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  1. War System Search and Destroy Fixed by @bizzylogin for the 8th time, at this point ,this war mode is cursed EDIT @bizzylogin lied yet again and shit is still broken....................... Permanent Weapons Command added to toggle and un-toggle permanent weapons /permaweapons WAC Removed from the server Lets see where performance sits with it being removed, being that since Jake's departure, there hasn't been any real worthwhile use of WAC aircrafts If performance isn't greatly improved, we can re-introduce WAC for specific events F4 Menu Did a thing
  2. Classes *NEW* Chef *NEW* Sell consumable foods to patrons in your own restaurant, or work alongside a bartender to open a restaurant! Your items may be possibly inventory-able in the future and used for health regeneration. Black Market Dealer Can now sell Deployable Keypad Crackers at 100,000 per Permanent Weapons Command added to toggle and un-toggle permanent weapons /permaweapons User Interface Fully updated by @bizzylogin Looking at NPCs will have a much smaller FPS impact on players Drug systems, IE: Weed Growing and Meth Manufacturing will now show the old UIs we had last year Weed Meth Vending Machine Added a Prestige 3 buffer - as requested Players can buy a "Fat Lung" vape for $150,000 - this vape will blow clouds almost as big as smoke grenades, in random colors Unironically useful for raiding, as you can conceal yourself behind smoke Miscellaenous Added console command "vape_show_smoke" to disabled vape smoke - incase you wanted to benefit from a few extra frames Reposition vaping UI to be underneath the hud (overlapped the HUD since 2017 and I just never bothered fixing) Removed unused screen capture tool (depreciated for 4 years now) Renamed Laws of Garnet Gaming to "Laws of Downtown" Lines in Logs increased by 50% to theoretically cover 3-4 minutes of Damage Logs - may cause more lag for Staffing players
  3. Dark Saber Managers & Superadmins will carry the permission to assign the dark saber to one user This item is designated to be dueled for, and maintained by our best hacker present Thank you @special with the specialware for the idea and lua code for the saber! Umbrella Hilt Thank you yet again @special snuggums Drugs Correct client-sided code for Death Sticks as to not black out your screen Food This was a bitch to add, but will be really cool as it adds an RPG-like element to StarwarsRP Foods may be stored in your inventory, and consumed in order to slowly increase your character's satiety, leading to a passive HP regeneration bonus. Useful during battles. Some items such as an entire Roasted Porg or Hamburger will simply increase your HP over a minute's time, while items like Macaroon will instantly give you 5HP, and then regenerate your HP lightly over a short period of time. It all depends on your playstyle and the more willing you are to portion your food, the quicker you'll heal. Please ignore the Ingredients, it's for future use. Currently you will be able to buy the food directly from a Kitchen stove, however, in the future you would have to buy ingredients, and spend time crafting the foods. Pizza Fast health regen - medium amount RECIPE: Flour, Tomato, Water Hamburger Moderate health regen - medium amount RECIPE: Flour, Water, Raw Meat Macaroon Quick health regen - small amount RECIPE: Blue Flour, Water Soup Instant 25HP RECIPE: Water, Raw Meat, Shuura Porg Slow Health regen - High amount RECIPE: Raw Meat (Long crafting duration) Steak Instant 35HP RECIPE: Raw Meat (Short crafting duration) Food Ration Slow health regeneration - Extreme amount RECIPE: Raw Meat, Tomato, Flour
  4. If updates slow down, my gf fell in love with a puppy, and we adopted a 2 month old German Shepherd. The issue is, i'm taking care of 2 dogs now, one of which is a fucking baby which constantly needs my attention Classes Smoke Grenades All classes with smoke grenades were swapped over from TFA base to Garnet's base (made by sexy @bizzylogin like 15 years ago) This will result in SIGNIFICANTLY higher FPS when smokes are used! *NEW* 104th Dire Company : Overwatch *NEW* Loadout: Binoculars, DC17Ext, NT242, DP23, Smoke Grenade, Fortification Tablet Tano Company (Entire Battalion) Removed, can I get a yikes? Carnivore Company (Entire Battalion) They ate Tano and will now replace Tano, can I get a pog? Carnivore Company : Rifleman Loadout: Binoculars, DC15S, DC17 Ext, Thermal Grenade Carnivore Company : Defender Loadout: Binoculars, DP24, DC15S, DC17 Ext, Smoke Grenade Carnivore Company : Tanker Loadout: Binoculars, DC15SE, DC17 Ext, Smoke Grenade Carnivore Company : Leader Loadout: Binoculars, DC15S, DP24, DC17 Ext, Smoke Grenade, Hand cuffs (kinky uwu), Thermal Grenade Carnivore Company Medical Duty Model SHOULD ATTACH A PICTURE HERE BUT LETS BE HONEST I'LL FORGET Torrent Company : Enforcer Jetpack added Replaced DP23 with DC-15S Replaced DC17 with DC17S Republic Commando : Advisor Replaced Wrist Rocket with new Republic Wrist Rocket 104th Battalion : Controller DC15LE was replaced by a DC15X Fixed duplicate DC15A 104th Wolfpack (Entirely Battalion) Replaced all DC15S with DC19 Replace all rw_sw_dc15s on 104th Wolfpack sub-battalion classes to the rw_sw_dc19 104th Battalion : Arsonist Wrist Flame were added to loadout Stun Grenade removed from loadout 104th Dire Company : Specialist Wrist Flame were added to loadout 104th Battalion : Sergeant DC15LE & DC15X added to loadout Jedi Order Added Team 'U' Chat LFS Republic Turret & TX-160 have been added to the server
  5. Not feeling too good today, so a short little update it is... Vehicles The following have been added to our servers' collection UT-AT HAVw A6 Juggernaut AV-7 Antivehicle Cannon Classes Republic Navy : Admiral Slots raised from 1 to 2 Store DC15SE replaces DC-15A Swirled and reassigned to all buyers
  6. Going to test the new optimization patch momentarily to see what results people were seeing :^) I optimized some mundane shit, so I could add a cool little "GENERAL SERVER OPTIMIZATIONS" but who cares lol. EDIT: War System Optimized for Server and Client performance Expect slightly increased FPS, and much smoother server performance Cleared up all overlapping UIs Objectives Conquest Squad System Repositioned to bottom of screen from top to avoid conflicts with War hud Additionally, the health bars were changed from a bright pink (can only think this is here because of testing) to red. HUD Slight modifications Darker coloring, more compact, all for improved visibility And more importantly.. nobody let me know the DS Medal would overlap your level Rather than fixing it though, I just got rid of other players' level display from the HUD, as it was entirely unnecessary Team Chat & Squad Access thank you @Theos for reporting this issue to me The two features were implemented for the following classes: Taliban Army : Insurgent Taliban Army : Marksman US Army : Sniper US Army : Infiltrator
  7. If this update post seems all over the place, I had to stay up well past what i'm used to in order to finalize it, @bizzylogin spent HOURS on this shit, and for the most part, there was still the loud minority that was rude about the fact there were some errors along the way, but such is MRP. I assume most of you will scroll right past this, but I figured it's worth saying that there's no bigger buzzkill than me commissioning Bizzy for hundreds of dollars worth of jobs, a ton of my own and his time, just for people to react like... IE: the very first message after the update was posted And while alot of people were super kind and understanding, knowing we're testing things, letting me know of any issues, there is just a hugely unnecessary level of hostility from MRP, that had drove me so far away from the community, that I struggle to even want to any of the "Weapon Rebalancing" or map development sessions the server's been calling for. War System Sidenote: I increased the cap size of factory and made it more centralized *NEW* Conquest *NEW* A hybrid between Objectives and Team Death Match Likely getting renamed to Domination because apparently this is domination? At the star of war, 2-3 random objectives will be selected to be played! While holding an objective, on each tick, your country's score will go up by 1 for every member holding said objective. Your score tally may be interupted by a member of the opposing faction standing on the objective, causing it to "LOCK" or "NEUTRALIZE" until they are killed. At the end of war, the team with the largest score wins (similarly to TDM) Search and Destroy FIXED AT LAST - but delayed another day due to not being so fixed after all The prior version was entirely broken, and unfortunately Time has other responsibilities and could not attend to fixing the mode, but thankfully, Bizzy stepped up to re-creating its rounds functionality from the ground up, and it appears to have no known issues! Inventory Updated to latest version All known errors were cleared up, now i'm just waiting for somebody intelligent like @shrimp to have spare time on their hands to set this up with me in a way that makes sense, I know Shrimp spent some hours on figuring out a way for me to apply this system, 2 years before it was even made LOL. Weapon Scrollwheel The objective of this weapon scrollwheel is to utilize the dead space on the right side of the screen, as opposed to cluttering up the already busy war timer/hud and squad elements OOPS ALREADY SCRAPPED THAT IDEA FOR THE SHEER AMOUNT OF INITIAL HOSTILITY/CURSING/WHINING. Honestly, what do I expect at this point Emotes Some of you wanted some extra ish thats on SWRP Sit Script Updated to the SWRP version, more modernized, better code, no sitting on random shit and players I'm aware I tried patching up the old version to no avail, and I have no idea why I didn't just commit to importing the version from StarwarsRP, I just assumed it'd create some conflicts with our code on MilitaryRP, which in my testing environment, it did not This adds support for pressing ALT E in order to sit on the floor as well. REMINDER: DISABLE SITTING ON THE FLOOR DURING WAR FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.w Toggle Permanent Donator Weapon /permaweapons Please ignore for the time being, requires another day of testing we got something wrong
  8. I'm about to make everyboy have a 4-slot "POCKET" and you can't craft large items into your inventory, you'll instead have a "STORAGE LOCKER" entity in the map to retrieve your shit. KEEP UP THAT "16 POCKETS ATTITUDE"
  9. May add more to this update tomorrow when it fully releases (3/11/2022) Inventory Since MilitaryRP isn't the right place to test, StarwarsRP will be it Utilize F2 to open the menu Ignore the textures: killing NPCs during events will drop loot boxes on occasions Said loot boxes will provide a variety of items, which you may either equip, or utilize to craft new items NOTE: seeing as trading is currently disabled, players may trade amongst themselves via dropping items Please bare in mind, for performance reasons, these items will vanish within half a minute. Thank you Lord @bizzylogin whilst crafting items you may get different powered varieties Each item has their own craft durations and requirements Classes 104th Dire Company : Leader New Model CIS All spawns set to outpost Aurek Created and re-balanced additional CIS classes Smokes Added smoke grenades (DarkRP & MilitaryRP Base) Different colors and unique attributes IE: duration will be provided by the inventory system! Weapons Vibro Knives Look at all those OwO StarwarsRP Melee Base Added to the server, the pack includes: Ancien Vibrosword Bo Staff BX Blade Corvax Blade ElectroDagger ElectroHammer ElectroStaff Priest Staff Riot Baton Royal Staff StarwarsRP Wristblaster Pack Added to the server, the pack includes: Light Wristblaster (9 colors) Heavy Wristblaster (9 colors) WristFlame WristNade WristRocket
  10. Some changes may take 2-3 days (until the next server wipe) to take place! Server Save Lag spikes removed, as data saving was cut into smaller chunks The small lag spike that people complained about (10 seconds every 30 minutes) is also gone now pog I may look into turning down save intervals to avoid Supporter Rank Added to be purchased as a monthly package via our store, for $5 a month This rank provides access to Bgrade, Skinbox, and coloured chat names. Nothing gamebreaking, primarily aesthetic changes to your character 5x Oscar and 1000x Anarchy Pussy Barrel One-hit barrels were introduced to save you some time farming Seed Sizes The maps have been lowered in size seeing as having all monuments is not necessary Tool Cupboard Fixed the issue where players other than the TC's owners could wipe its authorization list. Discord Rewards Fixed the Discord rank across the board The issue that was presented before is gonezos Somebody (not me) has evidently changed our servers' privacy settings, resulting in Bots not accepting DMs, I have since also taken the time to update the plugin to the latest version, because why not
  11. This has been the biggest headache I've had working on one single feature for the server A total of 98 server restarts over a 5 hour window as well as 2,653 bots Conquest System Ported from MilitaryRP with way too much time to convert @bizzylogin's code which was literally hardcoded for the United States and Afghanistan One the server meets the conditions of being at under 35 players, the war system known to some from MilitaryRP will activate; Objectives Similarly to what players may be familiar with, you will have to hold a point, currently only village, for a period of time Hold the point will provide great XP gain, that may be even overpowered, but it is a way to incentivize players to stick around during the server's dead hours Upon capturing an objective, an even bigger sum of XP will be given out! A sum large enough to get you from level 18 > 19 at an instant Team Deathmatch TBA Teaming When an event initiates, players may utilize the command /cis in order to switch over to a random CIS class If the server gets to a point of 35+ players and a war activates, the following will take place: Timer restarts TODO: Remove "Next War" display when under 35 players, likely for another update since I'd feel more comfortable getting bizzy's second opinion HUD Restyled once again to accomodate low-resolution users who personally sent me complaints of their hud overreaching their screen, and also, in order to once again push for a more sci-fi theme Certificates moved under the HUD for players on lower resolutions Bar made considerably darker with little transparency, removed the shiny white gradient from it in favor of a more flat black look Added white outline to encompass the hud Before After TO DO : Add low opacity to certificates so they're see-through and not super noticable unless somebody is looking out for them
  12. I looked through my files and it seemed like the spawns for the sub-bats were already set up Let me get on and test
  13. Performance The following measures were taken to prevent server crashes Added debug measures for broken models Simplified NPCs as to remove the use of thousands of particles on small, unoptimized maps when exchanging fire Drugs SWRP looking more and more like Detroit Michigan/any part of California "iTs mEdIcinAL" lookin ass Booster Blue Effect: Elevated heartrate and adrenaline, very quick/controlled movements. Stackable Risk: High odds for an overdose, very quick onset, impaired motor skills Visual Effect: Heavy blur, clouding of the eye resulting in temporary Cyanopsia Jiggle Dust Effect: Lightness feeling at the feet, allowing users to levitate in the air longer, stackable. Risk: Audio hallucinations, low probability of overdose, as most users will throw up prior Visual Effect: Sharpened vision, light blur. Spice Effect: Elevated heartrate, allows for quicker motion, stackable Risk: low probability of overdose, users will build up a tolerance quickly and effects may subdue. May result in some audio hallucinations Visual Effect: Dichromatic vision, blurring vision when in movement Oxy Effect: Temporary Health regeneration Risk: Overdose if taken in exorbitant amounts Visual Effect: Color Fading - White Washed Namana Fruit Effect: Sets your health to 70 above your maximal health limit, if injured, will provide a relative HP gain Risk: None Known Visual Effect: High visual contrast ( TO BE TESTED) Death Sticks Effect: Increases agility, allowing players to jump higher. Stackable. Risk: Overdose risk is low, typically players will feel faint and lose all effects, continuous use may result in death. Visual Effect: Color vision deficiencies, reds become vibrant - slightly blur Classes The following changes took place to the classes underneath 91st Lightning Squadron : Contendor Model changed from ARF 91st Lightning Squadron : Surge Model changed from ARF 91st Lightning Squadron : Leader Secondary model changed 41st Ranger Platoon : Trooper 5 slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 41st Ranger Platoon : Phantom 3 slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 41st Ranger Platoon : Sparrow 2slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 41st Ranger Platoon : Leader 1 slot, whitelist enabled, whitelisting privileges for battalion, yellow keycard access 91st Forward Recon : Trooper 5 slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 91st Forward Recon : Recon Pilot 3slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 91st Forward Recon : Leader 1 slot, whitelist enabled, whitelisting privileges for battalion, yellow keycard access 327th Talon Squad : Specialist 5 slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 327th Talon Squad : Technician 2 slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 327th Talon Squad : Leader 1 slot, whitelist enabled, whitelisting privileges for battalion, yellow keycard access 104th Dire Company : Specialist 4 slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 104th Dire Company : Operator 3 slots, whitelist enabled, white keycard access 104th Dire Company : Leader 1 slot, whitelist enabled, whitelisting privileges for battalion, yellow keycard access Republic Commando : Advisor Given Jetpack, Republic VIP access card
  14. Global Changes Skinbox Removed all cooldowns from Skinbox Online Player List Removed /who and /player in order to avoid players being tracked for offline raiding purposes EU Servers Wipe Kit Cooldowns Introduced 2 hour donator-kit usage cooldown on all donator kits Anarchy 1000x Clans Removed team limit to the maximum UI limit allowed by Rust (8) Enabled Allying functionality as to allow for teams of up to 16 through allying Updated all UIs to reflect these changes Sierra 2x Raid Block Players can now build and upgrade while raidblocked, albeit, only up to 33% HP Map Seeds Curated a list of smaller sized seeds (3500-3700) inclusive of all monuments as to promote more PVP
  15. Classes 41st Elite Corps : Ranger Platoon Added a second sub-battalion to 41st Elite Corps 91st Mobile Recon Corps : Forward Recon Added a second sub-battalion to 91st Mobile Recon 327th Star Corps : Talon Squad Added a second sub-battalion to 327th Star Corps 104th Battalion : Dire Company Added a second sub-battalion to 104th Battalion Coruscant Guard : Investigative Department Added a first sub-battalion to Coruscant Guard Mace Windu Handcuffs added onto loadout Spawnpoint set to Jedi Temple Republic Commando : Advisor Spawn point set to Cairo Base Ping Launcher, Westarm-M5, and DC19-Le removed from loadout Westar 11, Westar 35 and Hand Rockets added to loadout Jetpack added to loadout Coruscant Guar : Commanding Officer Slots raised to 2 All Battalions All battalions' sergeant classes limit has been raised to 5 All battalions' officer classes limit has been raised to 4 212th Battalion : Heavy DP24 swapped with Z6 Rotary 2nd Airborne Company : Paratrooper Scatter Shotgun added to loadout 2nd Airborne Company : Leader DC-15SE swapped out to dual DC-15S Ghost Company : Armor DP24 swapped out to DC15-SE Ghost Company : Tank DP23 swapped out to Scatter Shotgun Seventh Squad : Contester Slot limit raised from 2 to 4 212th Command : Executive Officer Removed DP24 from loadout Additional ARC model added to loadout 91st Recon Corps : Executive Officer & 91st Recon Corps : Commanding Officer 2 Additional models have been added onto the classes Drugs Spice Each use of spice will reduce your HP by 5%, with the possibility of inducing a deathly overdose On the contrary, each subsequent user of Spice will provide players with faster movement speeds and reload speeds Certificates Added Voice Amplifier Certificate /vacertify & /revokeva Medical Certificate Recoded Bacta Injector Players can now be healed to full HP when under max HP as opposed to under 100 Added 5 second delay in-between healing players Defibrillator Players can now be revived for up to 2 minutes (previously 1 minute) Event Maps The following maps have been added to the server UBase Naboo Jania Spaceship NinField Balmorra Logging Chat Logs added Bishop asked, Bishop got. idk why tho Chatbox Added high quality memes This is worthy of taking up 50% of this update log
  16. Certifications Certification Group-Chat added In accordance to what certifications you've got, you can use the following LFS Aircrafts The following were added to the server Y-wing red, Y-wing green, Y-wing blue, Y-wing Padme, Y-wing Gray, Y-wing twi'lek, Y-wing yoda, Y-wing Bacara, Y-wing blue squad Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Sit Script Slight Modifications No longer able to sit on players Optimized slightly
  17. Gamemaster Event Tools Boss System GMs can utilize the "BOSS BAR" toolgun in order to set the health of a player and have it network to all players in the server as an objective Modes include Protect, Eliminate, or Capture (imprison) Elimination HUD HUD is visible through walls as to direct you towards your objective Event Timer GMs and Admins alike can utilize a command - "/settimer "TIME" "Description" This command will display a timer on the right corner of the screen, displaying your current event objective! HUD Changed to look more Starwars SciFi-ish yet again IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS - IN PROGRESS Event Maps The following maps have been added Katina Outpost Outpost Omega Vyten Alderaan Classes The following modifications have been made to classes on the server *NEW* Republic Commando : Advisor *NEW* Yes..... Mandalorians existed in the Clone era, I'm no SWRP nerd and I know this shut the fuk up 212th Command : Commanding Officer K Company : Leader 501st Command : Commanding Officer 41st Elite Corps : Commanding Officer & 41st Elite Corps : Executive Officer ARC Troopers All classes share models amongst themselves One singular model has been restricted to Overseer Entirety of Torrent Company Smoke Grenades added to loadouts Torrent Company : Warrior 100HP boost given on spawn, Max HP base starts at 200 Tano Company : Rifleman Replaced DC15A with the Valken x38 Tano Company : Rifleman, Sharpshooter, Leader Thermal Grenade added to loadout Weaponry Added pack of additional weapons for both Lore Characters and Clones Bowcaster CJ-9 CR-2 CR-2c Defender Defender Sporting Dual Defender Sporting Dual Defender Dual DT-12 Dual DL-44 DL-18 DL-44 DT-12 EE-3 EE-3a IQA-11 IQA-11c K-16 Bryar M-57 NN-14 NT-242 NT-242c Relby-V10 Relby-K23 S-5 S-5c Hunter Shotgun X-8 Night Sniper ARC Hand-Blaster Mandalorian Hand-Blaster Mandalorian Hand-Rocket Scatter Shotgun Cycler Rifle Z-2 Westar 11 Westar 35 Dual Westar 35 Westar 34 Dual Westar 34 IB-94 IB-94s Dual IB-94 UMB-1 LL-30 Dual LL-30 Forums not even gonna put effort into this this was added to SWRP forums
  18. One last change to this update, I got on the server and saw HEAPS of people exploiting the sit script. I've removed the ability to sit on the ground, I've added a check to make sure you can't sit in very tight corners/potentially exploit. You can now damage seated players, and you cannot sit on other players.
  19. Inventory System THE LATE-GAME CONTENT WE'VE WAITED 6 YEARS FOR Probably our biggest gameplay dynamics change ever This is going to be a huge new innovation and move into MRP, giving content to long-term players Depending on how far @bizzylogin is willing to take this system, players will be able to obtain supply drops as well as materials through other means, IE: farming trees around the map, mining ores (Yes, we are now a Minecraft server) in order to craft weapons, attachments, and drugs - amongst a list of other things. Players will be able to break down their existing weapons for materials which would then be able to be used to attempt and craft more powerful weapons, and POTENTIALLY the occasional skinned weapon without having to donate. With all this cool news being broken down, mind you, this will be a very long project that I will work on in occasions, and me and Bizzy would also be dependent on eachother's communications. Scoreboard Removed country flags and other features for optimization purposes Until BIzzy takes my bribe to rework flags, i'll pay $50 @bizzylogin Chatbox Player rank tags & Emotes lets run a test and see how much frame loss we get, and weight our options In utilization: World Map Probably our biggest gameplay dynamic change in a VERY long period of time Under Information > Map This mock-up map was done via hammer with some questionable filters I tried to mimic the GTA character-swapping effect with I will probably make changes to this at a later time To anybody questioning why the Russian flag, please remember the server (always in my head) was meant to be a Nato forces vs Taliban (who to our best knowledge, have had arm supplied by Russa) and Russia themselves, we cut down the server to US vs RU and US vs Tali twice now, and our forthcoming maps are STILL set in Russian regions. We have very little lore unfortunately, because years later GMs have yet to step up their games, but it's still existent (unfortunately lol) No, we will NOT be switching to RU, especially with the current political climate being highly insensitive. Simulation System Lets test out for a potential implementation of a proper kill-house on Taiga I am considering dding Company as an objective simply called "Facility" which will be walled-off, and including a military training ground as well as other equipment such as tanks and aircrafts. For the time being I put a very weird material on NPCs to distinguish them as "VR NPCs" VR Simulations can be initiated using the console window found outside of MATCH Please excuse the awkward map location, this is mostly a feature to be implemented in our next map Weapons Dragoon Firerate lowered from 34 to 30 Hip Spread raised from 120% to 300% Spread per shot lowered from 80% to 10% Max Spread lowered from 600% to 200% War System Added the following classes as "War Participants" Us Army : Sniper US Army : Infiltrator Taliban Army : Insurgent Taliban Army : Marksman Mission System Correct the following bugs US-sided Victim extraction zone will now span to the bottom of the map, so you do not need to climb onto props in order to deliver the "Kidnap Victim" Assassination missions will not select Staff on Duty or GameMaster on Duty as targets
  20. First Squad : Legionnaire Fixed whitelist privileges by Staff and 501st Command/ First Squad : Leader Event Map Mygeeto (but objectively better according to @Ziggy) has been added Simulations Removed some extra checks to do with spawned droids in the hopes they will immediately try and fuck your day up (reported by @Proggy they sometimes would not attack) Seems to be an issue where the map is missing a navmesh though Stun Gun Corrected the inability to select stun charges
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