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  1. Anyone else hear boss music?


  2. Sheeeeesh got perm banned on drp now 

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    2. Horseyy


      How tf someone get perma banned for staff impersonation

    3. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      @Horseyy ask vapr he used to minge when he resigned and got banned for 6 months (pretty sure im remembering the right staff anyway)

    4. Horseyy


      @The King of Rohan I guess I see how that could impact the server negatively. I feel like a perma ban for minging and acting like your staff is a bit excessive though.

  3. Lately, I have been thinking of getting more chickens.

    1. Bortnik_


      free eggs, get them

    2. JackJJ


      Has your current chicken supply become insufficient?

    3. MeganTheeStallion


      Nope, just loving having chicken. I can show you some pictures.

  4. Goodnight 

    1. Captainswag


      It’s pronounced morning

  5. Thank you for giving the darkrp updates, also when is the next dog update?
  6. Gonna go and drop off my books

  7. I’m feeling pretty good, my baby chicks are growing up 🙂

    1. Horseyyy


      Megan idrk why your have such a positive attitude rn. You were extremely disrespectful and toxic after your resignation. Very disappointing to see it from you.

    2. MeganTheeStallion


      I know it’s sad but hey, I can’t do anything anymore about it. If you want I can explain myself, but if you don’t hear it. That’s completely fine, you have my discord I think.

  8. Straight from Rules 

    • Do not body block or door spam
      • Making it so players cannot pass you or spamming e on a door to prevent it from being opened or closed.
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    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      if u don’t wanna be killed, don’t do the crime 🙂

    3. Horseyyy


      If we use that logic in every situation the DRP server would not be in a good state 

    4. OpTic Gunner
  9. I’m getting a chicken today 🙂

  10. Show us your dog again

    1. Theta2


      Garnet dog update garnet dog update

    2. aidanpoppas123


      We need weekly dog updates 

  11. How come you never saw my man chickn he's a player pimp

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