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  1. The Official return of the Devilluke family?
    God bless America on this holiest of weeks

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    2. Medinator
    3. Romulus


      If everyone starts naming themselves Deviluke again ill off myself

    4. ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

      ♡✿Lala Deviluke☆✧

      what chu mean Deviluke rocks 

  2. Don is THE Anime waifu of GarnetGaming.

    The worthy Heir to Lala Devilluke


  3. If someone could lose the day, Ya boi would have lost it today lmao

  4. damn dude out here with a Susie PFP.
    Man of culture right here even tho Legion is an ass tier killer.

    1. Entity


      Sad that I only have default killers so far.

  5. If you're awake RN, Why ain't you watching Nutman?

    1. Crin {GG}

      Crin {GG}

      What if I told you I was.

    2. Homast


      oh shit, then why ain't you sayin' anything.

  6. Mom, How do I write my own statuses? The same box doesn't appear on my profile like it does on others...

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    2. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      what it look like when you goto your profile page mine looks like this https://gyazo.com/5113f3ab8d69d7a1f7475053fe693983


    3. Homast
    4. Alex Conway

      Alex Conway

      Go to your profile hit - edit profile, then enable status replies


  7. Papa Phantom, How do I write messages on my own profile?
    I don't got the option to.

    1. Phantom


      I don't know, ask your mom.

    2. Homast


      Ok papa.
      Will do.

  8. Bruh.png 

  9. WHOOOO!!! GARNET PREVAILS!!! Fuck Rubat, Hopefully Newman sees a little bit of fucking sense
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