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  1. I am speechless... To think that you are gone gets to me on every emotional level. You have greatly impacted the community and all of us. We thank you for all the great moments you have brought upon us. Rest easy buddy, we love and miss you. ❤️  

  2. When is Conner Bellers ban?


  3. For the record, fetn wasnt fucking hacking. Poor judgement bois.

    1. skrt



    2. Topshot1


      instead of saying he wasn't cheating, why don't you tell him to appeal if you are so sure he wasn't cheating. 

    3. Tora1


      What’s the point of this Malmood lol

      he should just make an appeal if he wasn’t hacking 

  4. Bitch assssss


  5. If I had my old hard drive I would be winning the gold right now...
  6. Felt cute... Might say fuck it and come back.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Captainswag


      Yay Malmood!

    3. RegretTheManEater


      I don't think you'd want to.

    4. Malmood


      I mean, I want to help out since MilRP is in a dark time. I have school finished up for the summer and I am willing to help out.

  7. Id love Taiga to come back. I just hope no one complains again...
  8. We gonna have fun on Kashyyyk now bruh.
  9. You've got a hell of a thing going man! Keep up the good work!
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