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  1. A blast to the past! Chess and Draughts Chess and draughts tables have been added back to the server - beware, you may have slightly lower FPS in the fountain area due to this addition. How does it work? Simply press E on an empty table, and wait for a partner to join you. A match will begin automatically after you had set your wager Tools Some more organization AFK Slayer Timer adjusted to 25 minutes (from 10) as it may intefere with an ongoing chess game, after every game make sure to switch boards!
  2. @KREEZY - bizzy fixd dat shit.
  3. Thank you @KREEZY - bizzy for fixing kidnaps so quickly! Kidnapping - Minimission Client-sided and server-sided errors have been cleared up and the system should work correctly. If you are still experiencing any issues, please respond to this thread with details! MP5A5 This weapon now has... RECOIL, which was the only thing setting it apart from other SMGs. Congratsulations, now there's nothing special about it and people should refrain from buying it! (recoil is still 20% lower from a regular SMG, but the rest of the stats are the same, so buy it *wink*)
  4. suggesting changes to an already temporary change. WHAT NIBBA yes it will cause problems with lower ranks.
  5. Nobody specific. But this happens every single time I make such posts. Yeah, sorry man, i'm not trying to make a dynamic and immersive map for a DarkRP server haha, such things like dynamic lighting and strategically placed decals don't really speak to me.
  6. He's still going to be loved, regardless of how low he lets his IQ drop.
  7. Not only that, but I like how he's going off an a thread that I literally stated to hopefully avoid any retardation.
  9. Your IQ possibly I have yet to sleep ? 1PM now
  10. This system is broken ? gonna take an extra day to fix.
  11. Rules should be out any moment now. (jk) Leaderboards The display of user ranks has been removed due to how redundant it is, in order to view the amount of staff online, please refer to the F4 menu's 'Staff Online' tab. Mini Missions The base for our mini-missions system has finally been completed by none other than bizzytupackreezy. Consider the current kidnapping mini-mission to be the building stones of future advancements! Kidnpaping Once your character has reached level 5, you will be able to access the !missions menu in order to participate once every 30 minute(s). Upon entering the missions menu (for kidnapping specifically) you will be able to recruit up to 5 other faction members in order to carry out the mission with you. If you are on the receiving end of an invitation, you will receive the following notification For RU side, you will spawn within the abandoned house outside RU base, and for US side, you will spawn within your own base, instructed to pay a visit to enemy's outpost and take a hostage. Upon returning of the hostage, you will receive a reward. If casualties are taken during the mission, the mission would've failed and you would be respawned.
  12. Sorry. I forgot to add the part that bans women.
  13. Deez are lies. Would you really trust a black man from california who recently got a speeding ticket? Nope. I discovered this to be a way to crash nearly every DarkRP server in existence. It is likely one of the reasons our DarkRP has been crashing quite a bit
  14. Events have been fixed at last! Giant thank you to @KREEZY - bizzy for taking the time out of your day to fix the issue causing events to not work. Events will now occur every 20 minutes Each event ends after 2 minutes to ensure there is no delaying You will be given 45 seconds to decide whether you'd like to participate in an upcoming event 1st place reward yields $5000, 2nd place rewards yields $2500, and 3rd place reward yields $1000 Other Entities of the same class no longer collide with one another, this is done to prevent the frequent server crashes we have been experiencing as of late. Right click functionality of the weld tool (Easy Weld) has been removed
  15. Fixed a few things based on criticism from the previous progress post, thank you to all you guys who give real criticism, rather than "NICE." "WOW" "GOOD JOB GARNET!". truth be told, I don't care to see these kinds of comments, we have a reaction system for a reason where you can 'like' the post. Anything beyond this is simply shitpost with no substance. With that being said, since some people wanted to view the map in singleplayer, and I am not open to the idea of publicly releasing the map, I decided to record a short video of me showcasing the progress for this post!
  16. Regular sized door, the vault itself has enough room for you to build a proper 'DEFENSE OUTLAY' and store hundreds of printers
  17. rp_Evilmelon is what you're looking for
  18. It's essentially a bank, the vault is the underground room for the bank. So here is the exterior of the bank: It's already there ?
  19. I had in mind something like a dumpster zone which would work
  20. You're not going to get hate for it haha. I'm just not willing to put in too much effort into a map that could potentially kill our server. I know it looks like ass, but it's here to serve as a placeholder for future map expansions ? yeah, I will probably delete that ugly radio station building all-together.
  21. Prolly map wil b live dis sumer yes? mayb who noes. Fountain Severely optimized, providing almost double the FPS that rp_downtown_v4c_v2 does. Any expensive objects/areas do not render in until they are within your sight. Extended Map Extra district with a bank SPECIFICALLY for the banker class, and two additional, large warehouses for party play. This area may be accessed from here As well as
  22. Going to work on the map, feel free to inspire me ? 



  23. This looks fucking fantastic ? Definitely worth the wait
  24. @Evity you made fun of me for studying so much, it's 8AM and i'm still stuck doing the same assignment (68 pages of reading left). Never go to university kids.

  25. This status goes out to to show support for my nibbas that are online schooled with professors/teachers that have no god damn idea what their own course material consists of or simply don't give a fuck.

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