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  1. For Everyone i am not dead tanhk though i died bc im not active bc i got banned if you wanna talk add me on discord AceFuba4#2009

  2. ok now im curious like what happened to this man

    1. eli_


      Probably grounded for using his moms credit card on Credits 🤷‍♂️

    2. Tanhk


      probably didnt even ask for her credit card lol

    3. Ace_FUBAR


      Nope i dont look at forums anymore since ive been banned.

  3. shit did he die or something

  4. fuck you ace, but you still cool

  5. I really never met you bc i got ban but rest in peace we will miss you i'm sure you were a really cool person rest in prace Gamma -AceFUBAR
  6. you prolly dont know me but rest in peace

  7. The big secret: Elitism doesn't win games | Top Tier ...

    this you?

    1. Ace_FUBAR


      fuck off


  8. welp 

    Strawberry BleachYesterday at 1:34 PM

    I can hear you dumb fuck you deserve your ban
    [1:35 PM]
    Also sniping people was fun @𝒜𝒸𝑒𝟣𝟢𝟤𝟣
    [1:35 PM]
    image0.png?width=440&height=305 got a message from my discord from my brother saying it please tell this proves something @DiegoZavier
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    2. JackJJ


      It was still on your account, so I doubt your ban will be removed, but it may be reduced if that screenshot is proof enough.

    3. Ace_FUBAR


      true tho im trying as hard as i can to get unbanned like was my first drp server plus i spent hundreds on dollers on it so idk whats gonna happen

    4. JackJJ


      Bro, this is the first ban that has a chance if it not being your fault, although it is still your fault either way because you’re responsible for who plays on your account. Also, if you really cared about not being banned, then you would read the rules and follow them, which clearly you haven’t even after several bans and talks with staff members.

  9. your a minge.

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    2. Soldier



      (I'm sorry)

    3. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      fuck off solider lol

    4. Tora1


      what's funny is that optic said this 

  10.  So I might’ve had a few reoccurring payments 

    there was like 400 do y’all think @Garnetrefund some of it my mom said that I spent like 400$ I don’t remember tho 

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    2. Paso


      god bless you garnet!!! @Garnet

    3. Nutter


      I'm going through every single one of your history transactions, because you clearly were unable to provide me the transaction IDs for your payments. I don't blame you because you're young Ace, but just be aware that from my end you are essentially a liability at this point, with your mother being HIGHLY irresponsible with her credit card. We are a community that survives off of people purchasing items at our store. We budget according to our income. Additionally, I do not want to have to spend the entirety of my Monday morning going through your payment history and cancelling/blocking your payments, as that would've been entirely you/your guardian's responsibility. 
    4. Nutter


      EDIT: these are the 7 transactions I have cancelled left over that I COULD FIND. If there are more you had completed in offline mode, let me know ASAP.


  11. Ace stop killing people just because you get mad man 😞 it never works out in your favor, and believe it or not I don't like seeing you banned



      I would be lying if I said I didnt enjoy watching him get banned

    2. ImHomeless


      works for me w


  12. it was only rdmx2


  14. can i get unbanned yet im not unbanned since you accepted me @ajbedhead

    1. ajbedhead


      Yeah, the staff team has been not respondin towards my request to unban ya. I wasnt home today so I couldnt at all. Ima be home n 10m then I will unban u.

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