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  1. @Oatlife my brotha😈💰👊

  2. my brotha right here 😈💰

  3. Rust

    tanhk is a beast

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    buddy is a beast fr

  5. Big man Garn is almost at 10,000 reps on his profile!!🥳

    1. Tora1


      r u a simp wtf

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      no i thought it was cool man…. wow

  6. ATTC door button doesn't work. Ammo crates are moveable. (Unless that's been fixed) Ropes are missing above Shipment
  7. Doing an awesome job bro. This stuff takes a while to do. And it's always best to take extra time to make sure everything is right instead of releasing early. For sure is going to be cool. I agree with Ozzy on the sign deal. And Zach's got a good idea for the signs in the not so popular areas. Prices can always be adjusted, I think those ideas are good to start with and feel things out.
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