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  1. Damn man gonna have to hit you up on DarkRP sometime

  2. And last drawing for today a cat from Nichijlou (im 100% sure I spelt that wrong..) requested from Bwuh Sound Effectspacer.png

  3. Another drawing of the a character from the other drawing Fantoccio From Billie Bust Upspacer.png

  4. I can finally post without needing a mod thank fuck so here come more sketches this one is me combining two characters from the same voice actorspacer.png

  5. Um is there a reason why stuff I post isn't going on my profile? Is it a bug or just still waiting to be approved by mod

  6. spacer.png
    A sketch request from player Bwuh Sound Effect Cat From Nichijou (first time drawing any sort of animal)

  7. spacer.pngMade this today Fantoccio from Billie Bust Up

  8. Another drawing mixing two characters from the same voice actor cause I was bored spacer.png

  9. Another drawing I whipped up in about 2 days Raw Hide from the pilot Long Gone Gulch spacer.png

  10. I've decided to start using the forms more often as Im so used to using discord but I suppose Ill have to visit here more often so to give myself some way to do so I've decided to post my art here for feedback and maybe some chatter either way, feel special cause im normally not very comfortable sharing some of this. if it wasn't obvious im a big fan of cartoons and still am a beginner to this stuffspacer.png 

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