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  1. 1/1 / 3v3 - Old school Citadel 3v3 / 5v5 - Camp
  2. May Allah reward you for this update
  3. Cool update , How long does it take to get our Whitelist when were In game ?
  4. I knew gamma for a short period of time, when he came back in Vega he was one very friendly guy, we laughed a lot together for some stuffs in any kind, he was a respectful and very respectable person, his death will remain to me in this community something very upsetting and sad because I really regret that we didn't try to talk to him more to know if everything was really ok , and I hope that it's a grief that we won't have to live again together here. I think with all my heart that Gamma is now in a better place Dans nos cœurs , pour toujours! @Gamma
  5. f4e84675b936e6814921437b646cd183.png

    Eric, 36 years old, father of two little girls and police officer brutally killed in Avignon last Wednesday 

    Rest in peace....

    1. Lucher


      Rest in Piece to a cop who was doing his job to keep the community safe, yet another unfortunate tragedy

  6. Name : V MAJ Laroslav Same here , tested in the first round - I'm curious to see how the map development is going and if the new things added can be beneficial for the server. Im well active and have a lot of interest in the server
  7. In game name : V-MAJ Laroslav I've been waiting a long time now for some news about this new map , I often ask some people close to staff in general on TS to know more about its progress and I'd be interested to test it and help to the development of it by bringing some of my suggestions if needed or by spotting things that should be changed on the map before its realease, so that some of the problems we have on the current map will no longer be relevant on this one. I've been in touch with the server for quite some time now and with the experience I've gained I'd be able to give some constructive reviews and ideas for it. Indeed i hope that my help will be useful.
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