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  1. always bringing us new functions and features, can't wait.
  2. E33OR


    1. ajbedhead


      garrys mod

  3. how the fuck does anyone have a negative reputation, oof. 

  4. anyone else ever join the server while being on an airplane, ayeooo! 

    this is wild

  5. aye, I'd just stop messaging people/staff about your situation. They'll look into it and punish any users, fairly. You're gonna create more tension/drama for yourself and I don't want that for you man. If you wait until I get home, I'll personally call you and look into the situation myself. 

  6. coming home today! I can't wait to play dark-rp, miss you guys like crazy haha.

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    2. E33OR


      staff aren't avoiding it haha, we don't exactly look at the appeals, right away. 

      If you didn't tag the staff either, then they definitely won't see it. 

    3. Phantom


      Can't wait for you to come back! Place wasn't the same without you!

    4. E33OR


      @Phantom I doubt that haha, as much as I enjoy playing/staffing. I can't seriously make that much of a difference, or I thought at least haha.

  7. will be back home tomorrow night! I will be in-game then, can't wait to come back.

    1. LordOfDragon


      Stay safe broski YURRRR

  8. wishin there was more perma weapons to buy. #AK47?! normal

    1. WilburCinniFubar


      same here buddo


    2. E33OR


      we need some good weapons, they don't even have to be OP, just something new.

    3. WilburCinniFubar


      exactly! something like a bottle, or a tazer, maybe even numb chucks with a 20% chance to deal damage to yourself uwu

  9. Dank Vape = Happy E33OR.

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      Are ya vapin son?

  10. i love you and Garnet. I’ve been waiting fucking years for this moment!
  11. i didn't realize there'd be a good amount of people who actually like me, haha.

  12. spread some positivity today, even if it's small.

  13. Phasmophobia anyone?

  14. Tacos sound pretty good. 

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      Dude I want some fucking taco bell.

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