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  1. Didn’t get to play this map much before, so I’m excited to see how it turns out
  2. Just made an observation after talking to phantom. Are you saying that there won’t be a force abilities tree, only meditate and force leap?
  3. I’m not sure if others were running into the same problem but when I viewed the skill tree it didn’t show up with the third skill tree. Only Forms and character skills were the ones I could see. But phantom could see all three.
  4. It may be a small update but you are doing good Garnet, just letting you know that we are excited for what 2020 has to offer, just remember to look out for yourself.
  5. Map looks good. Thanks fixing the ceiling spawns
  6. Personally, I started CSCDesert at the end of its reign, I never experienced the map the way others did, but in the time that we have played it, I grown to almost despise the map. All the old people that really experienced the map want to bring back "old memories" but that can't be the case of why they want it back, currently the map is bland and I could care less if it switched back to Siberia. Now, as Duel stated Siberia could use some minor changes, but other than that it's a fairly balanced map. Moving on to seperate decisions, TaigaV1 and TaigaV2 were about the same map just V2 wasn't a wasteland like CSCDesert, TaigaV2 from what was gathered when it was a map, everyone seemed to enjoy the map( just need the mountains changed so everyone isn't getting fucked with basecamped). Moving on my, opinion would to either stick with the current Siberia with minor changes or switch back to either TaigaV2 or TaigaV1 with also some minor changes.
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