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  1. whose alt is this lmao

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    2. ajbedhead


      They have a whole entire minge army on darkrp lmao. They were all on last week.

    3. QuandaryJoe


      I saw cumguy1 FUBAR in darkrp tonight, i cant believe theres 8 more!

    4. E33OR


      I'm pretty sure I banned one of them not to long ago. 

  2. Dude why are you following everyone, dont you find it pointless?

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    2. jaylen


      shut up cum guy is awesome

    3. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      Why are you being such a baby about it he’s literally only following people on the forums. Literally has no impact on anyone.  stop being a Winy bitch tbh you’re so mad for a  stupid reason @BINLADINHOE Talking about pointless you saying this was the most pointless shit I saw on forums  for like some time.

    4. jaylen
  3. dude i would recommend to stop like doing minge stuff on the forums or else you could potentially get banned or warned.

    1. cumguy9



    2. cumguy9


      i still dont care

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