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  1. this shit is amazing learnt how to no collide, but the four dancing were a pain in my ass. I actually used the "drive" feature by right clicking on something while holding c, but it's spaghetti code and they are inedible at the end which is why dr.breen has such a empty face.
  2. i got it to work by copying the "forums" share link, then cutting off the [img] at both ends of the link. These are just my first attempts, I'll be trying to make more high quality ones in the same style as these for these pictures, especially picture 1, I had a lot of trouble with the lighting. In picture 4, I was going for a overview shot of the map with things to look at to make it interesting while playing with foreground and background, but the distances make it hard to tell what you are seeing. I.E at the wooden hut, there is a man stabbing another man, but it looks like one guy with a silly leg. If anybody has any advice, I'd appreciate it. New batch coming soon.
  3. does the "85% success rate" take into account EOD rank? is failing your role simply cutting another wire, or a botched defusal? if it's a flat "roll under 15 = NPK" then nobody will want to defuse it.
  4. I boiled half a bowl of water, then poured some noodles in and turned down the heat. Stirred it once every 2 minutes 3 times then turned off the fire, put cheese and butter (plus milk) in, and stirred it until it was ready.
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