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  1. This has to be the best update I’ve ever seen for this server my god, thank you @Bizzyyou beautiful man.
  2. DJ with boombox is the best addition no cap
  3. The hud showing someone’s health is probably the best damn thing you ever added especially for medical peeps, love to see amazing updates like always.
  4. Now I can finally not spawn in the recruit room being trapped as a droid lmao, nice update!
  5. Oh my god, that's a really cool update. Thank you Garnet, also thank you for that perma disable menu now I can disable like my 50 damn permas I don't use.
  6. What Shin said, hope you feel better garnet and thanks for the update!
  7. Kinda wish there were images on the shop but overall great job adding more knives!
  8. That is such a cool idea, you really out done yourself. Amazing update!
  9. The black and yellow drip MMMM, thanks for the update.
  10. The boss bars and Alderaan/Omega Outpost looks incredible, good update as always
  11. This update looks insane wtf
  12. my little toaster strudel uwu

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