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  1. Fuck man, I really didn't want to see this post. Gamma was a great guy, amazing energy and he was someone that I really looked up to in this community. The impact he's had on others including myself will continue to spread, even beyond his passing. No matter how many times we fell out, had some beef, we always recollected and that's when I truly realized how much of a great person he was. Condolences to his family, I hope no one else has to go through the stuff that his family is going through right now. He was someone who always spread positivity, so in his honour, spread it some more.
  2. 2GA PVT Krim I used to play every war so I would have experience with the battle aspect of the maps, so I can give feedback on that side of the mapping.
  3. jiggy jiggy on deck

  4. free a yute

  5. this is all a scheme for proggy to get #1 in posts on forums
  6. my nigga relax

    1. RegretTheManEater


      I'm gonna have to agree with my nigga krimzin

  7. Dexx

    Where u at

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    2. Tora1


      Hit me up hitting caledon todayΒ 

    3. Krim1


      tell me why i would want to be in the same city as you

    4. Dexx


      Come to Richmond hill fam

  8. free up crodie😒

    1. skrt


      Free Sunjay

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