective changes to it with Jake being absent from the serer due to his current life situation. As such, the selection is limited to Echo_v1 which had some issues present, such as FPS drops. Please make your opinion heard, and the next map will be decided as we hit 100+ votes!
  22. The SKS-D will still be used by Taliban
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