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  1. I never had the privilege of speaking to gamma, but I’m sure he was a great friend and family member to many. You will be missed. Rest in piece. If anyone is ever struggling with mental health problems or even just feel slightly down please speak to someone - It could be someone you have known all your life or someone you met online briefly. Don’t suffer in silence. Garnet has listed the correct numbers to call if you ever need it so don’t be afraid to seek their help.
  2. We miss the Mod shin - We want Mod shin back 🕋

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    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      Aw c'mon, nothings really changed. I'm still just as much of a asshole as I was then lmao

    3. AdebayoAkinfenwa
    4. AdebayoAkinfenwa


      the guy i said bro what to deleted his post 😐

  3. honestly what the fuck

    1. AgentFlint


      Thank you sofaa, very cool!

  4. Your a shit footballer

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    2. AdebayoAkinfenwa
    3. Shin_Tsukimi


      @AdebayoAkinfenwa you'd be surprised how much I hear that joke. I rarely do believe it or not

    4. AdebayoAkinfenwa


      not sure if thats sarcasm or not so im gonna take it as disrespect



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