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  1. Pop Quiz: In what year was Meth Manufacturer added to DRP?

    1. poopa



    2. Nutter


      Pop Quiz: uhhhhhhhhhhhh at what year what Bizzy's meth system was added?

  2. So handcuffs no longer drag players, I'm assuming if a player is uncooperative then a staff would have to intervene and bring them to the brig? Keep up the good work otherwise Also, I will forever miss the times when players get slingshot up into the stratosphere during an execution while handcuffed.
  3. Is this guy even alive still? talk about inactive zzZZzzZZZ

    1. aidanpoppas123


      he resigned lol

    2. Kicks


      ZzzzzZZ Classic bishop

  4. Man's already complaining about something smh. You could just DM Garnet and ask him personally. Or ask in a nice way, by saying: "I think the EMP might be a bit OP, how far is the radius?".
  5. Man you really sweatin' because you're gonna lose your money? Your opinion wasn't necessary, and you come off as toxic. How could we ever know that Rohan didn't give people billions of IG money, if you really wanted to contest the decision, message Garnet. This is under Announcements for a reason, as it has already been decided. If this were up to the community, it most likely wouldn't be accepted as they wish to keep the money Rohan spawned in. Think before you make yourself look like an idiot next time. @Stinkie2 According to this, the playerbase won't magically disappear. If you were on Garnet longer you'd be able to see that, but you decide to argue against it. Sorry for the random rant, I cant take it when people act stupid for no reason.
  6. Nice to see necro posting is alive and well. Use administration or suggestions for help with in game problems because of Updates. As Garnet will more than likely not look at update comments for bugs and the sort. (we have suggestions for a reason.)
  7. What a beaner, imagine getting Comm banned. Anyway nice update.
  8. Oohhhh, i thought you meant it wasn't any higher than it already was. I was joking about the laser bit though.
  9. Were you even on? The Ares had a higher fire rate after the global update i believe, but this update lowered it back down. Or the one before that, i cant remember.
  10. How is that a buff for the Ares? Before the update, it was like a fuckin laser beam.
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