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  1. Fuck. Now 2GA needs to find another meta. But overall a really cool update, I'm excited to use those handcuffs and see what interesting roleplay occurs from this, should definitely help make the server more interesting.
  2. Well I got a good reason to add them to 2GA soldier whitelists But overall really good update, Im saddened by the Mp153 nerf but the SKS buff is definitely needed and balances out the classes.
  3. Moonlight Sonata fucking bops.

  4. Consensual RDM is still RDM!!11111!1!

    1. Duglas


      No its just being cool😎

  5. While this was a good update overall in my opinion, I have one thing I want to quickly add. Instead of having, "Utilize the command /quiz for automated whitelisting or alternatively, use F4 menu and pick your desired nation's Recruit class!", I feel that it should be switched around to, "Use the F4 Menu and pick your desired nation's Recruit class, or alternatively utilize the command /quiz for automated whitelisting if there are no trainers!". Or anything along the lines of that, since it might give the impression that you should do /quiz rather than get a manual trainer.
  6. I like the meetings boys, let's keep them coming! But one question I have is what is the punishment for not attending the country meetings without informing the management team? Since I believe there will be different punishments varying on the officers/SOC members position in their faction.
  7. With all due respect, this is just a flat-out retarded decision. There are many negatives to removing reserves like this, and honestly, most of them require common sense to see. Before I start, this is coming from a BASE FACTION standpoint, as this is where this new policy has the most negative effects. Firstly, removing reserves just limits our pool for anymore experienced officers, and officers in general. For example, if it weren't for SSP or LT reserves, me nor @Millerjerm2 would be in the positions we are now. This just shows that having LT reserves is beneficial to a faction, as if
  8. Overall, great update, I'm glad you listen to the community for their feedback and opinions. I'm somewhat skeptical about the Auto-Whitelisting System, but we'll see the results and how it goes.
  9. Prince got sniped and I didn't know where the sniper was.
  10. I might just be retarded, but the actual owner is literally named Garry? Odd.
  11. Balanced, as all things should be. (Thanks for the update!)
  12. I love you. No homo. For a time, the M4 felt like SWRP. Thanks man.
  13. Good shit, I didn't get paid when I was on ;-; (1 month ago)
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