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  1. Saw you on DarkRP yesterday, that name tho... @Ozzy

  2. bros actually lurking 

    1. StraightWhiteChristianMale


      Maybe if you didn't write that DISGUSTING piece of literature. I wouldn't be.

    2. DarkAlias


      that was from the dark ages you had to be looking for that ­čĺÇ

  3. Your reputation 

    1. ajbedhead


      is a tree. . .

  4. I am VERY curious how the dung mechanics work, and the TEC-9
  5. It isn't at all, it's just that there are a lot more buttons on the menu, making it seem more complicated. Although I think it is much better having more options, most people will probably be turned off by the UI.
  6. Happens to the best of us homie

  7. Why on earth would you follow my sorry ass?

    1. StraightWhiteChristianMale


      I am honestly not sure

    2. Jerry-Hat-Trick


      I admire honesty┬á­čśÇ

  8. If only you were there to see what happened when you were behind the doghouse...

  9. Looks fantastic, I think drabber colors honestly look much better in MRP, and this looks like a good map in its own right
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