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  1. War System Search and Destroy Explosives detonation time changed from a minute and a half, to 2 minutes and a half Parachutes Moving forward, players will now be able to jump out of aircrafts and utilize a parachute in order to hit the ground in operations without taking fall damage. As with all new features, please be patient while I tinker with parachutes and reach a happy medium of how they work. AFSOC & RAF Aircrafts Introduced Granted the spawn of the Mi-28 and Mi-17 NPC Created The Russian side now has its own dedicated NPC Weaponry AEK-971 Increased recoil and spread by a value of 20% (5th nerf requested by Jake now LOL) MP5A5 Fixed errors when aiming down sights on this weapon PP Bizon Weapon has been significantly buffed and is no longer a meme gun 15% Recoil reduction 80% Spread reduction 75% Spread-per-shot reduction
  2. Thank you so much to Proggy for contributing to all the new Skinbox skins! Procedural Maps Due to complaints of repeated maps, the map pool for our Large servers (IE: Vanilla, 2x Sierra/Delta/Epsilon) have had their map seed pools increased from 18 to 36 (double) so the odds of a repeated map are INCREDIBLY low Skinbox All servers have been updated with additional skin packs, many that were not listed below Space Raider Set Azul Set Doodle Set No Mercy Set Cow Moo Flage Set Opulent Set Shattered Mirror Set Corrupted Set Blackout Set Discord Bot Fixed the presence of 2x Tau - Delta will be fixed as soon as it restarts on 7/24/2021
  4. XP Multiplier for being connected Every 30 minutes a notification will globally announce to each player how long they had been connected for, raising their XP moving forward into their play-session Artifacts Spawning Throughout the map, artifacts will spawn on occasions (quicker during war) Generated Orb A reasonable amount of XP and Cash Lost Briefcase A generous amount of Cash Mystery Box A random donator item (one life only) Unknown Syringe Berserker Currently the only power-up available, turns your playermodel into a glowing red color, generous speed/jump/health boost Damage Multiplier Fixed addon added the last update that contained syntax errors because I did not test it ^ Wee TAD ^
  5. Bartender With a new goal in mind - that is to make Bartender in essence be the low-level drug dealer that cannot travel, I plan on creating new items this class can sells for a lower price, albeit, providing a nerfed effect of what the Drug Dealers' drugs would provide. Created Shipment compatibility Severely reduced the price of entities sold by the Bartender Entity Created - Moonshine 21+ and behind close doors please. Entity Created - Bleach Drink with caution. Entity Created - Coffee *Nerfed Cocaine* A shipment of these freshly brewed beans is surely more cost-effective than the vending machine, but it only lasts 80 seconds before a caffeine-induced crash. Drug Dealer Level requirement raised to 29 Deliveryman SWEP Viewmodel SWEP Worldmodel Misc Moved Glock Fade/Candy apple to Slot 2 (pistols) Raised Prestige max from 10 to 100 Fixed /removehat command
  6. With our current population, no, not really.
  7. Heavy Optimization Patch For months we have been using a proprietary damage modification system from Workshop, and just like every other public plugin we use, I naturally came to find out that it was SUPER intensive on server performance. I have then took it upon myself to compress 3000 lines of disoptimized code into just 40 lines. Expect significantly better server performance and stability. Server Tickrate has been raised to 33 as a result! EDIT: For reference, the top 2 lines are the previous enhanced damage mod
  8. I had actually meant Gamemaster, but I started this thread yesterday and forgot to fix it. Thank you!
  9. War System Post-War RDM Ever been at the last 2 seconds of war, in the peak of a shootout, and you knew you wouldn't get the kill on time, but you went for it anyways? A new measure was added just to further blueball members of the server who have experienced this in the past! Immediately at the end of war, 1 minute of Godmode is enabled. Go to debrief Russian Air Force Implemented Wardrobe Change your Model's Body Groups Non-PMC compliant :^) Base Factions Defibrillator has been removed US Army and Russian Forces will no longer carry a defibrillator in their respective loadout, as requested by the Staff team. Teleport Gates Event tool implemented Gamemaster+ can now utilize teleporters that'd be able to bring players directly into an event arena without the necessity to manually teleport players!
  10. It's your level, the icon for it wasn't added just yet
  11. After 5 years of near-endless updates and bein a whining pain in the ass, some of the MRP playerbase is yet again confused to why I haven't been wanting to give them attention in close to 9 days. How sad 😞 

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      Quick commercial break and then returning to Rust's next manager

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      Before we continue the argument though, I would like to thank our sponsor for today, RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS, one of the biggest mobile role-playing games of 2021 and it's totally free! Currently, almost 10 million users have joined Raid over the last six months, and it's one of the most impressive games in its class with detailed models, environments, and smooth 60 frames per second animations! All the campions in the game can be customized with unique gear that changes your strategic buffs and abilities. Now back to Rust's next manager argument:

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      @choppy who in here is begging? literally most of the upper staff agrees we need a second manager no one in here is going "ohhhh pick me pick me pick me" we are literally giving our opinion on if we should have one or not that is all so chill out 

  12. Hud Redesign Narrowed down the bar to take up less real-estate Recolored the XP bar to Green and added a percentage count to the bar Resized text to be more compact Eliminated unnecessary spacing to accomodate for low resolutions 1920x1080P 640x480P Delivery System Raised time limit on deliveries from 5 minutes to 10 minutes (doubled the allotted time) Payout per delivery increased from 500-2000 to 750-2500 Increased the number of deliveries per run to 4 (previously: 3) Hitman System Fixed Assassin hit menu access Implemented cool-down, users can only have 1 hit placed on them in a 20 minute time period
  13. Global Discord Link @choppy requested we add a command with the identifier /discord to refer people to our Steam Group this already exists buddy :^) Would you guys care to notify me on which server this feature does not exist so I can implement it? Profanity/Advertisement Filter Just like with the /discord command, this is a feature we already have on our server, but Proggy requested it. Please allow me to know what's incorrect about said plugin's functionality It should automatically disallow IP leaks in chat, advertisement of other communities, and profanity. 1000x Anarchy Instant Smelt Instant Smelting has been added for all users Entity Limit All players have been restricted to 6 active sleeping bags Global 2x Servers Trade cooldown has been raised to 20 minutes from 5 Maximum tradeable slots lowered from 30 to 20 2x Tau & 2x Delta Re-implemented stat tracking and Discord kits for this server Up on the next restart, players will be able to see the server populate in Discord with a player count US Vanilla Odd Added to Battlemetrics
  14. You mean the issue in Oxide itself that can't be resolved ? smart. Proggy's been trying to find a solution for a week now and nada 😄

    1. Ujiou


      What issue?

  15. Huge thank you to @time for helping me not be stupid Jail System Playermodel Upon getting Arrested, your model is set to a prisoner model! HUD Created element to display time left in jail Prison Escape Moments after being arrested, there is a chance you will be notified of having smuggled a Lockpick to Jail You may use it for your escape, or choose not to, but unless you are utilizing it, you cannot be KOS'd by officers. Upon escaping the PD, you will be automatically unarrested and made wanted Thank you @time for the following contributions! Loyalty Rewards Being connected for a prolonged period of time will yield you XP boosts A player who has been connected to the server for a period of 12 hours will yield a 50% static XP bonus Alt Banner Players who attempt to evade a ban or family share will be automatically banned by a module added to our Admin Mod!
  16. No, it was directly at Ace I typed Acer by accident
  17. One last part of the update!
  18. 10-33% of your progress towards your next level. Sorry the update did not come out on time, my arm ended up having some burn blisters pop on me, and my right arm is out of commission
  19. Proggy/Choppy need to add some stuff to the Trello for me to make a rust update https://trello.com/b/pzlsREdD/garnetgamingnet
  20. Wow, did I miss working with Lua Made some pretty simple, but custom shit for our server HUGE thank you to @time for fixing everything I broke and teaching me how to make things appear! Dumpster Diving Found yourself as a new player without money or XP? New players can dig between dumpsters and level up/make cash quickly Each respective dump around the map will have a 2 minute cool-down period between uses. Amongst the props flown out of the dumpster, you have a high probability of finding illicit items such as drugs, pistols, and knives that you may also sell for a fee! Item Hunt Get some extra experience XP and Cash for running around the map finding items! Booster Totem A very high output of XP and some cash, incredibly common Burgerfier Easter Egg, very rare chance to spawn turns you into a mythical creature The Totem of Infancy Turn into Ace for 3 minutes, will assist in raids as your playermodel/hitbox are smaller Mafia's Lost Stash A great deal of Cash, rare spawn rate Arrest System Added indicator for jailtime left on the hud! Escape Menu Added a 'Main Menu' Button
  21. Global Artificial Intelligence Re-enabled on all servers - will disable by default if a server surpasses 350 in population, and re-enable when population dips under 300 Maps 2x Epsilon Seed map sizes raised from 3500 to 4000-4500 2x Sierra Map seed pool was doubled due to the high likelihood of a repeated map
  22. Thank you to @proggy for all the content suggested for this update Classes Deadshot NEW CLASS Prestige: 2 Level: 17 Loadout: Climb Swep, Intervention Skills: Hitman Doctor NEW CLASS Prestige: 1 Level: 24 Loadout: Doctor Kit Heals 50% faster than Medics Can heal up to 150 health Medic Playermodel Change Staff Utility NPCs Event NPCs will no longer drop their equipped weapon on death Teleporter New tool implemented for GameMasters use Lead Admins + can now utilize teleporters that'd be able to bring players directly into an event arena without the necessity to manually teleport players! Spectate Removed Flashlight sound effects Misc Chat Listeners Utilizing voice chat will no longer display the users that can hear you speak
  23. Thank you @Ozzy for the content requested in this update post! Weapon Edits Ammo Type Attachments The follow weapons have had their ammo type attachments removed P90, G36C, ZM LR, M60, PKM, Honey Badger, Micro Deagle, CZ-75B, P99, M92FS,, Vector SMG Spread cooldown raised globally by a value of 42% Matador Splash damage increased from 450 to 540 (23% increase) Misc MARSOC Added onto US group chat Staff Permissions T Admin + can now utilize setjob, setarmor, sethealth, etc...
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