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  1. Consensual RDM is still RDM!!11111!1!

    1. Duglas


      No its just being cool😎

  2. I like the meetings boys, let's keep them coming! But one question I have is what is the punishment for not attending the country meetings without informing the management team? Since I believe there will be different punishments varying on the officers/SOC members position in their faction.
  3. With all due respect, this is just a flat-out retarded decision. There are many negatives to removing reserves like this, and honestly, most of them require common sense to see. Before I start, this is coming from a BASE FACTION standpoint, as this is where this new policy has the most negative effects. Firstly, removing reserves just limits our pool for anymore experienced officers, and officers in general. For example, if it weren't for SSP or LT reserves, me nor @Millerjerm2 would be in the positions we are now. This just shows that having LT reserves is beneficial to a faction, as if they come off reserves, it can be a major help to the faction, and of course, these people are typically active members of the server. Also, as if this was obvious enough already, I dont just have experienced warrant officers sitting around, waiting to get promoted, I have to find a person with potential and then teach them leadership, ways of the server, etc. Yet, if somebody comes off LT reserves, then it basically allows me to have a decently seasoned officer and new one easily. Also, if ANYONE has spent time being an officer in an entry faction, then they know that it is time consuming, exhausting, and requires care and effort. Consistently doing tryouts, making sure enlisted (and other officers) are disciplined, and staying on for hours just interacting with the enlisted and other members of the server in general is not particularly an easy job, and in my opinion, most people in an entry faction should deserve reserves with various exceptions (they got to LT and left immediately, acted retarded while being an officer, and other along the lines of this). Then, why should somebody become an officer if they wont have anything to show for it? Why should anybody be LEADING that faction, if all they're going to get is a somewhat good reputation and a name in a hall? It just makes no sense. For example. most former marshals have led 2GA for around a little more than a month and left, the only two exceptions are Flame and VBSA. Also, most of these former marshals still play the server, and the older ones don't really play the server much anymore and for the most part, and have disappeared with the exception of maybe one or two. In the end, the new reserves wipe was done to reinforce an outdated purpose that obviously won't change the server for the better.
  4. Prince got sniped and I didn't know where the sniper was.
  5. I might just be retarded, but the actual owner is literally named Garry? Odd.
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