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  1. Westt


  2. thinking about dancing on poles again.....

  3. There will always be people that hate on the good work you put out Garnet, fuck the haters. Thanks for the update!
  4. Cool update. Looking forward to what's next.
  5. acer

    add me back on steam or else

    1. SirSmity


      where this man go


  6. Tali elite classes Now I can actually play on that side again lmao.
  7. Damn, gotta add all the elite classes back manually? Sheeesh Other than that, a fire update.
  8. Nice, hopefully now people will finally use the faction guns more than the AEK
  9. suck it whu, you're trash

    1. Ozzy


      You don’t want anything to do with the squad on Roblox, bud.

    2. Early6111


      post up in criminality

    3. Ozzy


      Catch the smoke on Bad Business.

  10. Unfortunately for the SCAR Light, but I guess it's a necessary change. Other than that it's definitely a cool update! I don't mind that the PVP will be slowing down a bit because of this. It's always pretty fast paced but that might change now due to the infinite amount of revives we can get on objectives for example. Thank you Garnet!
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