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  1. Jake its 3 am could this not wait till morning
  2. DISCLAIMER: This is Aimed at guns I have used - AK103 Hit Reg on the Gun Seems to be off almost all the time- - Sa80 Hit Reg on the Gun Seems to be off Almost all the Time- - AEK this gun is god tier at CQC and MID ranges needs FireRate lowered and Aim spread Reduced for a More balanced weapon- - MP5 this gun is god tier at CQC and MID rangers needs higher aim Spread lowered DMG for a more balanced weapon- -FMG9 does well in CQC outclassed by MP5 and Sterling, i think this gun sets where the smgs should be sitting- -Sterling Basically a slightly worse MP5 at CQ
  3. DISCLAIMER - this is just in general and not specifically targeted to a particular weapon within these categories - LMGs need more mounting points - they play well whilst mounted and they aren't playable otherwise - Shotguns remove the Slug round - Factions have a marksmen class they don't need a sniper shotty -SMGs Increase aim spread and increase damage drop off - The SMGs are meant for CQC primarily but are way to good at medium range currently -ARs Lower Aim Spread and decrease fire rates - The ARs are well balanced I believe they just require a small amount of tweakin
  4. looks like its shaping up to be great, Definitely looks like what everyone has been looking for tight corners CQC and lots of Room for different playstyles. Excited to See how it plays.
  5. Yea looks great -- only thing is maybe add some sandbags, some fences or crates in the objs to keep the map as CQC as possible - [I know its not finished yet]
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