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  1. Would you care at all to explain to me why some payments (such as your own) are sent by online check? - is this on purpose at all?

    I keep seeing them pop up every once in a blue moon 😮 

    1. UrdnotWrex


      Hey, sure! I believe it's the default PayPal transaction vehicle when doing an electronic wire transfer directly from a bank as opposed to a cc or withdrawing from your PayPal balance. I was having some payment and billing issues with my cc, so I decided to transact from my personal checking account instead. That was likely the culprit, and an "e-check" wasn't intentional. Honestly, I have no idea why the transaction wasn't instant and took over 3 weeks for you to receive it, especially since it was posted on my ledger and removed out of my checking account within 48 hours.

      It's one of the many reasons why I hate and avoid using PayPal - instant transactions and balance transfers across platforms seem to always cause me headaches and massive delays. I usually have no issues making instant withdrawals from my bank account elsewhere, even with processing and validation delays.

  2. Honk

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    2. IAreGunner


      is this some weird cult

    3. DooDooCaCa


      How dare you call it weird! Honk

    4. Radio_Will


      Honk honk you got bonked all the way to honk city that you have been bonked, you now have to bonk bonk the next person that you wish to honk.

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