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  1. Heya Jamari.

    I'm trying to cash in on the recent trend of posting onto your profile as well!
    Can I get reddit Karma?

    1. Theta2


      heres ur reddit karma

  2. Funey Monnky

    1. Zachman


      Monkey time

  3. Just wanted to come and say, You'd know that Suggestions are accepted Well before they're implemented, and update logs are done as well not too long before hand as well...

    Or at least, You should have given the fact you were a paid manager. 😏

  4. If my son looks anything like this, I'll be proud.

    That is if i ever manage to get laid lmao.

    1. Bortnik_


      H🅾️♏🅰️💲✝️    💲0️⃣♑

  5. I'm slowly noticing more and more Anime pfps on these forums.

    Very Nice.

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    2. Bozee
    3. Romulus


      anime profile = opinion doesnt matter

    4. Aparh


      Anime> Traditional cartoons/tv

  6. Scarecrow 2, Electric Boogaloo

  7. For every topic on forums, there are an approximate average of 9.5 replies on each topic.

    Ain't that neat?

    1. Theta2


      And they say the forums are dead

    2. WhiteBolt
    3. Ruko


      Didn't know it was that much.

  8. Korone is cool
    But so is Roboco
    Roboco - Hololive Fan Wiki

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    2. Homast


      You're not exactly wrong there.
      But The 5th Genners are probably coolest.
      Especially Botan

    3. LalaDeviluke
    4. aleks


      smile and wave people

  9. Survival on Dome was the shit.
    I'm down to play MW3 Survival with people if y'all have MW3

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    2. retired


      Yo let me re install that shit homast, I remember staying up till like 6am playing on dome and resistance. Always making it past round 20  

    3. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      I’m about to purchase MW3 so we can def play at some point

    4. Captainswag


      Resistance and Dome were cool, but I mean.. Underground was the best

  10. Uh Oh.... Quirky.....

  11. So Basically, I called it.

    New Age of MRP soon questionmark?

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    2. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      June 2020: “The Great Migration of Garnet”

    3. Bortnik_


      MRP -> SWRP

    4. Aparh


      You wrote questionmark then proceeded to still put a question mark🤔

  12. Here comes the Mass GG resignation v2.

    Losing a lot of big profile doods today.

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    2. Homast


      No Zachman, I'm not leaving, Not yet I don't think

    3. Zachman


      Key word yet

  13. Hey Rohan, Andreas has you beat in terms of spending 3k and not charging back.

    Man has spent easily 4k over 3 months lmao

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    2. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      Question now is Did I beat the amount Andreas has spent when I use my bullshit cad to his usd


    3. Homast


      Andreas is actually Polish, So I think it's 3k Euros....

    4. Enigma


      If its 3k Euros your beat af

  14. So I found a clip of Regret.


  15. "If I was a good staff, I'd probably be T.Admin" same mood to this day.

  16. Watch Riot require you to use Vanguard to launch League of Legends or Heroes of Runterra soon enough. Need that backdoor software EVERYWHERE

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    2. Aparh


      @JimtheScubaDiver Other games that have same Kernel level anti cheats include all games that use EAC or BE so LOL, Blizzard, Epic games, Apex. ETC.

    3. Homast


      The problem though, is that those Kernel level anti cheats are only active when the game is.


    4. Aparh


      @Homast I get that, that's the main thing people are worried about. However, if you are truly worried there's an option to shut it down at any point. It just takes a restart of your computer ( this takes literally .5seconds) to boot it back up. The reasoning behind it launching on startup of your computer is to make it more difficult for it to be altered or messed with by a program ( hacks). 

  17. Petition to add Speedrunner tags for each game mode.

    1. Zachman


      What does that mean speed runner tags for them 

  18. Told my friends they should try to learn lua, cuz GMod communities always be needing devs, and since they're not doing it, I'm following in Fiers footsteps and learning on my own. Any tips?

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    2. Homast


      I'm not quite nearly that ready for making and learning gmod stuff, I still gotta familiarize myself with the very basics of the language.
      But Thank you for the tutorial suggestions, Once I do get to  actually learning more of the language, I'll delve into the shitstorm that is gmod specific things.
      Hopefully i can get going quicker than I did trying to learn python 2.7 and pygame and all that fun.

    3. Alex Conway

      Alex Conway

      @Torch - Lua isn't even a language itself, and then facepunch's fucked version gLua, is 20x worse. 

    4. Lark
  19. My dog's pretty sick rn and got me and my parents all sad and shit.
    Literally my dads best friend, and it's almost as though he's dying... 😞
    I need distractions until I can get him to the vet more than ever.

    1. Captainswag


      Homast, it’ll be ok, it’s a part of life, my cat has been sick for a good few weeks. He probably won’t last through the month. But I hope you know we as a community are here for you. Through hell and highwater

    2. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      If you need to talk to me I'm always available. ❤️


    3. Homast


      Update on the situation. Dog died early in the morning today, Currently laid out in the living room until animal services can come get him.
      This fucking sucks.

  20. Let's just hope you and Michael Jacksons Doctors didn't go to the same med school. Here's hoping that they work for you without much negative impact Garnet!
  21. Apparently, Paypal be so retarded that 10 USD sent to me isn't enough to buy the 10 Credits.
    Is this common?

    1. Ting



  22. I believe all this is for atm, is for DRP 2. Garnet could correct me if I'm wrong..
  23. The 10 Credits Package is the minimum amount of credits you can purchase, However, There are perks that you can buy that are less expensive than 10 Credits, Is what I think the business model for this server is.
  24. The Official return of the Devilluke family?
    God bless America on this holiest of weeks

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    2. Medinator



    3. Romulus


      If everyone starts naming themselves Deviluke again ill off myself

    4. LalaDeviluke


      what chu mean Deviluke rocks 

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