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  1. ill be honest i see a little me in u, but dont go down the same path as me :), ill talk to u about it further  in a DM if u end up dming me about it,  best of luck ballpark

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ba11ParkFrank41


      Mr.Cツ#0743 I mean if you wanna talk about it sure but idk what similarity I have to you... I just don't know you that well mb bru.

    3. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      added u sir 

    4. Sifrx


      @tdizz Come get ya mans Gunner bein Cringy again

  2. Will you let me pick you a new forum picture? 

    1. Ba11ParkFrank41


      I’m down but can’t garentee that I’ll make it the new one. The picture I have is my own YouTube logo but ye if you have suggestions for a new one I’m down.

  3. Please don't Gordon Ramsey my meal when I make it ima cry ong.

    1. AlexConway


      I really want to hear @Ozzy: "It's fucking rawwwwww, you muppet"

  4. how about this do you have suggestions? Cuz I only know a few things that I am a master at making but it wouldn't hurt to go for a challenge and since you're fond of cooking already then I'd like some suggestions that seem appealing the most or more of an excitement to make. I'm not only going for best meal but also trying to present the best since taste won't be a factor in the contest. So please give me some meal suggestions that appeal to you the most and I can see if I can get creative with some... if not well then I'll surprise you with what I wanna make
  5. I'll be participating in this as well, I'll edit this post once I've gathered all the information provided for my meal.... @Ozzy does using a grill count. I know you say don't use a microwave dinner as a meal thing but can we use a grill as apart of our dish?
  6. Just couldn't resist making the post now lol

    1. Ba11ParkFrank41


      Eh I accept it.

  7. What is your 1000th post going to be?

    1. Captainswag


      Probably some art now that you mention it, I may have to make a good ol' drawing of a GGMRP memory of mine, something like that, til then, I will just be posting updates and reacting most likely.

    2. Ba11ParkFrank41


      thas kinda pog ngl

  8. @Nutter I know this color update has only been up for a little bit but it seems that some of the colors aren't working... I'm sure this is being fixed or noticed but I just wanted to make sure in case it hasn't been addressed. Currently Blue and Red won't work for me.... Again just addressing it here in case nobody has said or notified anyone.
  9. @Nutter I cheated the system. Already changed my color....
  10. and they said there's no point in prestiging
  11. yo ur signature is so cringe i came here to say that

    1. PrisonNightmare


      So much for you being reformed lmao

    2. Orange


      @PrisonNightmare I am watching out for the good members of the community

  12. kind of childish to have a report because you disagree with a staff decision on how to punish someone. 

    1. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      • Admin decisions are final.
        may not agree with it, but there’s a reason this is a thing. 
    2. tdizz


      Mod + Gunner is a new breed 😂

    3. Ba11ParkFrank41


      I believe that as well Gunner but when I'm a victim of someone reporting me 3 times in game and having 3 admins say I'm innocent and they take it to the forums so I do get banned. Suddenly when that rule or statement comes into play I question whether that's the case. This one I felt like was wrong.

  13. How tf does your rep keep going positive, we were shooting on making you Gunners Clone

    1. Ba11ParkFrank41


      Bein a good boi that's how 😉 

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