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  1. correction, 7AM is when I got done. rip my sleep
  2. EDIT: I realized the tank AI was way too forgiving, and I made its turning speeds and aggression wayyyyyyy up. I also fixed the issue where it sees you out of render :^)
  3. Whew I finished this update at 5:30AM
  4. Chat New commands added /event - Can be used by T. Admin+ and all GM ranks in order to print an Event message to chat IE /rp - Can be used by all players in order to print a Global roleplay-information message IE Hitmarkers Lets try it out... A server-sided hitmarker has been added to the server, meaning, if you only hit a player on your client and blood is drawn, it will not falsely display a hitmarker This might carry a heavy hit to server performance, but only time will tell In long-distance engagements, this will look like this: Finally, the sound clip from Call Of Duty when you hit a shot has been imported onto the server! Quests The quest system found in StarwarsRP has been added onto MilitaryRP. This could be a huge benefit in adding things to do around the server's downtime, including random missions and patrol points. The following quests will be the first to be implemented Auto-training IN PROGRESS MORE COMING SOON lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum Base Tour IN PROGRESS MORE COMING SOON lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum Automated Event System As promised, more modes for the automatic Event system to keep everybody engaged outside of wartime! Tanker Following every war, there is now a chance for a Tanker event to take place The Tank will take a patrol point surrounding ATTC, attacking armed soldiers as well as civillians All players of the servers may fight together in order to take down the seized Tank The scaling of the Tank's health will vary based off of players online, 1000+ 250p per player IE: 50 players online = 13,500 HP When engaging with the Tank from afar, you may get gunned down by the armed turret, however, from up-close the Tank will opt for shooting its HEAT shells at you, resulting in a large explosion Damaged AI will have impaired handling, and once defeated expect a very cinematic explosion, followed by flames this crash gets even better seeing as at the location where Chinook was defeated, a supply drop will fall down onto the map, allowing players to race for a reward BEFORE CELEBRATING, PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING Known bugs: A) Working with AI on Garry's Mod has proven to be almost impossible, in order to make the AI patrol in a realistic manner, I have enabled a random table of intervals in which the AI can travel, however, uneven terrain (displacements) aren't baked into the map, and as such, AI might glitch through it, additionally, it is possible that the AI may not recognize player movement at all depending on high server loads Search and Destroy Added support for Omega V2 Plant Sites: Embassy, Shipment Weaponry The following adjustments have been made Deagle Removed all ammo types (match, magnum) M60 Removed all ammo types (match) Dragoon Firerate lowered 34 to 30 Hip Spread raised 120% to 300% Spread per shot lowered from 80% to 10% Max spread lowered from 600% to 200% Removed mobility sensitivity (Vertical Sensitivity) Classes Badri 313 Fixed Badri 313 Commando's job string (previously was defined as 'Operator') Replaced all SIG-552 primary classes with SKS-D
  5. it can absolutely roll into a war if Chinook wasn't taken down before, I never made Chinook disappear when a war starts, being that it can be hard to track a helicopter down when surrounded by mountains. If this ever becomes an issue, I can for sure remove the NPC at wartime. Yeah, you did pop in last second to kill it
  6. I have made it to where if you throw a flashbang around NPCs, they will stop shooting temporarily, whether or not this works, I don't know because nobody's ever told me otherwise. This will 100% turn GMod into Valorant though.
  7. Changing loadouts is tedious, but it's one of the easiest tasks to do actually. You could do it yourself lol I assume there's no errors on the server man ?
  8. Inventory System Loot Crates - Loot Tables Rarity of crystals has been severely nerfed, you should be expecting 75% less corrupt/dark inner crystals, and common crystals are 90% more rare Classes Special Operations : Commander Spawnpoint set to Cairo base Access to ARC 'U' Team chat ARC : Surveyor Removed DC-15X, replaced by T-4 Jedi Council With the introduction of Crystals into our inventories system, and the ready-to-go crafting of hilts, all non-lore jedis were given a personal lightsaber This lightsaber will provide the ability to progress and make your saber into whatever you wish for it to be, additionally, there is the Jedi marketplace for you to trade different hilts if for instance you needed a green/yellow hilt for your specific jedi path, and another member happened to have one R2-D2 Flamethrower removed from loadout 41st Elite Corps 41st Elite Corps : Trooper Removed DC15A, replaced with DC19 41st Elite Corps : Recon Removed DC15-LE, replaced with Valkex 38x 41st Elite Corps : Infiltrator Added smoke grenade to loadout 41st Elite Corps : Sergeant Removed DC15Le, Handcuffs, and DC17 Added DC19 an DC17-Ext 41st Elite Corps : Officer Removed DC15X, DC17, and DC15Le Added DC19, Valken 38x, and DC17-Ext 41st Green Company : Scout Removed DC17 Mark 2, removed DC15A Mark 2 Removed Buzz playermodel Added DC17-Ext, Added DC19Le Mark 2 Added Arc Trooper playermodel 41st Green Company : Ward Removed DC15S, DC17C Mark 2 Removed Buzz playermodel Added NT242C, DC17-Ext, Flash Grenade Added Arc Trooper playermodel 41st Green Company : Lead Removed DC15S, DC17C Added DC19 Mark 2, NT242C, DC17-Ext, and Flash Grenade 41st Ranger Platoon : Trooper Removed DC-15Se, DC17C Added CR2C, DC-17Ext, and Flash Grenade 41st Ranger Platoon : Phantom Removed DC15-SE, DC17C Added CR2C, DC-17Ext, and Flash Grenade 41st Ranger Platoon : Sparrow Removed DC15-SE, DC17C Added CR2C, DC-17Ext, Flash Grenade, DP-23 41st Ranger Platoon : Lead Removed DC-15Se Added CR2C, DC-17Ext, and Flash Grenade 41st Elite Corps : Executive Officer Removed DC15X, DC17, and DC15Le Added NT242C, Dual DC-17Ext, Flash Grenade, Valkex 38x Mark 2, and CR2C 41st Elite Corps : Commanding Officer Removed DC15x, DC17, and DC15Le Added NT242C, Dual DC-17Ext, Flash Grenade, CR2C, and Valken 38x Mark 2 Certifications Senior and Lead Administrator can now utilize /certifypilot - sorry for missing that one @Remake Loading Screen Updated with proper images from our latest competition found in the following link:
  9. Thank you to everybody who has participated! I'm likely going to create another thread where users are given credits per-submission as opposed to on a per-participation basis, that way, users who submit multiple images are rewarded for their over-the-top efforts! We are thankfully good on MilitaryRP loading screen images now as this brought our total up to ~30, however, all our other servers are still in a large need for submissions Here are some submissions spotted in the wild: DarkRP TTT PLEASE SOMEBODY REMIND ME TO UPDATE OUR TTT LOADING SCREEN TO OUR NEW SUBDOMAIN ;^( StarwarsRP ^ps screw whoever submitted a SWRP background with either Discord UI or DEFCON UI over, because I had to photoshop it out ^ MilitaryRP
  10. Everyone whos submission has been accepted was assigned 20 credits, the following players were assigned an additional 10 credits for multi submissions and fantastic content: @Hauptmann_HK416 @Strider @Reeper @ChrisRid ^ will absolutely give you another 20 for another row of DRP images LOL ^ @FestiveCowZilla
  11. Not a huge update YET, but extremely technically challenging for me, and this will likely lead to tons of updates in the near future Automated (peacetime) Event System Finally on the server, but sadly with only one mode so far, Chinook Following every war, there is a chance for a Chinook event to take place Chinook will take a patrol point surrounding the airspace of the map, attacking armed soldiers All players of the servers may fight together in order to take down the powerful Chinook, Health scaling of Chinook will depend on the number of players online, as for every player, Chinook will obtain an additional 250HP IE: 50 players = 12,500 HP. Engaging with Chinook may result in suppressive fire dealing a moderate amount of damage per shot, however, when the AI gets overwhelmed it may resort to shooting rockets which travel fairly quickly and deal 1,000 damage to those who engaged in close distance - SEEK COVER. Damaged AI will have impaired handling, and once defeated expect a very cinematic crash this crash gets even better seeing as at the location where Chinook was defeated, a supply drop will fall down onto the map, allowing players to race for a reward BEFORE CELEBRATING, PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING Known bugs: A) Working with AI on Garry's Mod has proven to be almost impossible, in order to make the AI patrol in a realistic manner, I have enabled a random table of intervals in which the AI can travel, however, uneven terrain (displacements) aren't baked into the map, and as such, AI can freely glitch through it, as a solution, I locked the Y coordinate of the AI to not interfere with any mountains in the map, but for all I know, issues will pop up where AI will still pop through the map B) There is a slim possibility AI will be able to target players who have yet to render in the AI, despite trying to fix this over the course of a few days, this issue might persist Military Police In the past few days @Theos has stressed to me that some member of the server have gotten very passionate about the inclusion of Military Police, and as such, I've pushed forward and add USMP's spawnpoints and whitelisting capabilities onto the server For obvious reasons, Military police cannot participate in war, and are to be strictly utilized in Roleplay as to revert some otherwise OOC punishments seamlessly into roleplay (or atleast that's the idea). In reality, in about 2 weeks time we'll get a thread requesting the removal of Military Police due to extensive abuse of the handcuff swep and unjust punishments, but I've already prepared myself emotionally for this.
  12. Inventory System Integrated crystals to be used with the inventory system! Albeit even the regular blue crystal is rare, crystals can now be found through supply drops at the end of auto-events as well as battling NPCs These collected Crystals can be taken to a Crafting Bench in order to modify your primary light saber With that change, the default light saber no longer includes a crystal, and will instead just be white in appearance Of course, we will have some very rare ones that initially will not be super rare, so get to collecting, Lightsabers Fixed an error associated with certain forcepowers being used underwater Free Grip Choices Players were given the ability to choose their grip preference - this works in conjunction with dual wielding, as you can further customize what blade is revesed, with the option for both Classes Fixed Republic Navy : Intel's model Torrent Company : Enforcer has been renamed to Torrent Company : Airborne (also the reason Medical Duty broke) editing a job's name requires I edit like 20 configs All new Jedi classes have been added onto the Jedi 'U' group chat All Jedi classes have been given a WiltOS inventory SWEP Warning System Updated to our own custom warning system used in DarkRP This change was done due to the fact that the current logging systems were throwing around permission errors with 0 explanations All warnings will be active for 1 week, and after that period of time, they will be turned inactive/removed. 3 Warnings results in a Kick 4 Warnings results in a 1-Day-Ban Media Player New soundtracks added Communications Interferences Droid Invasion Theme Gra'tu Cuun Improvised Entry Kachirho by Nightvision RV Alpha Prologue One heart of Justice Make their Eyes Water The Ghost Ship The Egg Room Rage of the Shadow Warriors The Jungle Floor They Must be Asleep Through the Canopy Vo Dean Scoreboard Fixed the styling of "Gamemaster" ranks gamemaster > GM trialgamemaster > T. GM, etc Staff Permissions Thank you @Remake for the following proposed changes Admin+ can utilize GM permissions on the Gamemaster role Lead Admin & Managers may spawn props outside the GM role Senior Admin+ can now utilize certification commands, IE: revokeeod certifyeod medicallycertify revokemedical Managers can utilize the command /staffpromote and /staffdemote in order to promote users up to Lead Moderator
  13. War System Fixed godmode not taking effect at the end of war - 99.9% sure it won't need any testing and will work accordingly team-damage scaling turned down from 20% to 10%, so instead of 5 damage per AR shot, it's now 2-3, ya'll are downright ridiculous and whiny when it comes to some issues ISI can now cap points during war - Thank you @SirSmity Inventory System The following entity classes were created Ballistic Vests - Level I Small speed nerf, small amount of armor from shots provided Ballistic Vests - Level II Small-Moderate speed nerf, Moderate amount of armor from shots provided Ballistic Vests - Level III Moderate speed nerf, High-Moderate amount of armor from shots provided Morphine Shot IN PROGRESS Xanax IN PROGRESS Stimulant (Cocaine) IN PROGRESS Opiate IN PROGRESS Caffeine Powder IN PROGRESS Generated Orbs Reimplemented into Echo V2's beta map, expect orbs to spawn throughout war at different locations - providing an XP boost, with the occasional money bag Mission System Base cleaning mission was added back - players can clean their bases for some monetary benefits
  14. Class Changes 21st Nova Corps 21st Nova Corps Officer classes were given an incidenary grenade and EL-16 21st Nova Corps : Tactician slot limit was upped to 4 327th Star Corps 327th's medical duty model has been updated 104th Battalion 104th Dire Company : Overwatch was given a level 2 (Yellow) keycard 41st Elite Corps AT-RT has been added to the requisitions NPC, Ranger Platoon Leader and Officers are able to request for its spawn Jedi Council Fixed Sentinel's lightsaber Corrected Temple Guard's light saber - no longer a dual hilt, and instead has the twin hilt. I do not carry brain cells with me at all times sorry @special Attempted to fix Ahsoka's lightsaber (did not work, test server time ) Added back Kendosu form - thank you @Ozzy for saving the day last moment All Lore Jedis can now spawn the Azure Angel and ETA-5 All Lore Jedis can now accept requisition requests Miscellaneous Fixed XP gaining Normal functions of gathering XP through dueling and killing NPCs have been returned Skilltree New Skill-tree UI implemented in order to hopefully combat the slight off-set of the 3d menu Intro - Tutorial Screen Paths
  15. NOTE: WILTOS, THE SYSTEM WE USE FOR LIGHTSABER COMBATS HAS BEEN UPDATED TO THE LATEST VERSION, THIS MAY CAUSE SOME SERVER INSTABILITIES OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS WHILE THE SERVER IS MAINTAINED AND ALL THE FILES ARE UPDATED OVER ONTO THE NEW BASE. ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, THIS ALSO MEANS SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED SERVER PERFORMANCE FOR THE CLIENT AND MORE POSSIBILITIES IN THE FUTURE AS THE BASE'S CODE HAS BEEN SHOWN TO THE PUBLIC. Classes Jedi Given 'Jedi Sentinel : Temple Guard' access to `Path of Sentinel` Skill Tree Given all the new Jedi roles access to 'Forms' and 'Way of the Force' Skill Trees All lore Jedis can whitelist for Jedi roles (with the exception oh Ahsoka Tano) Attempted to fix the path Jedi's lightsaber colors Coruscant Guard `Coruscant Guard : Warden` now has access to view `/cg` chat requests. 327th Star Corps All officer roles can now whitelist for the Heavy role Corrected models for 327th Star Corps's Medical Duty 41st Elite Corps Corrected models for Ranger Platoon /MedicalDuty 104th Battalion Updated Dire Company's Specialist and Operator models Updated Dire Company Leader's models Moved Dire Company : Overwatch into the Wolfpack category. Don't ask me why, I only get requested to do things. Removed all DC19s from Wolfpack classes, and instead, assigned a jetpack 501st Legion Carnivore Company : Leader class was given a Yellow (Level 2) Keycard 21st Nova Corps Introduced Tactician class to base battalion All classes were given dark binoculars All officer classes were given handcuffs Gamemasters Players on the role will now spawn in with a Level 5 Keycard Weapons DC15A Accuracy increased from 92% accuracy to 98%
  16. It could absolutely include XP, but there is 0 purpose to XP currently, so why grind it
  17. Fixed the code for this portion, ended up moving forward with 80% damage to Explosives/Nerve gas as opposed to 100%
  18. Yeah, i'm taking some ideas from Rust and PUBG and adding them as the filler in-between wars in MilitaryRP. It's been taking me a long time since I have a bunch of my plate right now, but it should be here in this upcoming month
  19. I update my post before your comment because I assumed there was a misunderstanding, I don't know if you read the edited one, but I too misunderstood your comment and didn't catch on. here is the updated response you missed
  20. That is becauase I need a use for materials in order to decide what they craft, and not the other way around so I can decide how you obtain them and at what rate (???) I wasn't blaming anybody in specific for underutilizing the system, but the fact that all the people who pushed for such features and wanted more from MRP, are now stagnant and unresponsive as to how to integrate the system they asked for. I saw 2 people agree with your comment and got very confused, then I remembered it's MilitaryRP where nobody really thinks. Very helpful comment, thank you!
  21. Player Speed Heavily cut down on player speed introduced in the latest update It was previously 33% quicker than figures in the past, but it has now been nerfed to 20% quicker movement speeds Cinema Introduced to the under-utilized spawnroom of the map Opposing wall will allow a visitor queue, the Staff On Duty class holds the right to overrule all queued videos. TO DO: add a /cinema command with a 30 second teleport timer which will also strip you of all weapons, and hand you some popcorn! MOTD Updated to the latest version provided by @Bizzy (seems to not be working at the moment, will check for errors) Factions ISI Added to Taliban 'U' Group Radio/Chat Added to missions menu (T-side) War Damage Introduced damage filtering to the War System - friendly damage has been enabled, albeit you will only receive 20% damage from teammates, IE: a 105 damage Orsis shot would instead hit a teammate for 21. Nerve gas, Grenades, and RPG rounds will deal full damage to teammates - BE CAREFUL ^ this figure can always be cut down, but I think full damage is a good way of encouraging players to not be dumb with their explosives ^ Inventory System Updated to the latest version, I've created a couple of components to hopefully stimulate somebody enough to the point where they will suggest some changes for the inventory system, because frankly, i'd love to see members and the staff team requesting real, fun content as opposed to "oh... we could add a CINEMA" when we've had an inventory system with crafting sitting there for a good 2-3 months unutilized. New keybind: I TO DO: Add bandages and Painkillers Add Medical NPC to sell you these entities Set cap on bandages to heal you up to 50 health, and painkillers up to 85. Bandages can be used at any HP range, whereas painkillers can only be used when above 50 HP. Missions Integrated into Echo's Beta map Removed base-cleanup temporarily In the works: silly little filler missions that will take up your time between war, IE: maintenance mission to the bridges around the map where you fix the tarmac
  22. When it comes to the speed, I already nerfed it by quite a bit, just that a restart needs to take place
  23. Yeah, English natives aren't known for being able to read very easily
  24. On a serious note, I don't know how many more times I needed to kick for you to actually realized I needed you off the server so I can focus
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