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  1. Can you get me some coffee assistant sir?

    1. Lebron


      Sorry, I don't take orders from darkrp minges 

    2. Clicher


      K this is going in your permanent record.

  2. British manager

  3. Nice rep though

    1. Bortnik_


      Selling +rep, $50 a post

  4. I know I've used this before, but I feel like you would do this to @Lebron someday. 2:04


    1. Titan1


      how did you manage to make your pfp scarier🤠

  5. Is it possible to make the icon/color change when you hit different prestige levels?
  6. Perfect, it happened just under a year ago.
  7. ur pfp scares me 

    1. Clicher


      Its all for the better. Now come here

  8. Today is the day you finally get your admin tag back on TeamSpeak

  9. 9000 rep?

    1. Zachman


      not if i can help it

    2. Soldier


      Damn, I guess we gotta start ruining Garnet's rep. 

      Operation "Alts" is a go.

    3. Ba11ParkFrank41


      people don't know this but he promised me 1000 of his rep soooooooo 😉😉 

  10. No my account was already merged, but some of the account information from the alt (Email and Steam account) are not any of my mains.
  11. Is there any way to change your steam profile altogether? My account does not show the right one.
  12. I like the fact that TTT has nothing on their to do list. Shows how good they are doing right now.
  13. Just a quick note, I don't plan on being on until later tomorrow, I'm not going to be home.

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