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  1. I can't wait for the police revamp on the server, paramilitary police babyyyy
  2. Smells like... 2016. Nice and nostalgic. Happy change.
  3. Thank you and the team last night working on things.
  4. Hey we getting somewhere! I remember enigma talking bout this months ago.
  5. For head man calls for me fool. You cannot fight destiny
  6. I pick you forehead man. I will obtain you.
  7. I can now live my life as a gnk drioid. Dreams do come true.
  8. About a year ago, I could be considered one of the people who used reserves to much. I lead enough factions to be "special" reserves in roughly 3 or 4 factions. I honestly feel as though I was one of the reasons for it being made O1. I think this was thought out in the same fashion. However I think a couple parts are fine. Like having to have excutives approve reserves, to prevent abuse from occurring and maybe a cap on how many reserves for officer a faction can have period, and only one reserves at any time. Wiping it completly, isn't really the most popular for several reasons, mostly becau
  9. I love roll. When I played EMS I would use Roll to set up the medical outcome. Rolled a 2? Sorry buddy you just suffered total shock from bloodloss and have passed away? 20? During surgery my wallet accidentally ended up in your belongings making you money from getting shot by a gang driveby.
  10. I've played with this group long enough to get my hs dioloma, my degree, and leo certifcation. Can't imagine not.
  11. Would you like to play TTT between wars? Dodgeball?
  12. Im glad people on MRP will be having fun, Its nice to see even if I just dont have the time anymore.
  13. You know, I think thats funny more then bad. Ita a flex to use doners now.
  14. I get all my low grade from fat anyways
  15. That bridge, that's gonna be a good shooting spot.
  16. Better Dark RP, sprinkles of MRP, vehicles to buy, lots of fun money making jobs. Spike strips.
  17. I loved PRP. I was the last player on the server before it closed. Bless her heart.
  18. i chased lucher off a cliff to give him a 100 dollar citation.
  19. Don't play with a mans heart
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