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  1. Community Manager None of you newcomers know me but I've been with this community for almost 6 years. I went by Matthew Ching on MRP. Obviously not active throughout the entire 6 but I've come back, done some things and left. I'm looking for some sort of at-home job that I could do from home to maintain some income. I'm going to leave my sushi job pretty soon due to school. If this job entails just chilling and telling you what the fuck is wrong with the server, I'm totally down. I've worked quite a few office jobs as an intern so I definitely come with some professionalism and experience. I know I left StarWarsRP while we were just getting started, but I was just really burnt out and wanted to get back to my life. As far as MilitaryRP, I think 5 years of playing was enough for me. However, this definitely seems less grind and more like just passive management. If you need some more credentials or just like experience listed from A-Z, I'll PM you it. I have no bans. I'm not sure how many warns I have because it's been a long ass time, but I'm pretty sure its 0 too. I'll be available whenever. (As long as I have time for gym)
  2. swim boys got shrimps 🍤

    1. Bortnik


      Yeah aight.

  3. Serious RP bro come on. Also thanks for the updates Garnet. You really been pushing these out like they ain’t shit.
  4. You've come very far, I would've never expected the community to be this big 4 years ago. We only have more room to grow. Proud to be apart of it.
  5. These small fixes make a huge difference, good fucking shit.
  6. Well, at least Kronic won't be in charge this time. Server looks so fucking good lets go.
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