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  1. Alright, that sounds good thank you for responding fairly quickly and I can't wait for the map revision. Flying right now is possible but the skybox is too low for us to perform anything and I want to be able to do stuff with AFSOC that would otherwise require a higher skybox.
  2. The skybox is still a bit too low, but if it's entirely impossible that's fine. If there is a possibility somewhere, could it be put into future plans?
  3. Description: Make USASF bunks a tad bit larger larger, the bunks are super small for the unit size. Reasoning: I understand that the USASF is a Tier 3 currently, however, we are the largest SOC unit within the US Side and use our bunks more than the other SOC factions. I don't want stupid large bunks like DF, but I do feel like we should've been given at least a larger bunk than Rangers, the prison shouldn't take up 3/4s of our bunks. Additional Information: I have created a small image quickly drawing out a possible plan for the new GB bunks, I'd like all your feedback on anything regarding this and possibly better improvements to the bunks.
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