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  1. Happy Birthday Gamma. After looking through clips and stuff I can see that you always advocated for me. Rest In Peace King.

  2. /me salutes. "Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them."

  3. I didn't talk to Gamma nearly as much as I should have. Whenever I talked to him though, he was really pleasant and had a positive impact on me growing as a base faction officer. Based on the interactions I had with him, I knew he really had a passion for MRP and making the server as good as he could make it. I'm truly sad that I will never get to interact with him and that other players don't get to enjoy his company. This is one of the first tears I've shed in a long while. For those who may not be a good mental state right now, we hear you and value you. My DM's are always open for tho
  4. streaks dhmu all these hoes aint loyal  

    nobody reall y understands me !! real ones understand!



  5. The last beta test was extremely effective I believe. Can't wait to see the new obj!
  6. I'm assuming this is already possible with the civilian: undecided class, but if not, I think it would be cool to add a civilian class for events that can add realism, instead of the basic one with colored shirts. I think that having civilians in events can increase the number of people that can join, and give a very easy roleplay event for many people. If it's already a thing, then I would really love to see it used more!
  7. IGN: Kurtle Reason: As GenArmii of 2GA, I believe I can get valuable information from the beta test. Leading 2GA going forward on the new map would be a lot easier if I have basic information from beta testing it myself. I hope I can get the opportunity to test the map, as I believe I could recognize unfair angles and locations that would make war unfun for either side. I am extremely excited for the new map and would be gracious for the chance to get an early peak at it. Thanks!
  8. 2GA is the most elite faction.

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