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  1. Wait for server restart tomorrow morning
  2. Bases (carrying over from proggys comment) Underground areas that would contain the SOC bunks and a war room. Overground would contain Base Faction bunks, DB, Jail and everything else Construction (in your second image) Should be reduced to a maximum of 3 floors, will be useful to those who can use it well but won't just be an 'easy sniping spot' Random Areas on the Map Comms - I know it's a frequent feature on maps but its useful for tryouts and Breach and Clear certification Wood Cabin - You mentioned on TS the addition of dense trees, and I feel there should be little clearings with things in them, such as wooden cabins like here.
  3. Shields were completely broken (including a damage increase cus lol) and when I did a small test this morning the shield negates approximately half, or thereabouts, damage from each shot that goes through the shield. Don't believe it stops any individual bullets, however with that damage nerf it would have a similar effect of the shield blocking every other bullet that hits it.
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  6. If this is done, the gap should be made larger and start closer to the ground. If just the windows got removed, imo, it could be used to snipe out from much easier than sniping in to
  7. Also, to match how Afghan Recruit Room works, a button by that door to open/close the big hangar door would be helpful as there is only one button for that door and its in the little trainer entrance area, which would have to be looped back to in order to close it right now. Also Factory's cap point should be shifted slightly more towards the larger room full of shelves/boxes. Most of that large room you cannot cap the objective in and its a good area for combat anyway
  8. Garnet Community, With Omega Version 1 having been out for a couple of weeks now, it is the perfect time to see what parts of the map could be adjusted to improve everyone's experience on the map. With this in mind, we are asking the community for their feedback on the current version of the map and are open to suggestions of any kind for changes to the map. As with the previous suggestion megathread, suggestions can be made regarding everything that is or isn't on the map. Suggestions that receive plenty of "Agree" reacts will be implemented, and ones with plenty of "Disagree" reacts will be removed / ignored. Thank you Link to map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2669470736
  9. green name lookin kinda cute

  10. Green name!

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      I love ur green name thyos

  11. an update that isn't MRP?!?!?!?!?!?
  12. Also for bases, might be worth removing the runway and setting up buildings so each SOC faction could have their own bunks. That's a cool factor on the current map that each faction as a full building to their own, including base factions. As the runway isn't necessary, due to lack of aircraft other than helicopters, it would free up the space without real detriment to the base.
  13. I know you're slightly unsure what to do with the walls/wall area and what the community wants, so I had this poll done in the Discord I do want to note from a practical perspective of the map, with the walls staying removed, basecamp rules would allow either side to sit right outside the walls of the base hypothetically, which is obviously not what the map was originally made with in mind so that will need looking at if the walls are to remain gone.
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