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  1. Why is everyone dissing on Jake all of a sudden wtf
  2. I agree on the sentiment that the middles of Town Center and Construction look a bit empty. With the snow map, the roads were more obvious and the mountains made an empty center of an objective more viable. With a more flat map like this, and the floor texture, it looks like there's just something missing there. Either add some trees (which may look weird), bushes (which I think is the best option for Construction at least), or fallen cars/vehicles (which would work pretty well on both). I get the point of having an open section so that people rotating can easily be sniped, but I feel there's
  3. Why tf was someone watching Bon App├ętit lmao.
  4. Loving the new animations Garnet! Amazing work!
  5. /me Puts dick 12inches up enemy's asshole, still manages to not see them.
  6. So is this the new spawn room? Looks kinda small but I do like how it's in a little cove. (Sorry for blinding your eyes with my amazingly artistic arrow) So if this room still exists in PD, which a lot of people absolutely hate because of how much it constrains the Mayor and just the space of PD in general, does it have any sort of purpose? Does this mean that the bank is or eventually will be fixed?
  7. This building sticks out like a sore thumb, not sure if I like it. The rest, especially the bank and industrial areas, look amazing and I'm way too excited to try basing in them.
  8. Thanks for adding editing back, I understand there was a bit of internal conflict, but it's honestly much better with edits.
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