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  1. Glad the defib got changed. It was a little imbalanced at first, but that's to be expected when adding something new. Hey, congrats man! Hope everything goes smoothly for the move.
  2. can yall belive this man is 6'2

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    2. Maddox


      ohhhh right. it was the other guy in the tryout that said he was 140. thought it was you, mb


    3. Maddox
    4. Clicher


      I guess a lot of garnet gamers are twigs.

      I'm 6'1 weighing at 160lbs

  3. Feel free to leave input on my appeal man. Really needing it rn. It’d be nice to get more people’s opinions abt me.

  4. I'd definitely like Echo. I know a lot of people prefer Delta, but I feel like Echo would be a nice change of scenery from the dusty brown foggy mess that is Omega. This would also work for me. Just a general change of scenery is what I'm looking for.
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